What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques [November 2019]

Hi there–I hope you enjoyed the holidays. We had both our children home with us and other family as well, so yes, we felt very blessed. But it’s also nice to have it all behind us(!). Do you feel the same way? I’m happy to get on with life, and so today I have “What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques [November 2019]“.

Sales for the month totaled $504, which is not bad. Note that this does not reflect advertising on my blog, content created for Farmhouse Style magazine, and my eBooks and other digital products.

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What's Selling in Vintage & Antiques [November 2019]

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What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques: My Antique Booth

vintage figurines: snowman, santa, elf sold November 2019

  1. Vintage plastic snowman sold for $4 (cost: free)
  2. Vintage plastic Santa sold for $5 (cost: 50¢)
  3. Vintage knee-hugger elf sold for $10 (cost: $1)

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vintage ceramic christmas boot and ceramic santa with slay planter sold November 2019

  1. Vintage red ceramic Christmas boot sold for $5 (cost: 50¢)
  2. Vintage Napco Santa and sleigh planter sold for $18 (cost: $1)

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milk glass trumpet-shaped vase and milk glass jar with aqua lid

  1. Antique milk glass vase sold for $12 (cost: $1)
  2. Vintage milk glass jar with aqua sold for $9 (cost: 50¢)

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what's selling in vintage & antiques: white urn toothpick holders, aluminum measuring cups, clear glass paper weight with photo

  1. Pair of cermaic urn-shaped toothpick holders sold for $10 (cost: $1)
  2. Vintage measuring cups sold for $8 (cost: 50¢)
  3. Antique paperweight frame sold for $7 (cost: 50¢)

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What's selling in vintage & antiques: blue ceramic flower frog & cars and trucks stamp book

  1. Antique blue ceramic Weller flower frog sold for $15 (cost: $2.50)
  2. Car & Truck Stamps, Little Golden Book © 1957 sold for $2 due to poor condition (cost: 50¢).

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what's selling in vintage & antiques: antique booth and ceramic pig cookie jarA ceramic pig cookie jar sold for $32 (cost: $5). I thought you might enjoy this shot of my booth just after Thanksgiving with some Christmas decor and the pig nestled in an old crate.

No photos available:
Small vintage wicker basket priced at $10 but sold on sale for $2 (cost: $1)
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Wooden rolling pin sold for $9 (cost: $1)
The Phillistine, Elbert Hubbard booklet sold for $3 (cost: 50¢)
Sterling and cubic zirconia ring sold for $20
Vintage plaid golf bag sold for $25
Vintage leather skates with Christmas green sold for $22 (cost: $2)
Green painted stool sold for $10 (cost:$1) (6)
Wade figurines sold for $12 (cost: $1)
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Large cutting board sold for $13 (cost: $1)
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Large cutting board sold for $10 (cost: $1)
Clear glass flower frog sold for $6 (cost: 50¢)

What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques: My Vintage Blog Shop

FYI, I ran a 20% off sale in my Vintage Blog Shop for a little over two weeks leading up to and including Thanksgiving, which led to some nice sales. Thanks to everyone who participated!

what's selling in vintage & antiques [November 2019]: Wooden father christmas figure and Rudolph storybook

  1. Father Christmas figure sold for $20 ($25 – 20%) (cost: $2)
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Little Golden Book, ©1958, 1st edition sold for $8.99 (cost: 50¢)

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red bakelite handled cheese slicer A Bakelite handled cheese slicer sold for $10.39 ($12.99 – 20%)(cost: $1).

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What's selling in vintage & antiques [November 2019]: three Vera brand scarves in black and browns and oranges

  1. Vintage oblong Vera scarf with fall leaves sold for $12 ($15 – 20%) (cost: $1)
  2. Vintage graphic black and white Vera scarf sold for $8 ($10-20%) (cost: $1)
  3. Vintage Vera scarf with graphic rainbow design sold for $8 ($10-20%) (cost: $1)

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oak book holder A vintage oak Arts & Crafts style book holder sold for $20 ($25 – 20%) (cost: $3).

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Silver and ruby rhinestone necklace A sterling and ruby glass beaded necklace sold for $10.39 ($12.99- 20%) (cost: $1).

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what's selling in vintage & antiques [November 2019]: four vintage rhinestone brooches (pins)

  1. Two floral pins on the left sold for $9.59 each ($11.99 – 20%) (cost: $3 each)
  2. Maple leaf, light blue rhinestone brooch sold for $18.99 (cost: $3)

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What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques: FB Marketplace

Disney character chess setA cute Disney game set (chess, checkers, and tic tac toe) sold for $18 (cost: $1).

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What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques: Etsy

What's selling in vintage & antiques [November 2019]: Bright aqua blue putz house made of cardboard A Japanese Putz house sold for $23.99 (cost: $2).

Related: Guys, I am currently working on my first mini-course–A Very Vintage Christmas–with 22 Beta testers. It covers some history of Christmas traditions, Putz houses, mercury glass garlands, and bottle brush trees. I’ll be offering it for sale in 2020.

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Lucite and velvet long bracelet presentation gift boxA vintage Lucite jewelry (bracelet) presentation box sold for $28.99 (cost: $3).

What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques: Ebay

Assortment of pink and lavender sewing notionsA collection of vintage sewing notions sold for $9.99 (cost: $1).

Related: What to Sell on Ebay — This is my eBook that covers ten categories of items that sell well for me on eBay, and sewing notions as one of them(!). In the book I tell you how I sell them and include photos of multiple collections of a wide variety of notions.

Sterling and cubic zurconia tennis braceletA Sterling silver and cubic zirconia tennis bracelet sold for $19.99 (cost: $3).

10 Deep Thoughts About November Vintage & Antique Sales

  1. November was a slow month for antique booth sales.
  2. Cute Napco Christmas tchotchkes sell for more than I thought they would.
  3. Toothpicks in the $10-12 range sell very well via my antique booth.
  4. Little Golden Books continue to be decent sellers from my antique booth & Vintage Blog Shop, if purchased at the right price (low) and sold at the right price (medium low). [Side note: Certain rare volumes sell well on eBay as well.]
  5. Anything “pig” continues to be a good seller from my antique booth.
  6. Disney products seem to be good sellers via FB Marketplace.
  7. Offering a 20% discount on items in my Vintage Blog Shop in November was a good idea.
  8. Jewelry presentation boxes on Etsy continue to be great sellers.
  9. Putz houses sold for higher prices in 2019 than in previous years.
  10. Attractive jewelry priced correctly sells well from almost any venue.

That’s it for November, friends! I hope you found some (or all!) of this information useful to you and your business (or your “business” of collecting). I’d love to hear how in a comment below 🙂

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  1. It’s great that you share your sales, prices, and thoughts, Diana. We actually had a pretty good November (but we ran a sale prior to Thanksgiving to hopefully purge some of the fall things while we were bringing in Christmas). A first for us that we’re currently doing – a 50% off our ENTIRE inventory! Our dealer friends are wondering if we’re leaving the mall (no), and we’ve run it for 1 week (ends today). We were just tired of seeing some of the same stuff, especially the Christmas. We have no idea what our booths will look like going in tomorrow, but I suspect there’ll be some major cleanups in aisles 1 and 2, lol. I’ll try to remember to take pictures if postworthy.

    1. I’m so glad you guys had a good November! Cheers for doing something new and different by holding a 50% off sale–I hope it was successful. I totally hear you about the stuff that “hangs around.” I hope you sold out on all that bothersome stuff 🙂 Happy New Year friend!

  2. Always good to see what sells for you. Loved the pig cooky jar! Al’s daughter collected pigs but I am under instruction not to add any clutter to her home! Settled for pig ornaments and earrings this year! I liked all the vintage Christmas ornaments, too. Doing my after-Christmas stock-ups for my theme baskets, paper, etc. right now! Will wait till Feb. for clearance clothes for next year!

    1. Ha ha–you’re good to help keep the clutter down. I bet she loved the ornament and earrings 🙂 You are an AMAZING shopper Kathy–hope you find lots of good loot for next years gift giving!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, it’s wonderful to get your input on values. I had $0 in sales since I haven’t opened an eBay or Etsy shop and haven’t gotten my shop open yet.

    I love the pieces you’ve sold, you have such good taste on your picks! I am heartbroken that Putz houses are selling so high. I let mine go at my “divorced, moving to Missouri” sale and my estate sale person let me know two ladies from my antique mall rushed to the Christmas sectopm and purchased all the Putz houses and pine cone elves! I hope they made a good profit on them!

    1. You’re welcome Laura! I’m so glad I’m able to offer my 2-cents and be helpful 🙂 Sorry to hear about your Putz houses. Keep in mind that I was selling them on Etsy, where I think you can get a bit more on many items. Estate sales are tricky since they only last a finite time and you’re waiting for the “right” buyers to come along. You are wise to consider it a blessing for those two ladies–

  4. Love seeing what items you are able to sell for good prices. I am always amazed at how little you usually pay for them. I am curious about where you buy most of the items you sell. I know you hit a lot of garage sales during the warmer seasons and also a lot of estate sales. Would you say that these are the main places that you find your many bargains. More so than at thrift stores, would you say? I find that thrift stores in my area have gotten more pricey over the last several years. Is that true where you live? I love to shop at them, though. Just not for things you want to resell.

  5. I chuckled at the pig cookie jar, thinking he could’ve had a home at my house, then read your comments about all things “pig.” Guess I am “in style” 🙂 since I do my kitchen with pigs. Like they say, you can take the girl “out of the farm” but not the “farm out of the girl.” 😉

    1. Ha ha! Nice to meet a fellow pig appreciator 🙂 I love them but don’t currently decorate with them–would love to see a photo of your pig-styled kitchen. Are you in my FB group yet? (Your Vintage Headquarters)

  6. Great post as usual!
    I just wanted to say that I do have the Collector’s Encyclopedia of Milk Glass book that you mentioned and it is very thorough in helping to identify pieces. The values given for the milk glass items are outdated, but the identification info is great for us vintage shoppers. Thanks, Diana for all you do to teach us more about both the vintage and antique items and about running a business, both are much appreciated!

    1. Thank you Dana! And thanks for letting us know that that Milk Glass text is a good one 🙂 You are very welcome; I love this business and I love helping people so it’s a “good thing” (as Martha would say, LOL).

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