What Should I Collect? 41 Cheap & Plentiful Ideas

If you ask any big time collector or dealer, “What should I collect?” you’re going to get answers like coins, baseball cards, stamps, or watches.

But what if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend or specific knowledge about any of those antiques?

Today I’m proposing a list of 41 FUN items that you can start collecting today, because they’re both cheap and plentiful. These also make excellent starter collection for kids since we want them to fall in love with this most excellent hobby, right?

What should I collect? 41 cheap & plentiful items: camera, starfish, thread, pot holder, nancy drews, keychains

Table of Contents

How Items Made It Onto the List

First of all everything on this list had to fall into what I call the fun category. It could be for many reasons, like the item is colorful, interesting, or functional, for example.

In the long run, if you can learn a thing or two, e.g., historically, scientifically, culturally, etc. then all the better.

Here are the main characteristics that led to this list of 41. Each item is:

  • Cheap ($2 or less/item)
  • Plentiful
  • Easy to Find
  • Small (doesn’t take a lot of space)
  • May or may not be valuable some day
  • Fun!

Let’s jump in a take a look at this extensive list.


1. Salt & Pepper Shakers

Set of squirrel shaped salt and pepper shakers

Several factors make salt and pepper shakers an ideal collectible. In fact, they hit all the high points of the list I made above.

They come in all different shapes, styles, and colors and are just so darn fun! Look for them for a dollar or less at garage sales and flea markets.

Focus Your Collection By

2. Mini Pitchers

Set of vintage and antique mini pitchers

If salt and pepper shakers are too cutesie for you, then miniature pitchers might be just the collectible for you. Personally, I collect them and I think they’re darling.

Find them at garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets for a dollar or less.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Size: 1 Inch, 2 inches, 3 inches
  • Location of manufacture: US, Japan, England, France, etc.
  • Material: China, stoneware, earthenware, glass, etc.

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3. Wade Figurines

Collection of vintage Wade Whimsie figurines

These darling little figurines came in boxes of Rose Tea for many years. Almost every antique mall has them available for about $2. Scour garage sales and flea markets and you might get lucky enough to find them for a dollar or less!

Focus Your Collection By

  • Theme: Noah’s Ark, the circus, endangered species, etc.

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4. Butter Pats

Collection of vintage and antique butter pats

These little works of art (butter pats) make a charming collectible. While not as easily found as some of the other items on this list, they can be found.

Dig through boxes of ceramics at garage sales, scout for them at estate sales and flea markets. You can usually pick them up for $2 or less from these venues.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Country of manufacture: England, France, Japan, etc.
  • Ceramic type: Bone china, Limoges, earthenware, restaurantware, etc.

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5. Pattern glass

Pressed, clear glass creamer

At the moment most collectors have little interest in pressed glass. Prices have fallen dramatically over the past couple of decades on this mostly clear glass, produced from the early-1800’s to about 1910.

Unlike cut glass, the surface is not glossy and unlike modern glass, it tends to be heavier. It came in all sorts of patterns and occasionally different colors. And of course these pieces can be used as they were intended, as dinnerware accessories.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Function: Creamer, sugar, vase, compote, candy dish, etc.
  • Pattern: Daisy & Button, Moon & Stars, Candlewick, etc.

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6. Perfume bottles

three vintage perfume bottles

If collecting perfume bottles sounds romantic, that’s because it is! With emotionally evocative names like Love Story, La Vie Est Bell, Beautiful, Eternity, and Blooming Bouquet it’s easy to understand why people love to collect them.

Ask friends to save their empty bottles for you and look for them at flea markets for $1-3.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Brand: Chanel, Coty, Yardley, Guerlain, etc.
  • Style: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, figural, etc.

7. Milk Glass

Unique milk glass vase

The slow market for milk glass at antique malls means that prices out in the wild–think garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores–are quite low. This of course makes them a great starter collectible.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Style: Hobnail, grape, diamond, colony harvest, etc.
  • Function: Vase, votive, compote, etc.

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8. Shot Glasses

Pop into any thrift store or flea market and you’ll find scads of shot glasses, often selling for a mere quarter! Their functionality makes them appealing, i.e., make cocktails with them or use them for your child’s dandilion bouquets.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Type: Souvenir, alcohol brand, Disney, sports team, restaurants, etc.
  • Your Travel Destination: Pick one up at each vacation spot

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9. Toothpicks

antique amber toothpick holder

A window sill filled with toothpicks in a rainbow of colors would be beautiful, IMHO. This popular area of collecting makes finding them out in the wild a bit tricky, but yet they are out there.

Look for them at garage sales in particular where they are often undervalued, usually in the $1-2 range. Figural examples will likely be much higher priced wherever you come across them.

Focus Your Collection

  • Shape: Figural
  • Color: Any
  • Material: Ceramic or glass

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10. Bottles

Selection of various antique bottles: amber, aqua, green

I grew up digging for old bottles with my father, so they have a special place in my heart. A row of aqua bottles set down the center of a table, each holding a daisy, makes a great display.

Many bottle diggers find themselves overwhelmed with the large number of bootles they have and will offer them at garage sales and flea markets for fifty cents to a dollar each.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Purpose: Medicinal, alcohol, toiletry, canning, soda, bitters, etc.
  • Color: Clear, amber, aqua, green, cobalt, etc.

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11. Votives

Vintage emerald green votive

Votives make a wise collecting choice since they can be used regularly around the house for every day or for parties. I have quite a nice (small) collection that comes out only at Christmas.

In writing this article, I discovered that the word votive comes from the Latin votum meaning promise or prayer; therefore the votive candle represents our prayer before God, (National Catholic Register).

Look for them at garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores where they are often priced at about a dollar.

Focus Your Collection

  • Color: A rainbow of options, mercury glass, stained glass look, etc.
  • Pattern: Various molded patterns, etched, etc.
  • Shape: Round, cylindrical, square, etc.


Items made of paper are fairly easy to collect because they are so very plentiful. One downside: Paper items can be tricky to display.

I firmly believe that collections are meant to be visible and enjoyed. Therefore most of the ephemera I’ve included in this list are pretty small and easily framed.

12. Postcards

Antique special ocassion postcards

These small works of art (postcards) make a truly wonderful collection. Keep in mind that as with most ephemera, condition is extremely important. Store them in sleeves or an album or frame them as a group.

Buy them new in your travels, ask family and friends to send you postcards when they travel, look for them at antique malls where you can often find them for $1-2 each.

Focus Your Collection

  • Theme: Holidays, artist, humorous, animals, etc.
  • Location: Your home town, places you’ve visited, your favorite city, etc.
  • Type: Real photo, artwork, etc.

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13. Photos

Vintage photographs

People take a lot of photos, more today than ever, but our photos sit on our phones and rarely get printed. Fortunately, vintage photos abound.

Look for crisply focused images with interesting subject matter and you can’t go wrong. I’ve found the best place to look for them is at estate sales where you can often pick up large collections for one price. It’s so fun to sort through them once you get home(!).

Focus Your Collection By

  • Subject: People, animals, landscapes, cars, babies, school, etc.
  • Type: Black & White, color, antique (cartes des visites, daguerreotypes, etc.)

14. Victorian Calling cards

Pile of antique Victorian calling cards

If you love the Victorian era, then you’ll love calling cards from that time period. Decorated with flowers and often sweet sentiments, these 2.5″ x 3″ cards are a true delight.

While sometimes tricky to find, cards can be found when you’re persistent. Shop antique malls and flea markets to score them for $1-2 each. In addition, try searching eBay and Etsy for “Victorian calling card lots,” which can be a cheaper way to buy them than individually.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Features: With or without sentiments, with or without printed names, animals, hands, people, etc.

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15. Business Cards

3 vintage or antique business cards

While older antique business cards like those above can take time to find, anyone can start collecting modern cards right out of the gate. So many businesses have business cards that are free to take.

I find that craft and antique sellers have some of the most attractive cards out there. Look at garage sales and thrift stores for business card holders to protect your cards and make them easy to see.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Industry: Clothing, antiques, cars, etc.

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16. Candy wrappers

Yes! Candy wrappers. While vintage and antique examples are scarce, you know exactly where to find new ones: at the candy store! Ask friends and families to save their colorful wrappers, especially any with unusual names or from other countries.

We lived in England for a couple of years and the kids loved Curly Wurlys and Maltesers.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Location: US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, etc.
  • Brand: Hersheys, Mars, Cadbury, etc.
  • Type: Candy bars, gum, boxes (think movies), etc.
  • Holiday: Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, etc.

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17. Clothing tags

Set of three clothing tags, including North Face & Lee

Yet another, what the heck collection idea. I thought this one up all on my own and have been collecting them for several years. However, it’s not been easy since I (and most of my family) only buy clothing at thrift stores, LOL.

You can see from the examples above just how interesting clothing labels can be. I know it’s hard to imagine these modern looking pieces of paper holding anybody’s interest, but believe me, they’ll have real value some day.

My BFF Nancy just gave me an envelope of tags she collected for me. Feel free to send me your tags if you decide not to collect them!

Focus Your Collection By

  • Sex or Age: Male, Female, Child’s, etc.
  • Designer or Brand: LuLuLemon, Lee, North Face, Calvin Klein, etc.
  • Image/Text: Colorful, text-only, floral, etc.


Selection of vintage or antique bookmarks

When I come across bookmarks at garage or estate sales, they tend to be collections of them, both large and small. I once picked up a bunch in a box at a garage sale for $1 and at an estate sale I picked up an antique metal money box filled with antique exampes for $20.

They are out there but not as plentiful as one might like. Fortunately, you can easily find them at both libraries and bookstores for free! Of course they’re also for sale at most bookstores.

Often you can find them on vacation in museum and other gift shops for just $1. Pick them up while you’re vacationing and ask friends and family to pick one up for you when they’re out and about.

Focus Your Collection

  • Type: Advertising, library, trade card, homemade, etc.
  • Material: Paper, metal, celluloid, plastic, etc.
  • Decoration: Paint, paper punch, embroidery, etc.

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19. Sheet Music

Vintage sheet music

I’ve included sheet music on the list even though its size makes it harder to display because it’s so darn easy to find and usually for a dollar or less. In addition, the covers can be incredibly graphically pleasing, like the examples above.

Like clear pressed glass, the market is literally flooded with sheet music, which means it’s a great time to collect it! Find it at flea markets, in particular.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Theme: Romance, patriotism, transportation, the sea, marches, etc.
  • Era: 1890’s, early 1900’s, 1940’s, etc.
  • Artist: Scot Joplin, Rogers & Hammerstein, etc.
  • Type of Music: Jazz, Big Band, Blues, Country, etc.
  • Artwork: Color, photograph, black & white, specific artist, famous stars, etc.

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20. Cookie Cutters

Vintage cookie cutters

Cookie cutters make a wonderful, homey collection; they look terrific stored in large glass jars or wooden bowls. Like several others I’ve mentioned, they serve a practical purpose, i.e., making cookies. So of course it’s a logical item for bakers to collect.

Garage sales are the best place to hunt for them and expect to pay no more than $1 for each.

Focus Your Collection

  • Type: Flat back, wooden handles, scalloped, etc.
  • Theme: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, animals, etc.
  • Material: Tin, aluminum, copper, plastic, etc.
  • Sets: Canapes, biscuits, colonial homes, holidays, playing card suits, toys, etc.

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21. Silver plate flatware

Vintage silver plated flatware

Silver plated flatware serves as another example of an item that once held some value but today [most] does not. Again, this is great news for collectors as individual pieces can often be acquired for just 25¢ That’s what my local Salvation Army charges.

Keep an eye out for silver plate at thrift stores and garage sales. Pieces look great stored in crocks and antique spooners.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Pattern: Daffodil, Old Colony, Coronation, etc.
  • Shape: Teaspoons, pickle forks, sugar spoons, etc.

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22. Mugs

set of 3 mugs: snowman, floral, hunny bunny

While mugs do take up a bit of space, they are a collectible you can use every day! My suggestion is to keep your excess in storage but switch them out in your kitchen cupboard on the regular.

At many garage sales you can pick them up for 50¢ or less and at thrift stores for a dollar or two. I always have my eye out for colorful vintage sets made in Japan.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Topic: Movies, advertising, sports team, Starbucks, humorous, your vacation, etc.
  • Material: Bone china, stoneware, earthenware, glass, etc.
  • Shape: Traditional, figural, odd, etc.
  • Country of Origin: US, England, Japan, etc.

23. Trivets

vintage cast iron trivet

Back in the day collectors fell in love with trivets and avidly collected them, but today they have fallen out of favor.

A collection of them hanging on the wall makes a big impact as they each form their own individual silhouette.

I come across vintage trivets at garage sales, flea markets, and thrift store for $1-3.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Material: Cast iron, brass, tile, ceramic, etc.
  • Embellishments: Paint, ceramic, motto, etc

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24. Hankies

three antique hankies

My mother always kept a hankie handy, whether up her sleeve or in her purse. For her it was an essential item. Now-a-days we mostly rely on paper tissue, but the alure of beautifully decorated hankies remains strong.

You can typically find hankies at garage sales and flea markets, often for less than a dollar. I also find them at smaller thrift stores and sometimes come across them at antique malls for about a dollar.

As far as displaying them goes, how about pinning some together and hanging them at the top of a window for a very cool valance? Or frame a few (or a bunch) and hang them on a kitchen or bedroom wall.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Embellishment: Embroidery, pulled work, applique, tatting, paint, etc.
  • Color: Any
  • Fabric: Cotton, linen, etc.
  • Printed Images: Animals, flowers, etc.

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25. Scarves

three vintage colorful scarves

I personally love scarves from the 50’s and 60’s with bold geometric designs like the trio above. They are of course very practical (if you’re a scarf-wearer) and you can find them everywhere for about a dollar each: garage and estate sales, thrift stores, and flea markets.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Designer: Vera, Gucci, Chanel, any signed scarves, etc.
  • Material: Silk, cotton, wool, polyester, etc.
  • Style: Pop Art, MCM, 1960’s, etc
  • Decoration: Floral, geometric, handpainted, etc.

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26. Ties

Silk ties including warner bros characters

Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but like so many others on this list, ties often have a very artistic vibe to them. And you can buy them for very little–usually a dollar a pop. You can’t beat that with a stick.

Go high end and collect Italian silk or really have fun and buy humorous examples with Warner Bros. characters, hamburgers, or dinosaurs!

Focus Your Collection By

  • Designer: Ralph Lauren, Yves St. Laurent, Italian, etc.
  • Style: Skinny, wide, bolo, bow, etc.
  • Decoration: Holiday, animal, patriotic, stripes, polka dots, plaid, paisley, etc.

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27. Pot Holders

three colorful crocheted pot holders

Like cookie cutters, pot holders (or hot pads) evoke feelings of homeyness, and if crocheted, probably your grandma. Nostalgia is a good a reason as any for collecting something, so let your feelings guide you.

Use them as intended or hang them on the wall like Emily did here. Look for them at garage sales and small thrift stores for a dollar or less.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Material: Crochet, cotton, terry cloth, etc.
  • Color: Any
  • Shape: Round, square, floral, etc.


28. Thread

Groupings of vintage and antique thread

You may never have noticed, but quite a few different companies engaged in the manufacture of thread. Each developed its own graphic label, making them attractive to collect. And of course the thread itself comes in a mind-boggling array of colors.

Display them in a large apothacary jar and it will put a smile on anyone’s face. You can usually find individual spools for about 25¢ each at garage sales and thrift stores. Larger collections of them show up at antique malls and estate sales, often priced relatively reasonably.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Brand: Aunt Lydia’s, Coats & Clark’s, Corticelli, etc.
  • Color: Any
  • Size: Large, small, mini, etc.

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29. Scissors

Groupings of vintage and antique scissors

Interestingly, there’s quite a lot of history to be uncovered when it comes to scissors and a rather large number of different types. I personally love smaller examples, especially ornate or stork-shaped embroidery scissors.

Scissors tend to be undervalued by almost everyone and can therefore be picked up at garage and estate sales and flea markets for just a dollar or two.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Type: Embroidery, dress maker, tailor, hair, etc.
  • Country of Origin: US, Germany, England, Italy, etc.

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30. Buttons

Pile of vintage buttons: colorful, white, metal

Not surprisingly, buttons have been a popular collectible for decades. Fortunately, millions of these small beauties have been churned out by manufactures over the years. This means they are quite plentiful for new collectors.

Quite often you can find tins filled with a wide variety at garage sales, often for about $5. Cards of buttons show up at flea markets for about $1 each and at estate sales and antique malls for $2-3 each.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Material: Glass, metal, mother-of-pearl, Bakelite, etc.
  • Features: Embossing, rhinestones, engraving, etc.

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31. Game pieces

Vintage game pieces: bingo, dice, letter cards, animal cards

Lots of game pieces have so much going for them–dice in a variety of colors, game cards with all kinds of decorations, and metal game pieces in all sorts of shapes.

To display them, you can throw dice in a canning jar, hang game boards on the wall, or spell words with Scrabble tiles. There are so many ways to display them.

You’ll find new and vintage games at garage sales often priced at a mere dollar, at thrift stores for $2-3. Sometimes at flea markets you might come across jars or boxes filled with a variety of game pieces to sort through.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Type: Letters, dice, numbers, cards, marbles, game boards, etc.

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32. Keychains

souvenir keychains: bell, austria, roman coin

Now here’s a collectible that comes in literally thousands of different forms, particularly in the variety of figurines that have been marketed, e.g., the statue of liberty, the eiffel tower, cartoon characters, practically anything you can think of.

This is a FUN category of collecting for people of all ages. And an easy display can be made out of scrap wood and cupholder screws. Look everywhere for them secondhand for 25¢to $1 and new at any touristy shop for $2-5.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Theme: Hobbies, advertising, sports teams, brands, souvenir, animals, etc.
  • Material: Metal, leather, plastic, resin, etc.

33. Books

Selection of Books: Betty Crocker, Nancy Drew, Little Golden Books

Now we’ve come to one of my all-time favorite collectibles! I love to buy them both for myself and to sell, too. I’m drawn to nostalgic books that remind me of my childhood or of an important person in my life.

I was a huge Nancy Drew fan as a pre-teen and occasionally even re-read them as an adult. I’m a firm believer that almost any well-made, interesting book will one day be collectible, so you almost can’t go wrong with whatever type you decide to collect. Though I do recommend collecting hardcover rather than softcover.

Book for resale abound! My Salvation Army puts them on salelowers their price on Fridays: adult books 4/$1 and childrens 10/$1. Can’t beat that right? Most thrift stores sell books for $1 each and estate sales for $1-3 each.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Author: Steven King, Shakespeare, Eric Carle, etc.
  • Audience: Adult, YA, children’s, etc.
  • Topic: Cooking, novels, military, sci-fi, etc.
  • Specialty: First editions, author signed, miniature, etc.
  • Series Books: Little Golden Books, Nancy Drews, Harry Potter, Mitford, etc.

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34. Pencils

Vintage Pencils: blue and red

Not infrequently, I come across plastic bags or cigar boxes filled with pencils (and pens) at garage sales. This is the best way to buy them since the price is usually quite low.

Businesses and people campaigning for public office often give them away for free–so grab them when you can!

Displaying them is easy right? Plop them in a pencil holder (or a tin can). But you can also get more creative and place them in flower frogs.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Color: Any
  • Type: Advertising, artist quality, mechanical, people’s names, mottos, campaign freebies, souvenirs, etc.
  • Manufacturer: Dixon, Ticonderoga, Eagle Mirado, etc.

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35. Rulers

selection of six vintage rulers

As you can see in the photo above, there’s more to rulers than simple wooden ones, like those we used in school. They come in a variety of materials and promote a variety of enterprises.

I love the beautiful patina on some of the older pieces, but the plastic ones with characters like Snoopy make me smile. Hunt for them at garage sales for a dollar or less and at estate sales for $1-2 each. Display them in a larger pencil holder or kitchen utensil holder.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Subject: Advertising, campaigns, famous characters, souvenirs, etc.
  • Location: Your home town, your state, favorite vacation city, etc.
  • Material: Wood, plastic, metal, etc.

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36. Christmas Ornaments

selection of 5 christmas ornaments: stars, tree, polar bear, snowman

Christmas ornaments provide a never-ending supply for collectors since millions of people buy hundreds of ornaments throughout their lifetime. Think about how many boxes or bins you have stored in your basement or attic!

The downside is they typically come out only once/year, but the upside is your tree filled with beautiful collected ornaments and some cherished memories.

I regularly find them cheaply at garage sales for a dollar or less and often at estate sales for the same price, though not as often.

Visit department stores after Christmas and take advantage of their 75% off sales. Pick up well-made ornaments that have timeless appeal, along with those depicting famous characters.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Theme: Trees, animals, religious, etc.
  • Material: Fabric, cardboard, glass, wood, corn husk, ceramic, etc.

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37. Natural Materials 

Crystals, shell, lichen, starfish

Here’s a category you can start collecting right away for free! You can easily find items like shells and rocks when walking on the beach or in the woods.

As you grow in your knowledge of whichever category you choose, you can pick up more specimins at garage sales and flea markets.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Material: Crystals, fossils, shells, lichen, rocks, sea glass, etc.

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38. Swizzle Sticks

Both fun and functional, swizzle sticks add pizazz to any beverage–alcoholic or not. Pull them out whenever you feel like it but especially when entertaining guests.

Restaurants used to give them away so look for branded examples. I once came across a set advertising a local restaurant that had little lobsters on the tips.

A mix of sticks stored in a vintage drink shaker or even a cool vase would make a great display.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Material: Plastic, glass, metal, etc.
  • Decoration: Shells, animals, whistles, etc.

39. Patches

Selection of three patches: camping, navy, olympics

Back in the day picking up patches while on vacation was the “thing” to do. Now you can find many of those early collectors selling their patches at garage sales and flea markets, often for a dollar or less.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Material: Plastic, glass, metal, etc.
  • Theme: Camping, hiking, scouting, military, olympics, etc.

40. Cameras

3 vintage cameras

Cameras might seem like a crazy item to suggest, but with the advent of high quality cameras on smart phones, many people have given up “old fashioned” photography. I regularly find cameras for sale at garage sales for $1-5.

It’s a fascinating area to study and they add a cool vibe to home decor when tucked in amongst other decorations or when occupying a full shelf.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Type: 35mm, point & shoot, film, movie, etc.
  • Brand: Kodack, Poleroid, Olympus, Nikon, Browning, etc.

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41. Costume Jewelry

Pile of 1960's enamel flower pins

Another one of my favorites on this list is costume jewelry. I love researching various makers and I love wearing the stuff, too.

I find garage sales one of the best places to search for jewelry as it’s often undervalued. Very often I find pieces for $1 or less (really!). Small thrift stores are another place to look, but I tend to avoid larger stores like Goodwill since their prices have gone up too high.

Focus Your Collection By

  • Type: Brooches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.
  • Style/Period: Boho, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, 1960’s Flower Power, etc.
  • Maker: Trifari, Sarah Coventry, Chanel, Miriam Haskell, etc.
  • Material: Rhinestones, silver plate, sterling, pewter, pearls, enamel, etc.

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Did any of these ideas intrigue you? Are you thinking about giving one of them a try? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. [Or if you already collect one or more, how’s that going for you?]

Bye for now,

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What should i collect? 41 Cheap & plentiful items including ties, ornaments, starfish, cameras, rocks, etc.

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  1. I collect at least 3/4 of the collections listed and I love doing it. Thank you for your ideas. I hope more young people will catch the collecting bug! Hugs, Kathy

  2. You are such a wealth of information and inspiration. i didn’t intentionally collect but realized I am drawn to nature, specifically beach themed, and have lovely shells, starfish,coral,etc.on display through out my home. many of my items I found free at a beach.how do I add a picture?

  3. God only knows I don’t need to start any more collections; I already have too many!!! BUT this was a GREAT post and a good way to get kids starting in a hobby, too. I found lots of my Depression glass dinnerware at 1/2 price (Bouquet and Lattice, aka Normandie, more swans also 1/2 off, another ceramic bird (a great category, too) dollhouse treasures, and milk glass on sale at a recent trip to one of my favorite Maine flea markets. Asked Al to get me a round covered MG butter/cheese dish as I don’t have one as a birthday gift! Even got stuff to resell! Baskets make a great category, too.

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