Antique & Vintage Costume Jewelry Price Guide

If you’re looking for some help determining the value of a piece of costume, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a guide containing photos and suggested values based on the jewelry that I’ve owned and/or sold myself. I hope this guide will at least point you in the direction of discovering what your piece may be worth.

Until the 20th century, jewelry was primarily worn by women of means, but with industrialization and the discovery of new materials, jewelry began to make its way into the homes of all classes of women. The use of plastics and non-precious gemstones made “costume” jewelry affordable for almost anyone.

Top designers, like Chanel, began designing lines of costume jewelry that reflected their personal design style. Look for pieces with haute couture names, along with jewelry designers like Marion Haskell, Trifari, and Eisenburg.

Jewelry made from early plastics like Bakelite and celluloid should be snatched up, along with sterling silver charm bracelets and anything unusual.

Vintage Pins & Brooches

Vintage flower power enamel Sarah Coventry Gold & white Pin White Enamel & Gold Tone Brooch 
2.5″ diameter
$10-12 available

Vintage Enamel Flower Power Costume Jewelry Pink & Yellow Brooch

Pink Enamel Pin w/ Yellow Center
2″ diameter
$10-12 (SOLD)

vintage lucite cat pinVintage Lucite Cat Pin
2.5″ x 2.5″  c.1940’s-50’s
$100-$150 (SOLD)

antique bar pin with topaz colored stoneAntique Bar Pin
Approx. 2″ long
$10.00 SOLD (2020)

vintage gold tone scottie pinGold Tone Scottie Pin
Approx. 2″ long
$8.00 SOLD 2020

vintage-pink-and-fuscia-enamel-pin-31024x1024Enamel Daisy Pin
2″ diameter
$10.00 (SOLD)

Vintage Enamel Flower Power Costume Jewelry

Vintage Enamel Light Blue Carnation Pin
2 3/8″ long
$10-12 (SOLD)

vintage heraldic pin with lionEnamel Heraldic Pin (or pendant)
4″ diameter  c.1980’s

vintage-china-pin-2-1024x978China Floral Transfer Pin
1 3/8″ x 1 5/8″  c. 1970’s

Vintage gold filigree pin with black cabachon

#J-27 Gold Metal Filigree Brooch with Black Cabachon Center
1 7/8″ x  1 1/2″  c. 1960’s-70’s
Stamped “Western Germany” on back
$9.99 (SOLD)

vintage-enamel-black-eyed-susan-pin-1024x968Large Enamel Black-Eyed Susan Brooch
2 1/2″ diameter,  c. 1960’s-70’s some chipping

Regency BroochOrnate Regency Brooch
1 7/8″  Signed “Regency”
$24.99 (SOLD)

Antique Costume Blue Stone BroochAntique Costume Brooch with Blue Stones
1 7/8″ wide
$9.99 Available #J-14

Large Rhinestone Brooch for saleElegant Rhinestone Pin 
2″ x 2″, c. 1950
$24.99 (SOLD)

Art Deco Celluloid Stick Pin
3 7/8″ long
$14.99 (SOLD)

Vintage Bracelets

Vintage floral carved butterscotch bangle bracelet

Vintage Butterscotch Bakelite Bangle Bracelet
$15-25.00 (SOLD)

Vintage Bakelite Apple Juice Bracelet

Vintage Bakelite Applesauce Stretch Bracelet
$25-35 (private collection)

BRACELET Vintage Stretchy Blue Rhinestone Bracelet

Vintage Silver & Blue Rhinestone Accordion Bracelet

Vintage Gold Tone Monet Bracelet

Gold Tone Signed Monet Bracelet
$8-10.00 (SOLD)

Alex & Ani Glass Bead Bracelet
$8-10.00 (SOLD)

vintage chain link gold mesh braceletGold Tone Chain Link Bracelet
Approx. 7″ long
$8-10.00 Available #J-39

vintage enamel canadian flag braceletEnamel Canadian Province Flags bracelet
. 7″ long

vintage large accordian stretch chrome braceletAccordion Style Chrome Bracelet

vintage chrome accordian stretch braceletVintage Accordion Style Chrome Bracelet

Three sterling bracelets

Vintage Sterling Bangle Bracelet (3)
2 1/2″ diameter, 1/4″ wide
$75.00 (SOLD)

Antique Victorian Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Bracelet
7.5″ diameter  (Gold over Sterling)
$250-300.00 (personal collection)

vintage-rhinestone-bracelet-2-1024x467Rhinestone Bracelet
6 3/8″ not including clasp
$12.00-18.00  Available #J-28

Gold-Tone Cuff
7 1/2″ long, 1 3/4″ wide
$10-12.00 (personal collection)

Vintage Costume Jewelry Gold BraceletCostume Jewelry Gold-tone Bracelet
7.5″ x 7/8″  c. 1960’s-70’s

Vintage Pearl BraceletCostume Pearl Bracelet 
8 7/8″ x 3/4″
$8.99 (SOLD)

Victorian Revival Cabochon (& Snake) Bracelet
7 1/2″ long
$35-40.00 (personal collection)

Gold-Tone Tulip Motive Cuff
1 1/2″ wide
$10-12.00 (personal collection)

vintage rhinestone bracelet Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet
7″ long
$12-15.00 Available #J-43

Vintage Pendants & Necklaces

Vintage Enamel Flower Power Costume Jewelry

Vintage White Enamel & Rhinestone Necklace 15″ long, central pendant 2 3/8″ diameter $15-18 (SOLD)

vintage trifari pearls Trifari Triple Strand Pearl Necklace  15″ w/rhinestone clasp (missing 3 stones) $20.00 (SOLD)

vintage-pendant-with-blue-stone-2-1024x953Victorian Brass Pendant  Pendant2 1/2″, Chain 19″ $12.99 (SOLD)

hot-air-balloon-pendant-2-1024x1024Gold-Tone Hot Air Balloon Pendant Pendant 3 1/2″, chain 24″ Signed © Camelot on back  c. 1970’s $11.99 (SOLD)

vintage-black-aurora-borealis-choker-1-1024x683Austrian Aurora Borealis Crystal Choker 15″ long $8.99 (SOLD)

016Flapper-style Rhinestone Necklace Measures 56″ in length, each gem measures 3/4″ $15-20.00 (SOLD)

Magnifying Glass Pendant 3 1/2″ (pendant), 32″ (chain) $14.99 (SOLD)

Gold-Filled Floral Pendant/Brooch 2 3/4″ long  signed “BAL-RON, 12K G.F.”  c.1950’s $18-22.00 (personal collection)

Vintage Earrings

Rhinestone Pierced Earrings 2 1/4″ long $10-12.00

vintage pearl earrings Cultured Pearl Earrings  14K Gold (pearls imperfect) $20-30.00

Vintage Rings

Sterling silver cocktail pink pear-shaped ring

Sterling Silver Pink Cubic Zirconia Cocktail Ring $25-35 (SOLD)

006Sterling Silver Ring  Size 8 (approx.) Marked “P,” ©, and “STER.” $12.99 (SOLD)

vintage-cocktail-ring-2-1024x944MCM Silver Cocktail Ring 1″ long with adjustable band Signed Emmons a precursor to Sarah Coventry $8-10.00

vintage-enamel-decorated-cocktail-ring-21024x927Enamel Cabachon Costume Cocktail Ring 5/8″ diameter cabachon, adjustable band   c. 1960’s-70’s $5-6.00 

vintage-cocktail-ring-with-black-stone-1024x898Black & Gold Filigree Cocktail Ring
stone and filigree measure 1 1/8″ long with adjustable band
$10-15.00 (SOLD)

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