A Clever Way to Wear a Vintage Brooch

Hi there! How was your weekend? Summer has definitely arrived in Upstate New York–we enjoyed two days in a row (almost) without rain, and temps almost reached 80ยฐ F on Saturday. We popped into a couple of estate sales on Friday on the way to restocking my antique booth and then hit a flea market at Rivers Casino in Schenectady (NY) on Saturday.

We had to take my sweet husband’s car since the van was in the shop, and we used every square inch to stuff all of my finds inside. A couple of pieces of scrap wood almost didn’t make it, but believe me, we found a way. If you follow me on Instagram or are a member of Your Vintage Headquarters (my Facebook group), then you saw a couple of photos of the weekend’s adventures.

Today’s post is about small vintage finds that can fit in your purse or pocket. It can be a struggle to accessorize using large vintage brooches, but I’m going to show you a very clever way to wear a vintage brooch that you’ll want to try for yourself ASAP. 

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A clever way to wear a vintage brooch adirondackgirlatheart.com Pearl Blay from the blog A Beading Gem posted today’s idea on Pinterest more than seven years ago. It’s an idea though that hasn’t lost its impact. 

Vintage Rhinestone Brooches She paired a vintage brooch, like those you see here…

Pearl stretchy bracelets…with some stretchy bracelets like these.

Back of vintage rhinestone broochesIt works best when you choose brooches that have pins running through the center (rather than nearer the top).

Back of rhinestone brooch clipped onto pearl braceletsSimply slip the bracelets onto the brooch (as shown) and “lock” into place by closing and securing the pin back. That’s it!

Vintage Pink Rhinestone brooch with pearl braceletsWith this trick you can immediately take your bracelets from understated to glamorous in less than 30 seconds. (Pink floral brooch available HERE.) Look for vintage jewelry at garage sales and thrift stores.

I LOVE finding pieces for 25-50ยข each at garage sales and half off at thrift stores. In addition to the pieces I have for sale in my Vintage Blog Shop, I also have several for sale in my Etsy shop and on eBay.

Vintage aqua blue brooch with bracelets The variety of colors, styles, and moods is virtually endless, depending upon the brooches you have on hand. (Blue floral brooch available HERE.)

Vintage flower power enamel brooches paired with braceletsRemember the “flower power” enamel pins from a couple of weeks ago? They look AMAZING when worn this way (and are available HERE.)

Vintage pink flower power enamel brooch paired with bracelets 
How can you resist such simple, fun jewelry styling?

Of course you can pin them on a lapel or scarf, but displaying it on your wrist them completely unexpected.

It’s kind of like a corsage then never dies. Wear it over and over again or change it up with different brooches.

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Discover A Clever Way to Wear a Vintage Brooch adirondackgirlaheart.com

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  1. So simple yet so effective. I don’t , as a rule, wear pins-the exception being one buttonless sweater-but I love this idea. Now to find a bracelet!

  2. How is it I’ve never seen this idea before??? Awesome! Who doesn’t have stretch bracelets! I’m going to be looking for more pins !

  3. I LOVE this idea! I never would have thought about doing this, although I have worn a brooch on a chain as a necklace before.

  4. Love this idea! As the arthritis in my hands worsens and my SO eyesight worsens, fastening bracelet clasps is the pits. I have been “splurging” for ielasticized mprobable pearls (3/$1 in the new jewelry section at GW–mine were pink, white, and lavendar). I’ve even made a few (“glue” the elastic knot with a touch of clear nail polish). Being retired, I try to add a bit of glitz when I go anywhere these days! This sure fits the bill!

  5. What a great idea! I have several of those stretchy bracelets that I never wear and a jewelry box filled with old brooches that I also never wear. I am definitely doing this for my next dress up event! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing this great idea with us at the Talk Of The Town party, Diana. Pinned ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have quite a collection of costume jewelry of my Mom’s and Mother-in-law, so this will come in handy! I love being able to wear their jewelry, it makes me think of them. What a clever way to wear them more often!

  7. Thank you what a great idea! Just recently “found” you and am looking forward to learning more from you!

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