Giving an Old Vintage Crate Some Rustic Charm

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice week-end. I worked on a couple of projects, squeezed in some extra Z’s, and enjoyed two evenings in a row spent with sweet friends. Virtually no vintage shopping, but a good week-end nonetheless. You may have noticed that lately I’ve been buying up old, vintage crates and boxes like crazy. I’ve enjoyed giving them a little extra character by adding some stenciling. I especially like my Folk Art “Farmers Market” stencil that I bought at Walmart (no compensation received). It seems perfectly suited to old crates and wooden boxes. (Note: It appears that Walmart no longer carries this stencil. The only place I found it for sale was on eBay, and it wasn’t cheap. Bummer.)

Farmer's Market Vintage Crate with Vintage LanternThis is time I applied [almost] the full stencil (for the first time) to this wonderful old crate.

Close up of vintage crate with vintage lanternThe crate is adorned with numerous rusty old nails.

Close up of Vintage Farmer's Market CrateThe wood’s surface is nicely aged and a bit scruffy, as if in its past life it had been used to haul veggies, which it probably was.

Vintage Crate with new Farmer's Market CrateThe stencil actually has some stars on it, too, but that seemed little too country for my taste.

If you’re interested in some of my hand-stenciled signs,
you can find them here, in my Vintage shop.

Side view of Vintage Crate with Farmers Market stencilI really enjoy stencils that allow you to pick and choose some or all of the words you’d like to use on each project.

Farmers Market Centerpiece at Adirondack Girl @ Heart
For this project, Simple Fall Centerpiece, I just used the “Farmers Market” portion of the stencil.

vintage farmer's market tray with pumpkins
Here I used it similarly, on a tray-shaped box, but added some of the stars this time, in Cruddy Old Box Turned Charming Vintage Tray.

farm market sign on vintage woodFor this apple basket lid sign, I stenciled “farm” instead of “farmer” because the space was smaller.

Here’s another vintage box that I stenciled.


Vintage Farmer's Market Stencil on Vintage CrateI’ve also just used the “Country Fresh Vegetable” portion of the stencil, but that’s for another post yet to come.

Farmer's Market Vintage Crate with Vintage Lantern
I brought this project up to my shop this past week-end, listed at $28.00. I think someone will fall in love with its rustic personality and take it home with them in no time. What do you think?

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  1. Hi Diana, Great stenciling! I also like the geraniums and the green lantern that goes so well together with the stenciled crate! You make stenciling look easy but I know it’s not! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Janet

  2. I think I must be channeling you, Diana! I picked up a large old wooden tray that I wanted to stencil for my kitchen – with something like “Farmer’s Market” and here you go showing off your Farmer’s Market stencils again! 🙂 I am so bummed it’s no longet at Wal-Mart but I think I’ll check at mine just in case! I’m sure someone will buy this beauty soon. xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  3. OH that looks fantastic. I bet that is one of your favorite stencils. All of the crates look great and should sell in no time.

  4. If you told me Walmart had that stencil I would run out and buy it now. Great stencil, and nice use of stencil. Sharon

  5. Great crate update. I bet it won’t hang around long. I bought that stencil but haven’t gotten the nerve to use it yet. sb

  6. Crates and wood baskets are pricey lately. In one shop I found 2 but they were $30 each! Soon garage/yard/estate stale will start soon so will be on the look out for bargains!

  7. Very Cute…these crates are so versatile—and you can always turn them around for non-farmer’s market seasons!
    I have a huge stash of crates I will be using in my craft shop. Hubby just wrinkled his nose, when I said that—but he will have to deal with it…grins, Sandi

  8. I love crates, I love stencils and I love those flowers! And that cute lantern right next to it is just perfect Diana!

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  10. Giving yo u a featrure tomorrow, Diana! Thanks so much for taking part in “Let’s Talk Vintage!” each week!

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