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Welcome to Adirondack Girl @ Heart! I’m so glad you’ve come for a visit. If you love vintage and antiques, like I do, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

I’m all about buying and selling anything old and beautiful, and I love sharing my knowledge and experience with other antique sellers.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Diana and a friend at the Country Living FairI’m Diana (on the right), and I live in upstate New York, right near the Adirondack Mountains. I love nature, being out in the woods, and paddling my kayak–hence the name, Adirondack Girl. But the passion that I write about here on the blog is my love buying, selling, and collecting vintage and antiques.

My 20+ years in the business have enabled me to provide valuable information to help readers make informed decisions when buying and/or selling their own vintage and antiques. I post weekly on the topic and have written two eBooks: 25 Vintage Items Often Overlooked & Undervalued at Garage Sales and What to Sell on eBay.

Vintage & Antique Finds

vintage star thread spool, metal thimble, and red pin cushion in front of round barrel lid that reads New YorkYou will find over 200 articles on the website about my vintage and antique finds. I showcase the objects I purchase during my various vintage excursions to garage and estate sales, flea markets, and thrift shops, and provide the low-down on what I paid for each item, along with a suggested retail value. 

You can locate all my vintage finds posts here.

Resources Available on the Blog

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Where I Sell Vintage & Antiques

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Bricks & Mortar Shops

  1. My Antique Booth: I currently operate an antique booth at the Gristmill Antique Center in Troy (NY). I’ve been there several years and prior to that I was in a different dealer shop for over ten years.
  2. Shaker Heritage Society: As a vendor at the Shaker Heritage Society gift shop, I sell vintage, Shaker-related projects–signs, magnets, watercolors, and more, many of which I’ve written blog posts about. I also sell vintage projects at their annual, 2-month long Christmas show.

Online Shops


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Some of My Most Popular Posts

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My Sidekick

Diana and her husband in Paris with the Eiffel tower in the backgroundOne day I hit a fabulous garage sale and my husband happened to be with me. I filled his arms with treasures; he paid for and delivered them to the van. Back and forth he went.

Later on, I called him my “good luck charm,” and he beamed at me. I had literally made his day. Up to that point, I had primarily attended sales by myself or with girlfriends, but after our lucky day together, he became my regular “side kick.” He’s the best.

What Next?

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