This Week’s Vintage Finds #118

Hi everyone! I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t get much vintage shopping accomplished this past week-end. I did, however, make one stop–Goodwill–on the way up to my shop on Friday. So I’ll show you the purchases I made there, plus, I bought a few cookbooks not too long ago, so I’ll throw them into the mix as well, along with a couple of shots of my booth at the Gristmill Antique Center.

Bicentennial Cookbook I guess I’ll start with the cookbooks. Any day now, I think Bicentennial souvenirs and collectibles are going to become hot, hot, hot. After all, they are already 40 years old. I was a middle-schooler in ’76 and can remember all of the celebrations that took place. It was a big deal.

US Bicentennial Cookbook recipes Here’s a peek at some of the recipes inside, including recipes from every region of the country (cost: 50¢, value: $8-10.00).

The Store CookbookI bought this cookbook because it looked and sounded interesting (and it was cheap!). The authors opened The Country Store on Long Island in the 70’s, and it was such a hit, they wrote the cookbook shortly after (cost: 50¢, value: $8.00).

Inside of The Store CookbookIts recipes are a little higher class and more involved than those in the Bicentennial cookbook.

The American woman's Cook Book Third and last, The American Woman’s Cook Book, ©1942 (cost: $1.00, value: $12-15.00).

The American Woman's CookbookAt over 800 pages it is chock full of recipes, including the seafood recipes you see here, and lots of cooking tips. (SOLD)

Wooden cutting boardI discovered this “striped” cutting board for sale–half off–at Goodwill (cost: $1.50, value: $15-18.00). It’s a nice big one–nearly 18″ long and so interesting, made with so many different kinds of wood. It’s starting to come unglued down the center, so it needs a little attention.

Vintage Beverage Mixing SpoonMy sweet grandmother had a beverage stirrer just like this one (cost: 50 , value: $6-8.00). Every now and again when I see something that reminds me of her, I’ll pick it up.

Bird-shaped Cookie CuttersMy sweet sister sent me these darling bird cookie cutters. Though they are brand new, I thought you’d all like to see them.

Canvas Tool BagI hemmed and hawed over this clearly used canvas tool bag, but finally bought it, for all of 50¢. I think it will clean up nicely and I think it might be fun to stencil something on the side. What do you think?

Small wooden trayNothing too special about this tray, but it seemed like it needed to be bought for some future, awesome DIY. Right? (cost: 50¢)

Vintage lense
I think this is a lens that would have been used by an eye doctor. I’ve seen them used to make pendants, by making a mini-collage and gluing it to the glass (cost: $1.00). [Because I need one more project…]

Victor Victrola Brass LabelWe have an enormous Nipper-the-dog sitting atop a multi-storied building in downtown Albany, so anything with Nipper on it attracts my attention. This brass label would have been attached to a “Victor Talking Machine” and will make a great addition to something or other (cost: $1.00, value: $6-7.00).

The Gristmill Antique Center

Full antique booth at the Grist MillAs promised, here’s a peek at my booth, after I brought up some fresh merchandise this past Friday.

Inside my antique boothThis is the view when you walk into the space.

Inside my antique boothOff to the right.

Easter basket at the Grist MillI filled a couple of Easter baskets with Easter goods and spring-related items.

Speaking of Easter baskets, you may enjoy my
Vintage Easter Basket Alternatives post?

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  1. Lots of fun finds, Diana! I love the cutting board and slotted tray especially! Your booth space is looking wonderful for spring!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your picks, because they would be exactly what I would buy, lol. The Victrola label and the stirrer, and I’m enjoying your peeks in your shop. I will come that way, sooner than later, thanks, Sandi

  3. I absolutely love the slotted tray. I’d put a piece of glass in it and use it as is! And though they aren’t vintage, I really enjoyed the bird cookie cutters. I’ll be on the search for them now. I love birds and my daughter makes the best sugar cookies ever!

  4. Love that striped cutting board and that tray, and I see some great stuff in your booth especially that bird cage. The Victrola label is pretty cool.

  5. Your booth is lovely. I wish I lived closer so I could go shopping. I love the cookbooks. Will you try any of the recipes?

  6. Those cookbooks are so cool, Diana. I keep waiting for the “Bicentennial” stuff to get attention, too. I was 19 then, and remember the build up to the celebration as much as the day itself. That was a fun summer. After seeing all the cool stuff you sell there, I want to visit your Antique Mall!

  7. I love that Victrola tag. My dad used to have an antique Victrola. I wish he had kept it.

  8. Loved your Easter basket idea for your booth! Thanks so much for linking up with “Let’s Talk Vintage!” Have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!

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