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Looking for more information about a specific collectible? You’ve come to the right place! I’m building an inventory of articles containing good, solid information and high quality images to help us all identify, value, and care for our precious antiques and collectibles.

I have personally read and selected each one for its quality and usefulness. In addition, I’ve taken the liberty of including articles I’ve written on various topics and will be adding to the list regularly. Enjoy!

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AMBERINA GLASS: Collecting Amberina Glass, Amberina Glass

AMERICAN FLAGS: Jeff Bridgman Antique Flags

ANTHROPOMORPHIC COLLECTIBLES: Anthropomorphic Collectibles Guide

APOTHECARY JARS: Apothecary Jars & Bottles


BAKELITE: Bakelite or Fakelite?Gale’s Bakelite Guide, Collecting & Testing Bakelite

BANDBOXES: Collecting Antique Bandboxes

BASKETS: How to Identify Antique Baskets; Basket Price Guide

BATTERSEA BOXES: Beautiful Battersea Boxes

BAUHAUS MOVEMENT: Bauhaus & Wassily Chair

BLENKO GLASS: Blenko Glass Factory Experience; Blenko Art Glass; Blenko Marks; Blenko Catalogs

BLUE & WHITE STONEWARE: Collecting Blue & White Stoneware

BLUE WILLOW: Collecting, Buying, & Selling Blue Willow

BOTTLES: How to Clean & Care for Old Bottles; Collecting Amber Bottles; Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information; Bottle Books; Antique Bottle Collector Resource Guide

BREAD BOARDS: How to Clean & Care for Vintage Cutting Boards; Antique & Vintage French Bread Boards

BUTTER PATS: Collecting Butter Pats

BUTTONS: Button Country Website; Antique Buttons Part 1 & Part 2

BUTTON HOOKS: Collecting Button Hooks, Button Country Article

CALLING CARDS: Collecting Victorian Calling Cards

CANNING JARS:  Canning Jar Article; Canning Jar Price GuideValue of Old Canning Jars; The Collector’s Ultimate Guide to Canning Jars; The Collector’s Ultimate Guide to Canning Jars

CARNIVAL GLASS: The Field Guide to Carnival GlassCarnival Glass Marks; Carnival Glass Terms; Hooked on Carnival;

CAST IRON: The Cast Iron Collector

CHILDREN’S BOOKS: The World’s Most Valuable Children’s Boos: Do You Have One?

CHINESE POTTERY: A Guide to Collecting Antique Chinese Pottery; Antique Chinese Pottery; 

CHRISTMAS: 1950’s Christmas Decorations; Christmas Price Guide

CHRISTMAS POST CARDS: How to Spot a Valuable Christmas Postcard

CHRISTMAS TREE PINS: Collecting Vintage Christmas Tree Pins

CLOTHING: Collecting Vintage Clothing

COCKTAIL RINGS: Collecting Cocktail Rings Part I; Part II

COMPACTS: Take a Powder

COOKBOOKS: Collecting Cookbooks Part I; Part II; Vintage Cook Book Price Guide

CRACKLE GLASS: Collecting Crackle Glass; Vintage Crackle Glass Price GuideGuide to Crackle Glass

CRANBERRY GLASS: Collect a Crop of Cranberry

CROSS STITCH SAMPLERS: Collecting Vintage Cross Stitch Samplers

CUTTING BOARD: Clean & Care for Vintage Cutting Boards; What to Look for in a Vintage Cutting BoardAbout Vintage French Bread Boards

DANISH MODERN: Lax-a-Daisical

DARNERS: Home Things Past

ELEGANT GLASS: Collecting Elegant Glass

ENAMEL JEWELRY: Collecting Enamel Flower Power Jewelry

ENAMELWARE: Collecting EnamelwareVintage & Antique Enamelware Price Guide


FANS: How to Identify an Antique Electric Fan

FASHION: Vintage Fashion Guild

FENTON: Collecting Vintage Fenton; Fenton Glass 101; Fenton Art Glass Company; Fenton Logo History

FISHER, HARRISON: Harrison Fisher’s Beautiful Girls

FLAGS: The Evolution of Old Glory;

FLASHLIGHTS: Flashlight Museum

FLEMISH ART: Buying Guide for Pyrography-Flemish Art

FLOWER FROGS: ADK Collecting Flower Frogs, Flower Frogs 101Collecting Floral Frogs: David Spain

FRAMES: Antique Picture Frames

GAMBLING CHIPS/MEMORABILIA: Antique Gambling Chips & Memorabelia Website

G.I. JOE: Vintage Flashback: G.I. Joe

GLASS: The China Closet: A Basic Guide to Antique & Vintage Glassware

GURLEY HOLIDAY CANDLES: Clean & Care for Novelty Candles; Antique Show Finds: Granny’s Ornaments

GLASS: Glass Lovers Glass Database; Antique Glass Collecting for Beginners; Vintage Glass: Let’s Get Personal

HANDKERCHIEFS: All About Collecting Hankerchiefs (video)

HULL POTTERY: Hip Hull-ray!

HUMMELS: Hummel Identification & Price Guide

ICE CREAM SCOOPS:Antique Ice Cream Scoops

IMPERIAL GLASS: Indiana Glass Pattern Identification; Dates of Importance & Trademarks

INSULATORS: Collecting Antique Glass Insulators

IRONSTONE: ADK Ironstone Price Guide; Clean & Care for Antique Ironstone; Secret Life of Antiques: Collecting Ironstone; ADK Ironstone Collection

JADITE: The Collector’s Guide to Jadite

JAPANESE POTTERy: Antique Japanese Pottery;

JEWELRY: ADK Costume Jewelry Price Guide; Collecting Vintage Enamel Jewelry; Antique Spotlight: All About CameosMy Classic Vintage Jewelry Blog

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JEWEL TEA: Hall China & the Jewel Tea Company

LACE: Secret Life of Antiques: Lace

LEFTON CHINA: Chickens & Lefton China

LIMOGES: Secret Life of Antiques: Limoges Porcelain

LINENS: Tips, Facts: Success with Vintage Textiles

LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS: Collecting Little Golden Books; Little Golden Books & Illustrator Eloise Wilkin

LUNCH BOXES: Buying & Selling Guide to Children’s Lunch Boxes

LUCITE: Quick History: Lucite


MAJOLICA: Secret Live of Antiques: French Majolica

McCOY POTTERY: Collect & Display This: McCoy Pottery; McCoy Pottery


MELMAC: What is Melmac Dinnerware Worth?

MERCURY GLASS: The Antiques Almanac

MID-CENTURY MODERN: 7 Midcentury Brands to Find at Estate Sales

MILK GLASS: Collecting Vintage Milk Glass, It Doesn’t Get Much Prettier Than Milk Glass; The Collector’s Guide to Milk Glass

MINIATURE PITCHERS: Collecting Miniature Pitchers

NATIVE AMERICAN BASKETS: Collecting Vintage Native American Baskets 

OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Office Museum; Collecting Back to School Vintage & Antiques

PENDLETON: Pendleton

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PERFUME BOTTLES: How to Collect Antique Perfume Bottles

PEZ: Collecting Pez Candy Dispensers; Pez Price Guide

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photo Sleuth–Old Photographs, Photographers, and Their Subjects

POLITICAL MEMORABILIA: Antique Spotlight: Political Memorabilia

POST CARDS: Value of Old Post Cards; How to Value Old Post Cards

POTTERY & PORCELAIN MARKS: Kovel’s Antique Marks for Pottery

PRESENTATION BOXES: A Guide to Collecting Presentation Boxes

PURSES: A Panoply of Purses

PYREX: Collecting Vintage Pyrex, Pyrex Price Guide; Pyrex Love; How Pyrex Reinvented Glass for a New Age; Pyrex 101; A Look Back at the 100 Year History of Pyrex

QUIMPER POTTERY: Vintage Quimper Soleil Yellow Tablescape

RABBITWARE: Rabbitware

RADIOS: The Radio Price Guide

RECORDS: Price Vinyl Records

ROSEVILLE POTTERY: Roseville Pottery: History, Fakes, Values

ROYAL COPLEY: The Royal Treatment

ROYCROFT: Rocroft Copper

RUGS: Buying Antique Rugs, Antique Oriental Rugs: How to Evaluate Quality

SCISSORS: Collecting Vintage & Antique Scissors;

SEWING MACHINES: Antique Singer Sewing Machine Values

SHEET MUSIC: Collecting Vintage Sheet Music; Where to Sell Sheet Music & How Much is It Worth?

SILVER: Master Online List of Silver & Jewelry Marks

SOUVENIRS: Vintage Souvenirs–A Sentimental Journey

SPAGHETTI DOGS: 5 Tips for Collecting Vintage Spaghetti Poodle Figurines

SPATTERWARE: Collecting Stick Spatterware; Old Spatterware Worth Research Time, Keno Eyes: Sponged & Spattered Ceramics

STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURES: Those Wonderful Staffordshire Figures

TAYLOR, SMITH & TAYLOR: What’s the Dish?

TEAPOTS: Teapots Teapots Teapots; Collecting Antique Silver Teapots

TEXTILES: TextilesasArt. com

THIMBLES: Antique Thimbles-American Style

THREAD: Collecting Vintage & Antique Thread

TOOLS: The Best Things (retail)

TORQUAY: Torquay Pottery Part I, Part II, Part III

TRANSFERWARE: Antique Transferware with Lidy from French Garden House; Transferware China; ADK Antique & Vintage Transferware Price Guide

TRAVEL POSTERS: 5 Tips for Collecting Travel Posters

TRIVETS: Collecting Vintage Trivets

TRUNKS: Brettuns Village Website

TYPEWRITERS: The Classic Typewriter Page, The Typewriter Database

VALENTINES: Collecting Vintage Valentines

VANITY JARS: Collecting Vanity Jars

VERA NEUMANN: Collecting Vera Neumann: Vera Neumann–Biography and Comprehensive Online Guide; 

WADE WHIMSIES: Collecting Wade Whimsies

WATT POTTERY: Watt Did You Say?

WEATHER VANES: A Breezy History of Weather Vanes;

WEDGWOOD: Wandering Through Wedgwood

WESTCLOX BIG BENS: Westclox History at

Some websites where you can get even more info about vintage and antiques (some of the articles in my list above came from these sites):

Collector’s Weekly
eBay Guides
Dr. Lori
Dusty Old Thing
Country Living Antiques & Collectibles
Real or Repro?


In addition to my article and website suggestions, I also highly recommend the following two bloggers, who write extensively about antiques (I’ve included many of their articles in my list above):

French Garden House
Ruby Lane Blog

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As I mentioned, I will be adding to these lists regularly, so come back for a visit anytime. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions for additions, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line via my contact form (on my sidebar), or send an email to adirondackgirlatheart [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for the great list. Hen-pecking for information sometimes is a pain, trying to get past all the ‘shopping’ sites. Thanks again…great collection of sources.

  2. Thanks a lot Diana. The info is very helpful for collectors of vintage antiques. There is so much in the list I wish to grab almost all of it. Vintage jewellery, ceramics and crockery are some of my favourite genres in vintage collectibles. Looking forward to more interesting reads.

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