Vintage Trifari Jewelry Guide [Dating & Values]

Hi there! I love to run antique selling experiments on different platforms to see which one yields the highest price for specific collectibles. Not too long ago I shared my experiences running one on ironstone, and today I’m going to give you some details about selling vintage Trifari jewelry on eBay.

Vintage Trifari Jewelry Guide

History of Trifari Jewelry

Trifari jewelry history dates to the turn of the last century when Giovanni Trifari learned the jewelry trade from his family of goldsmiths in Italy. After immigrating to America early in the century, he began crafting jewelry under the Trifari name.

By 1925 he had entered into a partnership with two others and established the company as Trifari, Krussman and Fishel. These early pieces would bear the mark “KTF.” But the partnership only lasted into the 1930’s.

During the period between 1930 and 1960, Trifari produced some of its most highly collectible pieces. This was due in large part to the inspired addition of Alfred Phillipe to the design team.

With his high end jewelry background at companies like Cartier, he taught other Trifari artisans key processes, like invisible settings, that seriously elevated the look and style of the line. His pieces stand out from the rest and are worth hundreds of dollars each.

Ornate vintage Trifari crown broochHis ornate crown brooches became famous and ultimately served as the design for the Trifari crown mark–a crown over the letter T.  Many thanks to Jacquie, who sells beautiful vintage and antiques from her JustVintage4U Etsy shop, for letting me share this crown brooch photograph 🙂 

Trifari quality was maintained in the decades following Philippe’s departure in 1968, with beautiful pearl designs throughout the 60’s and enamelwork in the 70’s.

In 1985, Hallmark purchased the company, and then in 1994 Monet, another well-known costume jewelry brand, bought it. In 2000 they sold to Liz Claiborne.

At that point they stopped marking Trifari jewelry and began selling it on cards printed with the brand name. This jewelry is generally thought to be of lesser quality.

How to Date Trifari Jewelry

Vintage Pearl Trifari Bracelet with Pat. Pend. markTrifari prided itself on marking every single piece it produced. In fact they advertised, “If it isn’t signed, it isn’t Trifari.” Below you’ll find the most common Trifari marks:

  • KTF w/an enlarged T: 1925-30’s
  • Trifari + PAT PEND or PAT date: Mid-1930’s-1955 (see example above)
  • Crown over T in Trifari: Mid-1939 – 1955
  • Crown over T followed by ©: 1955-69 (see example below in Vintage Trifari Values section)
  • Trifari in italics with no crown, sometimes followed by a © or TM: 1970’s-80’s
  • Non-italics Trifari followed by TM: Late 1980’s-1999 (see example below)
  • No mark: 2000-Present (pieces sold on a card marked Trifari)

Vintage Trifari TM Rhinestone & Enamel broochThis rhinestone and enamel brooch serves as a good example of the high quality pieces created in the 1980’s and 90’s, many for QVC. [Note the non-italics TRIFARI TM mark.]

Trifari Jewelry Marks Cheat Sheet

I’ve created a printable “cheat sheet” with all of the above dating info PLUS photos of the marks/tags.

When you subscribe to my email list you’ll gain access to my Member Library (link in navigation bar) where you can find the Trifari collecting “cheat sheet.” 

Styles of Trifari Jewelry

Vintage Pat. Pend Trifari Ornate Key Brooch

  • Crowns: Brooches shaped like ornate crowns (see example above)
  • Diamante: Ornate pieces that resembled genuine stones and metals dating to the 1930’s and 40’s (example above–the key-shaped brooch)
  • Clip-mates: Large brooches that could be broken into two pieces and worn as dress clips.
  • Jelly Bellies: Animal and fruit-shaped pins with Lucite bellies/center (example below)

Vintage Jelly Belly Type bird brooch

Stand Out Features of Vintage Trifari Jewelry

  1. High end designs
  2. High quality manufacture
  3. Alfred Philippe designs (1930’s-60’s)
  4. Manufactured to look like genuine gemstones and metals (silver, gold, platinum)
  5. Famous For: Crowns, Jelly Bellies, & Alfred Philippe designs

How to Clean Costume Jewelry

When you subscribe to my email list you’ll gain access to my Member Library (link in navigation bar) where you can find tips for cleaning costume jewelry on the Vintage Christmas Tree Pins “cheat sheet.” 

Where to Buy Trifari Jewelry

I purchased the Trifari pieces found in this article from a fellow antique seller, so in that sense she is my “picker.” That however is a very special relationship that not every seller has available to them.

In my opinion, the best place to look for and find Trifari jewelry at fair prices is estate sales, where you often find numerous large cases filled with jewelry for sale. You may also “luck out” and find a piece or two at garage sales or thrift stores if you look carefully.

Where to Sell Trifari Jewelry

My recent “experiment” with selling Trifari for the past three months has led me to conclude that it sells very well on eBay. This is true in large part to its popularity overseas, particularly Japan and China.

Because eBay attracts more international customers than Etsy, I suspect that at the moment, it is the better choice for selling Trifari, particularly clip on earrings.

Please note that I have listed three Trifari necklaces that as of this writing, have not yet sold. I’ve observed from eBay sold listings that necklaces do sell, and I believe mine are attractive and competitively priced. I’ll be reporting back on the eventual results of these attempts.

Three vintage Trifari necklaces

  1. Vintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + © gold matte and glossy Celtic-type pendant necklace is listed for $31.97. Available here.
  2. Vintage (1970’s-80’s) italicized Trifari + TM mark, glossy gold choker is listed for $17.97.
    UPDATE: Sold on eBay for $11.97 (Best Offer) on 9.28.21.
  3. Vintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, silver teardrop pendant necklace is listed for $15.97. 
    UPDATE: Sold on eBay for $11.97 (Best Offer) on 9.26.21.

Trifari Jewelry Values

Over the past few months I’ve successfully sold many pieces of Trifari jewelry on eBay. Here’s a look at them:

Vintage crown trifari gold and pearl brooch with markVintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, gold pearl brooch sold for $11.96.

Vintage Crown Trifari coral cabochon rhinestone clip on earringsVintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, coral Lucite cabochon and rhinestone clip on earrings sold for $23.96.

Vintage crown trifari matte gold clip on earringsVintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, matte gold clip on earrings sold for $12.50.

Vintage crown Trifari coral & aqua cabochon clip on earringsVintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, coral and turquoise, Lucite cabochon and rhinestone clip on earrings sold for $23.96.

Vintage crown Trifari matte gold tassel broochVintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, matte gold tassel brooch sold for $12.50.

Vintage crown Trifari white Lucite flower clip on earringsVintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, white Lucite, flower-shaped clip on earrings sold for $10.00.

vintage crown Trifari red emerald cut clip on earrings

Vintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, red, emerald-cut clip on earrings sold for $17.96.

Vintage crown Trifari pearl and crystal clip on earrings

Vintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, pearl and Austrian crystal clip on earrings sold for $10.00.

Vintage Crown Trifari pearl and rhinestone broochVintage (1955-69) crown Trifari + ©, matte gold, pearl and rhinestone brooch sold for $17.50.

Keep in mind that older, ornate pieces, like the crown brooch I showed you earlier, while harder to find, are more sought after and sell for much higher amounts. So keep your eye out for them!

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  1. Great article. It inspired me to look through my grandmother’s costume jewelry (40s – 60s) and I did find a set of clear rhinestone Trifari clip-on earrings!

  2. I enjoyed reading about the history of Trifari jewelry, very interesting! I have several earrings that belonged to a family friend and appreciate them now even more! Thank you.

    1. Aww, I’m so glad Sue. I really do love learning the history behind the pieces I buy and sell (or keep!). It absolutely gives them more meaning 🙂

  3. Interesting post, Diana. I have some old brooches that I’ll have to look over more carefully in case any of them are worth something. Thanks for the info.

    1. I’m not sure Lorie. Some Trifari marks have TM (for trademark) after Trifari, as I mentioned, but I’m unaware of the mark you’ve mentioned. Perhaps try googling it?

      1. I learned so much from reading your article. My sister collected jewelry for years. She has over 1 thousand pieces. Not all are marked. Some are. There are trifari, Napier, Coro, Monet, Lisner, Whiting and Davis, Emmons(those are painted) . One Trifari and one Monet have Pat Pending markings. I have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, pins and brooches and sweater chains. I don’t know how to price any of it. Help

  4. HI Diana,
    please excuse me for disturbing you and my bad english.
    i am a collector of design drawings of jewelry and a few years ago i was able to acquire some of the original design drawings from trifari.
    Unfortunately, they are not all dated or labeled and now I am looking for an expert who can help me further with this collection. There are many drawings that still come from A. Philippe but also a large number of drawings that come from his time. if you are interested I would be happy to receive an answer.

    Kind regards


    1. That’s fascinating Stefan. Unfortunately, I am by no means a Trifari expert(!). I just happened to have a small collection come into my possession. I did a bit of research and wanted to let my readers know about my success selling the pieces on eBay. Perhaps there’s a Trifari collecting group or costume jewelry club that would be able to help you identify the drawings? Best of luck!

  5. I came actually came across a fur pin at an estate sale and it is amazing.. hope to share pictures on your Facebook page and get more information on it..

  6. Great information! Can you tell me how long the chain is for the Celtic type necklace on ebay? I noticed a lot of the necklaces from that era are very short, it’s a beautiful piece

  7. I just purchased a heavy gold-tone necklace, close to a bicycle chain look. There is a small round disc with a stamped “T.” Is this newer Trifari or something else. Thanks much.

    1. Hi Sherry! If it has a crown over the T then it’s likely Trifari, if not then I would say no, it’s not. Hope that helps!

  8. Great article. Now I need to go through my vintage costume jewelry! My neighbor just texted me that she took a Trifari brooch to an antique seller in Aurora Oregon. She said that they gave her $750 and that the brooch had sold for $1500.

    I asked her why the commission was 50%. Well, the lady said it was a rare Trifari piece which made me search and landed me here. It is very good information.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful piece Natalie! Thanks for sharing the story. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

  9. Hi Diana, I am looking to possibly sell a 60’s crown Trafari gold tone faux pearl & rhinestone floral necklace and bracelet. 4 rhinestones between the two pieces, and 2 pearls from one piece are missing. Can you tell me generally how this could affect the selling price of the set?
    Thank you. Sharon

    1. Generally speaking that would make the pieces practically valueless. If they happened to be really high end pieces by a famous designer, they might retain some value.

  10. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading your informative page. I recently inherited my fiances mother’s jewelry when she passed away and there was 2 trifari brooches in the jewelry. they looked so antique so I started searching info. I know now by your page they may not be of much value but it’s ok because they’re beautiful and I wasn’t looking for a fortune. I would love to show you and see your thoughts on them if at all possible. Thank you again and Blessings sent

  11. Hello Diana,

    I have been making jewelry for years and always have delighted in making original pieces.
    This has given way to a lot of my friends “donating” to the cause, so to speak. LOL
    Otherwise known as spring cleaning, purging etc. LOL
    I ACCEPT ALL OF IT GLADLY as I never know where my next inspiration is!
    I recently had a friend of a friend drop off a few boxes of items they thought I might enjoy making jewelry pieces out of.
    It has become a necessity of this kind of craft to always check the stamps!
    I was looking up the Trifari name and came across your article and it has been a wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much! This necklace I acquired is beautiful and not something I would ever disassemble and refurbish as it is just stunning! I’ll chalk this load of goodies down as payment for all the other not so useful loads that ended up in local thrift stores! LOL

    I hope to read more of your articles. Take care God Bless

  12. Thanks for the article! Great info for a newbie at this like me!
    Is there a website that has Pat. Pend. Trifari pieces listed with prices? Or a website with photos of some of the pieces? In particular the brooches. I have a couple beautiful Trifari brooches I would love to see how much they are valued at.
    Thanks again and I appreciate any further info!

  13. Thank you so much for the dating Cheat Sheet – I usually limit my thrifting to gold/silver/gems – but have found a couple of pieces this week which were just plain stylish – including a Trifari gold tone link bracelet you have helped to date to 1955-69 – I’m forgiving it’s signs of wear as it’s looking good for 50-65 years old! Really appreciate your blog.

    1. That all makes me so happy to hear Vivienne!! Love that you found a piece that you enjoy; glad my Cheat Sheet helped with dating 🙂

  14. Hello from Pennsylvania, I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge of Trifari 🙂 You were instrumental in helping me date piece I aquired today. I go out nearly daily Hunting & bring the haul home to research before listing. 🙂

  15. Diana, Glad to see you are still on this blog and doing well. Great info on the Trifari and very timely as a friend gave me a couple bracelets today and turns out they are from the Crown over T era.

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