Collecting Bird Inspired Vintage & Antiques

Hi there–I’m so glad you popped by! Every month some special Thrifty Chick friends and I get together to share the projects we develop based on a particular challenge. Today we have some bird-themed projects for you, including my post about collecting vintage bird inspired vintage and antiques.  You’ll find links to all the posts at the end of mine–I hope you’ll check them all out.

Collecting bird inspired vintage and antiques adirondackgirlatheart.comI buy almost every chicken or rooster that I come across, if cheaply priced, since decorators love them, especially because of their ability to add instant farmhouse charm (cost:$1, sold $10).

Vintage Chicken FigurineI bought this handsome fellow at the same time as the one above, unfortunately, a customer broke him before he had a chance to be sold (cost: $1).

Pink Glass Rooster FigurineEveryone who has laid eyes on this pink glass rooster has fallen in love (cost: $1, sold: $10). I don’t like to buy too much glassware, but since it was a rooster, I made an exception. Some other glass “exceptions” I will make include toothpicks and flower frogs in any color, medicinal/pharmaceutical bottles in most colors, and milk jugs and soda bottles with interesting/valuable graphics.

St. Clement France Bird decorated plateYou may remember this plate from an Easter post, when readers helped me identify the mark as “St. Clement, France.” Produced in the 1920’s, the pattern is called “chanticleer” or “rooster” (cost: $1.50, value: $20-25).

vintage china creamer with bird and flowersAs most of you know, I avoid china (for resale purposes) like the plague, since that market is pretty much dead; however, when I see something as pretty as this creamer with wild roses and a blue bird, well, it must be purchased (cost: $2.99, not absolutely sure of its current whereabouts, lol).

Christmas GooseThis dapper goose has joined my personal Christmas decorating collection. Even though he’s barely vintage, he’s got style and he enjoys pride of place on my front stoop come the holidays (cost: $1).

Favorite Audobon Birds of AmericaI find that almost any kind of book about birds, including children’s versions, like Little Golden Books Birds, sell well for me. Anything containing Audubon’s illustrations, likewise, sells well (cost: $1, value: $10).

Vintage SwanSwans have long been used in country/primitive (now farmhouse) decorating; this one proved that point by selling quickly (cost: 50¢ sold: $15).

Bird From coconut
I bought this crazy coconut bird sometime last year and he sold immediately, demonstrating that “unique” sells well (cost: $1, sold: $15).

Hand crafted feathery owl Realistic owls, as well as attractive owls made from wood or pottery, are also popular with decorators, including this feathered version (cost: 75¢, sold: $15). I buy and sell quite a lot of owls.

Ornate victorian wooden frameThis ornate Victorian frame, cut with a scroll saw–perhaps a high school wood shop project–might have been more attractive if the bird’s expression were cheerier, LOL (cost: $1, value: $10).

Vintage Parrot PrintWhen I picked up this parrot print, I mistakenly thought it was a watercolor painting. I was so frustrated, I priced it low to get rid of it quickly (cost: $1, sold: $4). I was probably a bit hasty, since it’s actually a pretty nice print.

Ceramic robin figurinesThese fat little birds remind me of English robins which are shaped like chubby chickadees, rather than our American versions which look more like wrens and would never be considered “cute” (cost: $1 for the pair). I have them displayed in my ironstone cupboard, where they stand out beautifully against the white pottery.

Antique Loon Silhouette I fell in love with this primitive loon as soon as I saw it on a table outside of an antique shop a couple of summers ago (cost: $3, sold: $28). My family’s from the Adirondacks, so we have something of a love affair with loons.

One of my prized possessions is an handcarved loon that we received as a wedding present (almost 23 years ago). I’ll have to try and remember to take a photo of it; it’s truly glorious.

The Loon Voice of the Wilderness by Joan DunningThis lovely coffee table book, The Loon, sold via my blog shop not too long ago (cost: $1, sold: $10).

Vintage Rooster Silhouette
Final Fabulous Fowl: One of my favorite bird finds ever, this hand-cut rooster silhouette makes a bold farmhouse statement and would elevate anyone’s home decor to new levels (cost: $4, sold: $25). Am I right?

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Collecting Bird-Inspired Vintage & Antiques
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  1. This was very interesting. I really like the glass rooster. I always found birds sold well at my booth also.

  2. What a timely post, Diane! I just got back from the 127 yard sale and not only did I buy someone’s entire vintage chicken/rooster collection… I also bought someone’s entire turkey collection!

  3. Loved seeing all the birds that you’ve found over the years Diana! Especially that pink glass rooster. So pretty!

  4. Birds are creatures that have been always near & dear to my heart. My mother collected roosters which I inherited from her, I have collection of pie birds & egg cups that I’ve collected & my husbands carved bird figures that I want to pass along to my daughter to enjoy! My home catches the end of a lake & every day I hear the songs of all the birds which I really enjoy.

  5. Lovely post, Diana! I love birds, too and love scattering them in my decor. I have a hand carved loon, too…he’s right at home here at the lake!

  6. Fun to see all your variety of bird-themed vintage, Diana! Yes, roosters never seem to go out of style; I can see why you sell them often!

  7. Another great post Diana, I think we are like two peas in a pod. I love birds too. There is a lady on-line that sells only bird things….she had hundreds so it made me wonder how many I have around…..counting roosters, ducks, birds, eagles etc….and on china, in paintings and prints, figurines, books etc. etc….I counted 273…. Who knows how many I’ve added since then and that is not even counting birds in jewelry!

  8. I have a vintage ceramic rooster and have never been able to find anything about it. It belonged to my grandmother and it is really pretty. Don’t really want to sell it, but would love to know more about it.

  9. I enjoyed seeing al your birds. I have a collection of ceramic birds that I love. I have a group of crystal birds, and a collection of swans–ceramic, glass, shells, tin, etc. Plus a flamingo collection that lives in the bathroom so they can’t interbreed with Al’s penguin collection. I have a few pins, too. I guess we do like birds! Didn’t realize I had so many!

  10. I love birds, too, Diana. Your bluebird keepers are all that! And I really like the rooster that got broken. What’s your policy when a customer breaks something? We ask them to pay half the listed price, but some of our salespeople don’t. It’s the least they can do, I feel. We had a spelter bird dog doorstop broken, and the salesperson didn’t bother asking the customer for reimbursement ($75!). We complained to the owner, who reimbursed cost of goods, but later made a policy that breakage was dealer’s responsibility!

  11. Love your ‘missing creamer’…..I panic more often than not looking for things that I have sold on the Internet when it comes time to ship them. Just yesterday, I went to my booth to retrieve an old quilt top that had sold and it was gone! Had been there for 100 yrs!!! and after the panic attack, found out it was being used in a school house display in the front of the antique mall! The ‘decorators’ change the front entrances of the mall every month and do such a nice job. It’s a compliant to have things taken from your booth because they get a more attention in these lovely displays. Anyway, always love your blogs….I’m way behind this summer reading but I cherish each one and savior them for relaxing. Have a great day, Diana!

  12. As a francophile I used to collect all things rooster. My kitchen was rife with roosters! Until I felt that it was just too 1980’s…..and out went the roosters. Perhaps I should have sold them! Glad you’ve found a great market for them:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  13. What a wonderful assortment of beautiful bird treasures! I love them all, and I can rarely resist bird items when I am junkin’. I recently bought a beautiful peacock platter at a yard sale, and then a brand new trendy peacock throw pillow from my friend at her yard sale…now I am in trouble…I feel like I need to find a cool vintage peacock figurine or statue asap! I am on the hunt!

    Thanks for sharing all this vintage eye candy for the Thrifty Chicks Challenge!

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