Valentine’s Day Gift Tag

Do you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day? I know it can be hard for so many, like those who’ve lost a spouse or another loved one.
But I hope you have some people in your life, maybe not someone who’s “the one,” but others who you love and who love you back.
It might feel good to get creative and make a small something that will bring a smile to their face. Perhaps something like today’s project: a Valentine’s Day gift tag.
You can attach it to a gift or give it as is, to be hung on a cabinet door knob or used as a bookmark. I love making these tags–they’re kind of addictive!
Vintage looking altered art Valentine gift tag w/text: be my love
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Materials for Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

various crafting materials for making vintage Valentine gift tags


Sizzix Big Kick die cut machine with tag die

I LOVE my Sizzix Big Shot die cut machine and use it all year long to make beautiful projects.

Check some of them out:

Step 1: Create the Tag Shape

applying glue to cardboard to make vintage Valentine gift tags

Cut a piece of cardboard and a piece of vintage music paper about the size of your tag die. Then glue the music paper to the cardboard with Mod Podge.

vintage music paper glued to cardboard to make vintage Valentine gift tag

This is what things will look like after you’ve finished. You don’t need to wait for the glue to dry before runing the cardboard/music paper through your die cut machine.

However, if you’re making them by hand (see below for instructions) you’ll want to wait for it to dry.

getting ready to cut tag shape with die cut machine

Use your Sizzix machine to create your tag shape. Place the music paper/cardboard on top of the die.

Placing plastic on top of die

Place the plexiglass on top of your music paper/cardboard. Use the handle on the side of the machine to crank the die + plexiglass through it. The strong pressure is what causes the die to cut through the music paper/cardboard.

I especially love that my Sizzix Big Shot allows me to cut through some pretty heavy materials (when using BigZ dies), like corregated cardboard, leather, fabric, and more.

vintage music paper gift tag

Voila! You have your music paper tag all ready to beautify with a series of simple embellishing steps.

Make a Tag Without a Die Cut Machine

Cutting the corners on a homemade music paper gift tag

Don’t have a die cut machine? You can cut the cardboard/music paper to tag size (approximately 3″ x 5″) with a paper cutter, clip two corners, and punch a hole in that end to make it look “tag-ish.”

Expert tip: When cutting the corners, use the first corner you cut as a template for cutting the second corner. This will ensure that they match.

2 vintage music paper tags side by side

Whether you have a die cut machine with a tag-shaped die or you make one of your own, you’ll be in good shape.

Step 2: Make a Narrow Paper Strip w/Hearts

Strip of paper with hears punched out

Cut a strip of plain paper the width of your tag and punch several heart shapes with a small heart punch. Glue it onto the bottom of your tag.

Step 3: Paint the Valentine’s Day Gift Tag

vintage music paper tag painted pink
Apply a coat of watered down pink craft paint to the surface of your tag. You want it watery so the music paper print will show through, like you see in this photo.
Expert tip: To keep things simple, you can spray your tag with a squirt of water, add a dab of paint and then spread with a foam brush.

Step 4: Make the Bird

altered art bird made with scraps of colorful paper

Use my bird as a guide and draw one of your own on a small piece of cardstock. (There’s no right or wrong to this! Your bird-shape will be unique to you, and that’s great.)

Tear 4 or 5 different colors/patterns of scrapbook paper into small pieces. Glue them randomly (and overlapping) onto your bird.

Don’t worry if they hang over the edge. After the scraps dry, turn your bird over and trim the scrapbook paper to make it even with your cardstock bird shape.

materials: music paper tag, bird, distress ink

Run the Distress Ink pad all along the edges of both the tag and the bird. This will age it AND add dimension to the project. It will also help the bird to stand out from the background.

Note: Prior to edging the tag, I patted some watery green and then watery wine-colored paint to the tag with a small piece of bubble wrap. 

Step 6 Embellish the Hearts

Dimensional hearts

I filled in the heart-shaped openings with red colored pencil. Then I applied some gold glitter Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to the hearts. I love how the musical notes show through on the hearts.

Note: I also applied the Dimensional Magic to the bird before gluing it onto the tag.

Step 7: Put It All Together

altered art Valentine gift tag with bird and hearts

Now it’s time to glue your bird onto the tag. I have mine sitting on top of the strip of hearts. Next, place your words wherever you want them to go.

You can cut them apart, like I did for the scripture verse, or you can leave them connected as I did with “be my love”. It’s really up to you. 

Of course, you can write any scripture, piece of poetry (e.g., my love is like a red, red rose), or other saying that you like. Be creative! Make it personal! Find more ideas at BrainyQuote.

slanted altered art Valentine gift tag with bird

I strung it with some brown ribbon, which contrasts nicely with all the pink. And it is done. Will you give this project a try?

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  1. This is so cute! I've got a few ideas I'm working on to give my kidlets and husband next week. We'll see how it goes. I love the wee bird. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This tag is really cute. I love the pink and brown! I figure there's always a place for random scraps, too — just about anything will work. Nicely done!

  3. what a sweet tag. I need to do more of this …I have so much stuff that would be perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This tag is so cute. I love the sheet music with the bird. Makes me wish harder for spring to hear the birds sing.

    Shannon ~

  5. Very pretty, a great adaptation of your larger project! Thank you for sharing this on my History & Home Link Party this week, take care – Dawn @ We Call It

  6. This tag is so cute! I need to devote a day to making Valentine cards soon! Making them conveyor belt style (for 8 grands!-mine, his, and bonuses) would make the process go faster!

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