What To Sell on eBay

Wish you knew what to sell on eBay???

One of the hardest things an antique dealer has to face is figuring out what to sell.
In my book I'll tell you exactly what I've sold on eBay in the last 24 months--
over and over again from ten categories of items. 

Confused because you don't know what people are looking for on eBay?

Wish someone would tell you what's selling on eBay right now?

Vintage sewing notions, Catherineholm lotus bowls, The Littlest Angel children's book

Would you like to see some full-color images of
what I've sold recently on eBay?

Would resourceful tips on how to sell on eBay help you?

In my eBook I teach you (in just 55 easy to read pages) the ten categories of vintage and antiques that you can sell repeatedly on eBay. 

If you've been in this business for any amount of time, then you know the market  is constantly changing. And within categories of items, some are more collectible than others.

So I'm not going to just tell you the ten categories and then leave you stranded. I'll share several specific items within those categories that I've sold in the past 24 months (and some that haven't!).

This will give you the direction you need to establish yourself as an eBay rock star!

Vintage sewing notions, brooch, mercury glass beads


  • Learn ten categories of vintage and antiques that I always buy to sell on eBay.
  • Master the specific buying policy that I always adhere to, no matter what.
  • Discover why I consider so-called failures to be stepping stones to success.
  • Get 50 insider tips, like what your price point should be and why I charge for shipping. [All my special tips are marked with a turquoise star.]
  • Learn why items related to these ten categories often sell as well (if not better) than the categories themselves.
  • Learn why you should definitely research what men are collecting and start buying some of those items.
  • Discover why shipping is not as hard as you think.
  • Learn the truth about unhappy or crabby buyers and how to keep them at bay.
  • Get photography tips that will impact your sales.
  • Acquire useful tips for ensuring that Google finds your merchandise and offers it on searches (or "What the Heck is SEO?")
  • Find out why you should just jump in and start selling--scared or not!
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Kari Ann from Thistlewood Farms

KARIANNE WOOD, Author & Blogger @ Thistlewood Farms

"If you are looking to make some extra income for the holidays, Diana's book is your ticket to success. I totally recommend  What to Sell on eBay for all the yard sale and thrift store shoppers who have ever wondered if it was possible to make money from your finds? Yes, my friend, it is and Diana shows you the in's and out's of shopping for treasures."


ANN TATUM, Blogger @ Duct Tape and Denim 

"I just finished reading What to Sell on eBay [and] it has put the fire under me to get back into selling on eBay. 

Selling on eBay is simple but to be successful you have to do your research. Diana did her research by actually selling on the platform. She shares in her new ebook EXACTLY what she bought, where she bought the items, what she paid for them, how she listed them, and what she sold them for.

Diana lists general categories but within those categories, she shares photos of the actual items. No guesswork here. Selling and shipping tips are woven in throughout the book. Those tips alone will save you lots of time and money! I highly recommend What to Sell on eBay to anyone who wants to start selling vintage on eBay!"

headshot of trisha williams

TRISHA WILLIAMS, AmazingGraceBoutique.com

"I wish I had Diana’s book when I first started on eBay. It’s concise and easy to understand; if you are new to eBay or apprehensive about it, I highly recommend it. It’s chock full of information, experience, and advice. Her tips are gems. The Appendixes are valuable enough to be in the beginning instead of the end. Her simple and clear explanation of SEO was a revelation! Cha-ching, the coin finally dropped; I have some editing to do on my own listings."

photo of mark Czapko

MARK CZAPKO, Antique Lover

"Read through it in one sitting and I think you have another winner! I have always liked your writing style ever since I signed up for your emails. Your style is down-to-earth without  sounding "folksy." You are inspiring and encouraging me to take the leap and start my own eBay business."


I've never sold anything on eBay before. Will your book be over my head?

Not at all! Selling on eBay isn't as hard as you think, and I've given loads of "how to" info in my eight appendixes. The ten categories I teach you about offer lots of room for finding things that sell. And the 100+ photos will help too! 

I've been selling vintage and antiques on eBay for years. Will I get anything out of your book?

I'll be honest with you. If you're doing well in your eBay business, then you may not need my book. On the other hand, will you find it interesting? Yes!  And I think you'll find useful tips and helpful affirmation as well.

How can I know whether or not I'll enjoy your writing style?

I have written hundreds of posts about vintage and antiques on my blog, Adirondack Girl @ Heart. Head over there and check some of them out. They're filled with the same kind of info and photographs contained in 25 Vintage Items Often Overlooked & Undervalued at Garage Sales.

What makes you such an expert on vintage and antiques?

I've been buying and selling antiques for a long time! But honestly, I'm not an expert in everything, though I know a fair amount about a lot of things. My book reflects my knowledge base and the fact that I'm a research geek who absolutely loves learning as much as I can about all kinds of antiques.

How we can "stay in touch" once I've finished your book?

You can subscribe to my blog, Adirondack Girl @ Heart, where I write about all things vintage. You can also join my Facebook group: Your Vintage Headquarters, where vintage-loving members post pics of their latest finds and chat about anything related to vintage and antiques. Hope to see you there!

Have you written any other books that I might be interested in?

Yes! Last year I published my very first eBook: 25 Vintage Items Often Overlooked & Undervalued at Garage Sales. Readers seemed to love it, and you can read what several of them said about it HERE. I also have several other publications for sale, which you can find  HERE.

Author Bio

Diana Petrillo

Diana is the founder of Adirondack Girl @ Heart, a business that teaches antique lovers about buying, selling, and collecting vintage and antiques, and about creating vintage-inspired projects for their homes. She herself has been buying and selling antiques for over 20 years. 

For the last five of those years, she has also written about these topics on her blog: Adirondack Girl @ Heart. She writes price guides on collectibles like ironstone, baskets, and Pyrex; shares income reports including prices paid and prices realized; and gives all kinds of practical advice on how to buy, sell, and decorate with antiques.

She is also author of the eBook, 25 Vintage Items Often Overlooked & Undervalued at Garage Sales, which was extremely well-received by vintage lovers everywhere in 2018.

You can find Diana selling from her Vintage Blog Shop, on Ebay, and atThe Gristmill Antique Center in Troy (NY), where you’ll find farmhouse-style vintage and antiques. Diana’s vintage handicrafts and her signature, all natural Wood Salve can be found in the local Shaker Heritage Society and on her blog. Don’t forget to look for her online at adirondackgirlatheart.com.

She has been featured in Farmhouse StyleCountry Sampler Christmas Decorating, and First for Women magazines.

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Diana Petrillo Adirondack Girl @ Heart

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