Vintage Inspired Valentine’s Day Decorations

Now that it’s February it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. Do you go all-out? Or do you consider it a “lesser” holiday?  I guess I fall somewhere in between. How could I ever stop buying special chocolates for my kids and my sweet husband?

And certainly the “love holiday” deserves a front-door wreath and a few pretty decorations. One year I even made a Valentine’s bunting. Today I’m going to add a little glitter to your Valentine’s Day with the darn cutest vintage inspired Valentine I’ve made in a while. Ready? 

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Add a little glitter to your Valentine's DayI’m hoping you’re going to love them as much as I do.

Materials to Make a Vintage Inspired Valentine

Materials for making glittery valentines

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I get some strange looks as I’m rolling out the door because it’s quite large, but who cares? When I get home, I cut it into manageable strips and store it behind a cupboard.

Step 1: Cut Heart Shapes

Using scrap cardboard or heavy weight card stock, cut out heart shapes that measure about 3 1/2″ across.

I used my Sizzix die cut machine and scalloped heart die.

NOTE: My cardboard source is Aldi. You’ll find extremely large sheets tucked between the layers of sugar sitting out on pallets. 

Directions for making vintage inspired glittery Valentines

Step 2: Add Glitter to the Heart

To glitterize your hearts, spread Mod Podge generously–but evenly–and sprinkle glitter on top (also generously) and pat  lightly with your fingertips to ensure adhesion.

Tap off the excess glitter and allow your heart to dry for a couple of hours or over night. If they curl up a little while drying, I set something heavy on them for a few hours and that flattens them nicely.

Step 3: Make Rosettes

To make rosettes for your hearts, cut pieces of vintage music paper about 2 1/4″ x 8″ and fold them into accordions. The next steps are a bit tricky, but I have all the details in my Christmas star post, so pop over there if you need some help.

Step 4. Make Small Glittery Hearts

Cut out small cardboard hearts about 1″ across and apply glitter.

Step 5. Make Small Banners

To make the mini-banners, pick a font you like (I used Veteran Typewriter) and use Microsoft Word Art or Canva to make it curve. The curve adds to the banner-ishness.

Print out the banners and cut around them (as I did in the photos).

Step 6: Put It All Together

Examples of vintage inspired Valentines

Time to assemble all of the parts! Using a hot glue gun, attach the rosette to the large heart, the small heart to the rosette, and the word banner atop that smallest heart.

Attach a loop of ribbon to the back for hanging if you like.

Pink glittery vintage inspired Valentine

I had lots of fun making these hearts in all different colors and using different words and phrases on the banners. 

What else could you print on your banners? How about “Love You More,” “Kiss Me” or “I Will Always Love You”?

Ironstone cupboard with several vintage-inspired Valentines

I placed them all around my ironstone cupboard. Things are starting to look mighty festive around here.


Vintage inspired Valentine on antique ironstone coffee pot

Wishing you successful Valentine’s Day planning and decorating!

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VALENTINE'S DAY: Learn how to make vintage-inspired glittery heart decorations

supplies to make glitter hearts with text: make adorable vintage valentines for free with cardboard



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  1. They’re all so sweet & pretty Diana! Wish you had shown us what a “gorgeous looking piece of cardboard ” looks like!

    1. Ha ha! I’ll take a picture of my cut up pieces and next time I’m in Aldi’s I’ll try to pick up a new, full sheet 🙂

  2. These are so lovely, Diana…for decorating, and for gifts!
    Your cupboard looks beautiful all dressed up for Valentine’s Day!

  3. I never shop at Aldis but maybe now I will! They’re beautiful, glitter is the perfect embellishment for V-Day. (As well as the sheet music.) I get the family some sweet treats, too, but that’s about all I can muster for this holiday anymore! I think I’ll be setting my sights on spring soon. (A girl can hope, right?) xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

    1. Ha! Might be worth the trip just for the cardboard (but I swear by many of their products, especially their produce and dairy). Yes–spring is right around the corner!!

  4. Oh Diana, I DO love your glitter Valentine’s as much as you do! Especially the pink and silver, the colors are so gentle and romantic together! They look lovely with your white ironstone! Have a great Valentine’s Day next Tuesday! And thanks so much for featuring my bedroom suite and quilts! And for hosting such a fun party each week!

  5. Oh, I love those, Diana! I love glitz and glitter on almost anything! I’m hoping I get the time to make some of these. They really are so pretty. Thanks for the post!

  6. I do love them, Diana! Just the right thing for Valentine’s day! I’m giving you a feature for Let’s Talk Vintage because I love them so much! 🙂

  7. These are so cute. I wish I had a good place to display them; I’d love a Valentine tree someday! I think I would also do some in “diamond dust” as I love the snow look and also the irridescent stuff, too! I love glitter; have found a few lone salt shakers to put it into to add a bit of pretty and practical vintage to my glitter/glitter glue stash! A rosette of vintage or off white lace would be pretty, too. Nope, I don’t need one more project!

  8. I love these, Diana! They are just beautiful and I loved your tip about the cardboard. We don’t have an Aldi nearby, but I may ask at our local grocery store to see if there is cardboard available from any of the pallets. I would love to think I’d have time to make some of these for this Valentine’s Day but it’s not likely!

  9. Wow wow wow! Loving these hearts, with the sheet music, so perfect! I simply must make some… and Aldi rocks!

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