A Vintage Valentine Gift Guide

Hi there! I hate to do this to you, but did you know that Valentine’s Day is only 39 days away?? It’s the holiday that sneaks up on you because we’re lulled into apathy after running like crazy November through December getting ready for Christmas, LOL.

In an effort to assist with your Valentine gift planning, today I’m posting a Vintage Valentine Gift Guide for your consideration.

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When you think about Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind first? Is it the shoe boxes you carried home from elementary school, filled with Valentines from classmates? Your first V. Day with someone you love(d)? A special gift from that special person?

For me I remember my first Valentine’s Day with my sweet husband (almost 25 years ago!): dinner at a nice restaurant, seeing the Broadway show Cats while it was in town, and giving him a stack of gifts. I wanted to make the day special for him so I went a little overboard.

My favorite gift to him was a football-shaped tie tac. I’m not sure why I was so taken with that gift, but I do remember being happy that I could give him a gift that reflected his personality (a sports-lover from Pittsburgh). 

Maybe one of my gift suggestions will strike a cord with you. In any event, I know you’ll enjoy looking because if you’re here, then you’re a vintage lover, like me 🙂

Vintage Valentine Gifts for Her

Sterling silver cherub and heart necklaceA Sterling silver angel in heart necklace. Available in my Etsy shop.

Sterling silver charm bracelet with heartsAn antique Sterling silver charm bracelet chock full of antique heart charms of all kinds. Available in my Etsy shop.

Sterling silver and amethyst ringA sweet (size 7) Sterling silver and amethyst (February birthstone) ring. Available in my Etsy shop.

Ornate gold locket on black backgroundA Sarah Coventry locket with a secret inside. Available (in “Jewelry”).

open gold locket revealing solid perfumeI holds a solid perfume that has been barely, if ever, used.

Vintage gold stretch bracelet with heart decorationA vintage gold stretch bracelet with heart decoration.  The band links are alternating gold and silver, though the actual difference is barely noticeable in real life. Available (in “Jewelry”).

Antique brass filigris heart broochAn antique brass heart brooch with delightful floral decoration. Available (in “Jewelry”).

Pearl & brass ornate braceletA Renaissance-style ornate brass and faux pearl bracelet. (SOLD)

Vintage pink rhinestone tiaraA sweet pink rhinestone tiara. Available (in “Jewelry”). SOLD

Sterling silver & cubic zirconia heart on chainA Sterling silver and cubic zirconia pendant with Sterling chain. Available (in “Jewelry”).

silver and cubic zirconia heart-shaped earrings on black standA pair of Sterling silver and cubic zirconia clip on earrings. Available (in “Jewelry”). SOLD

silver spoon pinA silver-plated spoon pin signed “Towle” on the back. Available (in “Jewelry”).

Vintage Trifari Clip-on Red Rhinestone earringsA pair of vintage ruby red rhinestone clip-on earrings by Trifari. Available (in “Jewelry”).

Non-Jewelry Gifts for Her

* This post contains affiliate links for products necessary to complete this project. This is both for your convenience as well as to support this blog, as I receive a small compensation whenever you click on such a link and make any sort of purchase, for which I thank you.


2-dozen long stem red roses. You can never go wrong with this traditional gift.  Have the roses delivered to your house and then hand deliver them to the one-you-love in an antique vase. Wouldn’t that be lovely? 

A new sign depicting a vintage Whitman’s chocolate advertisement. It would make a fun decoration in a family or craft room.A Victorian style pillow cover. Because you can never have too many throw pillows…

Vintage Valentine Gifts for Him

Vintage "Anson" tie clip with red cabachon stoneA tie tack with handsome ruby red cabochon signed “Anson” on the back. Available (in “Man Cave”). SOLD

Vintage silver tone fish tie clipA vintage silver-tone fish tie tack. Available (in “Man Cave”).

gold skeleton key tie tackA gold-tone skeleton key tie clip–perfect I think for Valentine’s Day as you’d be giving him the “key to your heart.” Available (in “Man Cave”).

Vintage Hickok gold tone fish cuff linksA pair of gold-tone fish cuff links signed “Hickok, USA” on the back. Available (in “Man Cave”).

1940's flower& moon cuff linksC. 1940’s cuff links with flower and moon decoration. Available (in “Man Cave”).

silver train engine cuff linksVintage silver and black train engine cuff links. Available (in “Man Cave”).

Vintage gold tone & topaz tie clip and cuff link setA gold-tone tie clip and cuff link set with topaz rhinestone, signed “Hickok, USA.” Available (in “Man Cave”).

money clip with indian head nickelAn Indian head nickel money clip. Available (in “Man Cave”).

vintage brass apollo 11 astronaut commemorative watch fobAn Apollo 11 commemorative brass watch fob (I believe). 2019 was, of course, the 50th anniversary of the 1969 mooon landing. Available 

Non-Jewelry Valentine’s Gifts for Him  

A Swiss Army knife. I know a lot of men like to carry a jackknife in their pocket; I think gifting an old stand-by like a traditional red Swiss Army knife would make a fine Valentine’s Day gift.

A set of Bose headphones.  I know this gift is not even remotely vintage, but I also know how some people can’t live without a good set of headphones. I’ve linked to an amazing, high end set that’s noise-cancelling and Alexa voice-controlled, but isn’t he worth it??  [Bose offers many other sets at various price points.]

A conversation heart tie.  This tie would make a silly gift, but if you’re married to a silly man, then it might be just the gift for him 🙂

Vintage Valentine Cards

You can find several pages of FREE vintage Valentines in my Member Library when you subscribe HERE. Print them out and send them to your Valentine or use them for crafting and/or decorating.

Or buy this darling set of vintage style Valentines, which comes with a full set of envelopes and three stamps for embellishing.

vintage sheet music: Three Little SistersOr how about a huge vintage Valentine, like this Valentine-ish sheet music. Have it framed for your loved one and you have the perfect gift. Available (in “Ephemera”). SOLD

I hope I’ve got you thinking about what token(s) of love you may want to buy for the people in your life 🙂 If you have any questions about any of the products I’ve offered today, just drop me a note using the contact form on my side bar. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the vintage cards with us. I have in the past gotten a package of kid’s Valentine cards and placed a several of them around for my husband to find throughout the day–like with his socks, taped to the milk, in his car. I am going to print out some of your vintage cards and use them this year.

    1. You’re welcome Sandy! You are the sweetest–sounds like you and your husband have a great realtionship 🙂 I’m so glad I could be a part of your Valentine’s Day!!

  2. I enjoyed your post; you reminded me of a funny story. Years ago, when still working, I had a lovely student doing her psychiatric OT affiliation ( 8 weeks of full time, non-paying work!) with me. I had expounded my theory that a woman should receive jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and perfume for Valentine’s Day. Well, on Valentine’s Day, she came in and handed me a package; students never have any money and I surely did not expect a gift from her. There was a cheap silk red rose, a dollar store child’s jewelry set including a tiara with a red heart, a baggie with a handful of Hershey Kisses (she knew i was trying to lose weight), and another baggie with a handful of Avon perfume samples. I promptly donned the clip-on earrings, ring, and tiara (clashed awfully with my navy-blue uniform pants and flannel shirt top!). Going down the hallway to the ladies room, I almost ran into a female patient who hadn’t spoken to me for over a year as she disliked my decision on a clinic issue. My appearance surprised her so badly she actually said hello to me! The tiara still has a place of pride on the pediment on my china cupboard! Well, I don’t usually receive all 4 from my SO, but I do know how to buy what I want for myself!

  3. What I love about your gift guide, Diana, is that most of the items are vintage finds. Beautiful selection and great ideas! Pinned

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