“Marrying” Old Bottles with Vintage New Stock Labels

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week-end. My sweet husband and I enjoyed some leaf peeping in Vermont on Saturday–a brilliant, blue-sky day. Of course, a bit of vintage shopping also took place along the way. You all know me by now, right? We ended the day with a wood-fired pizza and Greek salad in Manchester (VT). A perfect day. We both needed a little refreshment and being together, and outdoors, did it. Time in my work room often rejuvenates me as well, and I had the chance to be creative in that “special place,” too. One of the projects involved some old bottles and some new “old” labels.

marrying-old-bottles-with-vintage-old-stock-labelsWhen you “combine” two antique pieces to make one whole, as I have with the bottles and labels, that’s called “marrying” in the antique business.

box filled with dirty antique and vintage bottlesDo you remember this box of old bottles I bought over the summer at an estate sale for a quarter each? Since that purchase, I’ve written a post about how to clean old bottles and another about identifying and dating the amber-colored bottles I rescued from the box. I’ve been working on cleaning the rest of them ever since. Oh, and yeah, at the World’s Largest Garage Sale (Warrensburg, NY) I picked up not one, not two, but three boxes of old bottles–all FREE(!). I’ve got a lot of bottle washing in my future…

Colorfully beautiful old product labelsBut back to today’s post. Through a post at Itsy Bits and Pieces, I became reacquainted with a company that I knew about years ago: Don and Chris’ Old Stuff Wholesale Vintage and Antique Collectibles. Those you see here cost $1.00/set–for two each of the pretty ones and five each of the plainer, rectangular ones. They are new (never-been-used) old stock. Paper goods like these are often discovered in the storage rooms of old bottling and canning companies in perfect, unused condition. All those you see above date to the early 1900’s except the Lavender Water label, which dates to the 1910’s.

antique soda labels with moose imagesThese outstanding soda labels also cost a dollar for the set of three. I have several aqua-colored soda bottles in my stash that will look perfect sporting them. They date to the 1910’s. Aren’t the moose wonderful?!

beautiful antique soda bottle labelsThe Black Hawks ($1.00 each) date to the 1910’s, Lemon Soda (50¢ each) to the 1900’s, Twin Lights (25¢ each) to the 1920’s, and Moxie ($1.00 each) to the 1930’s.

antique-soda-bottles-with-antique-labels1008x1280I’m so pleased with how the labels, with their blue accents, “match” my aqua bottles.

Beautiful and colorful antique catsup and peanut butter labelsThe beautiful catsup labels, dating to the 1910’s, cost 50¢ each. The “Verhampshire” label intrigued me with [what I think is] it’s mashing of Vermont and New Hampshire, and on Saturday I found the perfect bottle to attach it to.

old bottles with new "old" labelsMy new/old catsups will also be available at the Shaker craft fair. [Note the condiment bottle on the left has an amethyst tint. This indicates that the glass contains manganese dioxide and at some point it received exposure to sunlight, which turns this type of glass various shades of purple.]

Red, white, and blue Buffalo ammonia label and barber shop flyerI paid a premium for these early 1900 Buffalo Ammonia labels ($1.50 each), but I think they will look fabulous framed.  Same goes for the barber shop “flyers,” which date to 1920’s.

antique fresh eggs signsThese 1930-era Fresh Egg signs are my absolute favorite, and I can’t wait to frame them, as well. At a dollar a pop, I thought they were pretty amazing. I bought five and might glue one onto the end of a crate, which is likely how they were used originally.

beautiful antique creme gloria bottlesI applied these beautiful Creme Gloria labels to a couple of recently cleaned antique bottles using a thin layer of Modge Podge, and they adhered perfectly. I plan to take them to the Shaker Heritage Society Craft Fair, where I peddle my crafts and DIYs every year. It runs from the end of October to a few days prior to Christmas.

Pop in later today and I’ll have photos
of the soda and catsup bottles for you.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to take a look at my vintage loot!
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  1. The labels look wonderful on your old bottles! Thanks for the shout-out, Diana! I loved that egg sign, too! Don and Chris are such a great source!

  2. This is so interesting. I never realized you could buy labels like that. They really add pizzazz to the bottles.

  3. So, I just bought hundreds upon hundreds of old bottles. I just might have to go buy up some labels now! 🙂

  4. How did I never hear of that place? Your labels are so fabulous I know I’m going to have to go and get some for myself. The blue bottles are great, too! xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  5. These are wonderful, Diana! Interestingly, I have some vintage labels I bought from Melissa’s Antiques for bottles and other projects on my to-do list. Great minds 😉

  6. Love the old labels – thanks for sharing your source. I have a box of bottles to clean and will be visiting your post soon.

  7. What an amazing price on those labels! I love that they are vintage and not reproductions. I have heard of the term marrying. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Oh my, I’ve always had a thing for colored glass then with those incredible labels, you really scored. Seems like paying for those labels is worth every penny, bottles with labels you showed are making me want to find some old bottles. You were sure fortunate having 3 boxes of bottles given to you, do you mind washing them since they were all free?
    I have just a few old bottles gotten from antique store when we lived in MT. Had a very light purple one but part of top got broken in our moving and storing things a few times. Didn’t throw it out tho, just couldn’t make myself. Where we live now (western slope of western CO) is especially expensive if I could find some bottles, not like MT and KY. Grand Junction doesn’t have antique shows, ever. Wish I could make it to your craft fair.
    Enjoy all your wonderful bottles and those labels.
    Enjoy your weekend

  9. I have bought a few things from Chris and Don. They find some very interesting things. Thank you so much for sharing at Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

  10. I never thought to collect old vintage labels. It’s now officially on my shopping list! These are so gorgeous and colourful!

    Featured you this upcoming weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 351. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  11. headed over from Funky Junk and just love this post! Thank-you for the inspiration this morning…I have lots of old bottles that could use some love!

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