25 Vintage Items Often Overlooked & Undervalued at Garage Sales

Would you like to know for certain the kinds of vintage and antiques you can easily find at garage sales?

Do you wish you could decorate your home with vintage style, but you're on a budget?

Are you convinced you can't afford to buy vintage and antiques?

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Do you need help learning about what kinds of collectibles you should be looking for?

Would you like to know for certain the vintage and antique items you can easily find at garage sales?

My book will teach you the twenty-five vintage and
antiques that you can regularly find at garage sales for reasonable--even cheap--prices. Some you have to dig for, others may get your hands dirty, but each one promises to add charm and character to your home and/or bring in some good income for your vintage side hustle.

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  • Learn tips and tricks on how to buy twenty-five different types of vintage and antiques.
  • Learn how to tell old goods from new, quality from junk.
  • Discover the five categories of vintage that are worth digging for.
  • Grasp why it is that sometimes the junkiest finds are the best.
  • Master the ways to tell the difference between sterling and silverplate & gold-filled and “solid” gold.
  • Discover the one kind of basket I never buy.
  • Receive suggestions on how to sell twenty-five vintage and antiques for reliable prices.
  • Find links to all my income reports where you'll learn how much I paid and sold each item for.
  • Discover why I always buy this wintertime collectible if priced $10 or less.
  • Learn why unique antiques make the best buys for decorating or selling.
  • Enjoy reading one hundred and seven pages of pure vintage goodness, at your leisure, on whatever device you choose.
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Melissa Sullivan


"Diana has written a delightful guide--of value to both the novice and experienced antique/vintage dealer and/or collector. Reading her e-book is like having a friendly, knowledgeable mentor guiding you."

Tanya Weiss

TANYA WEISS, Author & Vintage Lover

"I'm already shopping with new 'eyes' on all the items mentioned. Diana's eBook is definitely one you should have in your arsenal of reference materials. I know I'll pull it out and re-read and follow her links..."

Lynn Paterson

LYNN PATERSON, Antique Dealer & Gift Shop Owner

"It flowed like a river, each part getting better and better and more intriguing...feeding my antique addiction to the hilt!

Rita Cobb

RITA COBB, Antique Dealer & Blogger @ Panoply

"Diana's eBook provides very good information on ways to detect old from new...distinguish values...and identify diamonds in the rough."


I don't know ANYTHING about vintage or antiques. Will your book be over my head?

Not at all! I've tried to include both beginner level and more advanced information on each of the items that I discuss in the book. And I have loads of pictures, too! I always find that that helps with comprehension.

I've been selling vintage and antiques for years. Will I get anything out of your book?

Yes! You really will. I had ten vintage lovers review my book (see some of their comments above) and every one of them felt they had gained valuable information and insight from my book. 

How can I know whether or not I'll enjoy your writing style?

I have written hundreds of posts about vintage and antiques on my blog, Adirondack Girl @ Heart. Head over there and check some of them out. They're filled with the same kind of info and photographs contained in 25 Vintage Items Often Overlooked & Undervalued at Garage Sales.

I really don't have much extra cash on hand to buy antiques with. Will your book still be able to help me?

Yes! If you have $5 or $10 that you can spare once a week or every other week, you can find some pretty amazing vintage items to decorate with or even use to start a side business. It will just take more time than someone who has more to spend.

Author Bio

Diana Petrillo

Diana is the founder of Adirondack Girl @ Heart, a business that teaches uncertain antique lovers about buying and collecting vintage and about creating vintage-inspired projects for their homes. She herself has been buying and selling antiques for over 20 years. 

For the last five of those years, she has also written about these topics on her blog: Adirondack Girl @ Heart. She writes price guides on collectibles like ironstone, baskets, and Pyrex; shares income reports including prices paid and prices realized; and gives all kinds of practical advice on how to buy, sell, and decorate with antiques.

You can find her selling from her Vintage Blog Shop, on Ebay, and atThe Gristmill Antique Center in Troy (NY), where you’ll find farmhouse-style vintage and antiques. Diana’s vintage handicrafts and her signature, all natural Wood Salve can be found in the local Shaker Heritage Society and on her blog. Don’t forget to look for her online at adirondackgirlatheart.com.

She has been featured in Farmhouse StyleCountry Sampler Christmas Decorating, and First for Women magazines.

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Diana Petrillo Adirondack Girl @ Heart

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