What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques [July 2018]

Hi there! I’m pleased to report in today’s what’s selling in vintage and antiques post that July was a good month for me. I hope it was for you as well. The Gristmill Antique Center (Troy, NY) where I have a booth, has a large covered porch area where dealers can place items for sale. This month, six items sold from that location, which helped tremendously. I’ve placed a P next to them, so you’ll know which pieces those were.

These income report posts have become among the most popular with readers, but I’d love to hear what other types of vintage and antique posts you’re looking for–leave me a comment below and let me know 🙂 You can find previous income reports here: May what’s selling and here: June what’s selling.

What's Selling in Vintage & Antiques July 2018 adirondackgirlatheart.comThis month you’ll find that a wide variety of vintage and antique items sold, from small furniture to ironstone and books to baskets. Let’s take a look:

Antique Booth

Vintage concrete statue of two cherubsCement cherub garden ornament (cost: $1, sold: $32/38). P [Note: when you see a price with a backslash (/), the second number refers to the original price. Sometimes I mark prices down, the shop gives a 10% discount, or I’ll run a 20% off sale around holidays, like July 4th, along with other dealers in my shop.]

vintage framed flagOne large framed flag, similar to this one (cost: $2, sold: $22) and one medium (cost: $1, sold: $12/15).

Vintage Oil CansThe brass oil can on the left (cost: $1, sold: $6) and the red oil can in the center (cost: $1, sold: $10).

Vintage LGB Tom Thumb The Little Golden Book, Tom Thumb (cost: 25¢, sold: $3). [Subscribe to my mailing list and gain access to my Member Library which contains a Little Golden Book price guide.]

Vintage Eastlake Painted TableEastlake side table (cost: $5, sold: $25/35). P

Vintage ash splint "Pack" basketSmall pack basket-shaped ash splint basket (cost: $10, sold: $40/45).

Vintage McCoy PlanterA McCoy pottery planter with an unfortunate crack (cost: free from reader friend, Debbi, sold: $5).

Vintage Silver Plated Tea & Coffee Set (1) $15 for coffee potA silver plated coffee pot (back) (cost: free, sold: $15).

Vintage Hazel Atlas Jar with aqua decorationAn Hazel Atlas jar (cost: 50¢, sold: $8).

Vintage hand towelA vintage dish towel (cost: $1, sold: $4).

Aqua Ice Cream ScoopA newer aqua-handled ice cream scoop (cost: 50¢, sold: $5).

Not pictured:
Wicker planter (cost: free, sold: $30) P
Death O’Moth tin: cost: , sold: $10)
Enamelware basin (cost: $3, sold: $22) P
Ironstone Pitcher  (cost: $18, sold: $70/75)
Open/Closed sign (cost: $5, sold: $28/35)
Godey’s Fashion Print in Antique Frame (cost: $2, sold: $18/25)
(3) Vintage aprons (cost: 50¢ each, sold: $3.20/4 each)
Small vintage level (cost: 50, sold: $6)
Great Houses of the Hudson River (cost: $1, sold: $10)
Galvanized bucket (cost: $2, sold: $20) P
Vintage fruit crate (cost:  , sold: $7.50/15)
Weldon Ware !ueen Anne, Eng Dish, cost: $1.50, sold: $5)
Wrought Iron Planter holder (sold: $12) P
Old Vly Rd sign (cost: $1, sold: $75/95)
Suitcase (sold: $12) P
Uncle Ben’s Cobblestones (cost: 50, sold: $5)
Leonardo da Vinci 1938 ((cost: $1, sold: $10)
Brown Stoneware Jug ($32)
English Butterscotch tin (sold: $9)
Framed butterflies (sold: $12)

Facebook Market

Hand StatueA hand statue (cost: $1, sold $10/15). [I reduced the price on this piece after the buyer sent me a note explaining that she had a disability related to her hand and now has an obsession with buying them. I wanted to bless her a little bit.]


Canon Point and Shoot Camera A Canon point and shoot, 35mm film camera (cost: $2, sold: $12). [Subscribe to my mailing list and gain access to my Member Library which contains a brand new vintage camera price guide.]

Kodak Stereo Camera Instruction Booklet
Kodak stereo camera manual (cost: 50¢, sold: $7.99).

My Ebay sales are a little low this month. You may remember, however, that I had family in town for three weeks, starting the last week in June, and I attended the Haven conference mid-July, so I only had a handful of items listed. Thankfully, August is already looking much better.

What's selling in vintage and antiques July 2018 Income Report adirondackgirlatheart.com

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What's Selling in Vintage & Antiques July 2018 adirondackgirlatheart.com

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  1. My July was good too…surprisingly because I usually find the summer months are slow. Nice income from your ads too!

    1. So glad to hear that your July was good, too, Melissa 🙂 I don’t actually find much rhyme or reason anymore to when or how things in this business go well or poorly, LOL.

    1. It’s been a great source of income Melissa–you might want to think about it?? [Actually, you probably have enough on your plate with a full-time job, blog, and antique booths, LOL.]

  2. One of the advantages of being in a tourist area…connected with ‘history’ is you have a steady stream of people looking for ‘old’ stuff. We always did a bang up summer with tourists (located near huge Lake area) and vacationers enjoying our antique and vintage stores/and booths. You have a great pickers eye and get some fab stuff. I wasn’t surprise at anything that sold–and you had fair prices on them. That’s the secret!

    In answer to your query about what sells–I noticed basically no dishware–which is not unusual in summer/paper plate and picnic time. I used to set up a bistro set with casual dining items, or tea service—and that would be the only dish/glassware I would sell during the hot summer months, only those items basically sold in vignettes, or set up for specific gift giving. We had a lot of male traffic—as we also had the antique Auto Museum feeding traffic. So men’s gifts were especially appreciated.

    I do love your ‘sold’ posts because I miss having a shop —and Etsy was great in JUNE when most of the country was in rain and cold spring. But, it is quite dead in the summer months because of all the flea markets/vintage markets available–and everyone scouring for cheap buys. I’ve even avoided added items, knowing—that soon as cool weather hits, people will be back online.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet compliments, Sandi 🙂 Loved hearing your ideas for selling and was interested to hear that Etsy is slow in the summer. Good to know-

  3. At my venue, we use to be able to put certain things outside next to the building. These items sold very well for me. However, the owner decided we vendors could no longer put anything outside as she said it was “too junky”. She now uses the outside for all her “new reproduction metal, etc.” I went to check on my booth and found my rinse tub (the one with legs) sitting in my small booth. I’m not sure what I am going to do as these items were a money-maker for me. With the gas prices and what it costs to obtain goods, I’m not doing it and only make $200. Thanks for listening!!

    1. That’s such a bummer, Sharon, and loading up your outside with repros isn’t the greatest way to advertise antiques, now, is it?!! Always happy to listen…:)

  4. I have done better than usual with tourist season here in Maine, too! At one place I have 2 booths–1 up, 1 down. Am trying to keep the downstairs one neat (I’m a wicked clutterer!) and see which space sells more–still seems pretty even! Glad your booth and wood salve are doing so well! Ads, too!

  5. I am back home, Diana. Most of the time we had no phone or web connections, but I was glad to be able to see facebook now and then in the evenings. For this blog post…. I always get bummed when there are no pictures of some of the sold items. I love seeing pictures. 🙂 What does the red “P” mean ? or did I miss it somewhere? I also am a hand collector. I don’t know what it is about them! I like having them on my dresser for jewelry. I think my first one was gotten for 49 francs on a french island when we took one of our cruises. Now I want almost every one I see! My big lust is a glove mold…. one that I can afford. One day…..

    1. I’m glad you made it home safely, Patty. As far as pictures go, I simply don’t have time to photograph every single item that I buy, although I try to(!). The red “P” means that that item sold from the porch rather than my booth (you may have missed the explanation in opening paragraph).

      So interesting that you’re a hand collector, too–can’t be all that many of you around! I would love a glove mold myself someday…we can only hope 🙂

  6. Here’s what I would have bought: the vintage dish towel, the cherub statue, and the yellow McCoy planter. The plaster hand creeps me out, sorry!

    Great take, especially for the ads. Glad you had a good month, Diana!

  7. Wow Diana! You’ve done great with your sales, and your ad revenue is amazing. Good for you!

  8. I’d love to have that cherub and that basket! Glad you had a great month (wish I had your page views!) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  9. Hello Diana – The features here on your blog are FABULOUS!!! Where else can one go to find all of the useful, helpful, and interesting info you share here. I love the pictures of your sold items and the price you paid and what it sold for – You’re one of a kind amazing! I plan to access the wealth of resources you offer here as I”m kind of a novice – with the audacious plan to open my own shop in the next month or so. I appreciate the free-hearted spirit you display. Blessings.

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