Welcome to Adirondack Girl @ Heart!

Welcome to Adirondack Girl @ Heart! I’m so glad you’ve come for a visit. If you love vintage and antiques, like I do, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

I’m all about shopping for and decorating with anything old and beautiful. Well, sometimes the items aren’t beautiful when I first get my hands on them, but when I’m done with them, they’re gorgeous!

Collecting beautiful objects that reflect my unique personality
and make my house feel like home, brings me joy.

Vintage Ironstone Collection

Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m Diana. I live in upstate New York, right near the Adirondack Mountains. I love nature, being out in the woods, and paddling my kayak–hence the name, Adirondack Girl.

But the passion that I write about here on the blog is my love for all kinds of vintage and antiques. I love providing valuable information to my readers to help them make informed decisions when buying and/or selling vintage and antiques.

I love providing valuable information
to my readers
to help them make informed decisions
when buying and/or selling vintage and antiques.

My Niche: Vintage & Antiques

Every week I showcase the objects I purchased during my various vintage excursions to garage and estate sales, flea markets, and thrift shops. I provide the low-down on what I paid for each item, along with a suggested retail value. Often I’ll have some information about the item to share, and sometimes I’ll give a link to a website that I have found particularly helpful. Click on one of the collages above to see some of my best finds, or locate all my vintage finds posts here.

What makes me different?
I tell you what I paid for each item and then give you my suggested value.

Gristmill Antique Center BoothWhat qualifies me to write about this stuff? I’ve been buying and selling antiques for over twenty years. I’ve sold in antique shops (see my booth above), on Etsy, and right here on my blog. I have a personal library of books and periodicals that have helped me build a strong foundation. Over the years, I’ve developed some expertise in the fields of Christmas collecting and Primitive/Country/Farmhouse collecting. But honestly, I’m more of a jack-of-all-trades dealer who sells to the “average” person. I’m not a true junk dealer, but then again, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever run into me at Sotheby’s, a high end auction house (LOL).

What I Do: Provide Great Information

Quite often, I write in-depth posts about a specific area of collecting, cook books and Christmas, for example. Are you interested in buttons or ironstone? I’ve got posts about them. Or how about autograph books or Little Golden books. Yep, I have some about them as well. You’ll also find a growing set of Price Guides, along with a series on Cleaning & Caring for Antiques and Vintage, to help get those great finds ready to decorate your home or to make available for sale.

My Most Popular Posts

One of my most popular posts, 10 Often Overlooked and Undervalued Garage Sale Finds, gives some insight into the sorts of items that you would enjoy decorating with and are relatively easy to find, because people often overlook them.

Another popular post, The Top Five Things I’m Looking For at Garage Sales, let’s you know the sorts of things I was dying to find at sales last year–make that every year.

And if you’d like to learn how to even begin, then you won’t want to miss, How to Get Started Buying Vintage & Antiques for Business or Pleasure.

In addition to these kinds of posts, I also write regularly about how to take thrifted finds and turn them into something beautiful, either for my own home or to sell. These projects, like the cake tin I turned into an art supply caddy, always have a vintage element, and quite often fall into the “farmhouse” category–one of my favorites. You can access all of my projects using the “Vintage Projects” tab in my navigation bar.


A couple of years ago…

My Sidekick

One day I hit a fabulous garage sale and my husband happened to be with me. I filled his arms with treasures; he paid for them, and then delivered them to the van. Back and forth he went.

Later on, I called him my “good luck charm” and he beamed at me. I had literally made his day. Up to that point, I had primarily garage and estate saled by myself or with girlfriends, but after our lucky day together, he became my regular “side kick.” He’s the best.

What Next?

I hope you’ll stick around and have some fun! Have a look-see through the blog and enjoy all of its vintage goodness. Here are some links to some of the areas on the blog that I just mentioned:

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  5. Hi Diana, I own eight tea plates without the cups {sorry can’t find them}. They are Burgess & Leigh Ironstone , I believe from the 60’s. Can you give me an idea of value, interest??

  6. Ok I just found your blog via Susan Freemans: AKA Ash Tree Cottage… Im here in the North Country too…and I have really enjoyed peeking through all these treasures… I am a bit of a Old Timey Gal myself in the means I love old houses, I love old books and anything with History attached to it.. So your blog was quite teasing to my eyes with the antique books and what nots.

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