How to Create a Patriotic Gallery Wall with Vintage Style

Hi everyone! I arrived home late last evening after spending two days in New York City, attending the SoFabU, one-day blogging conference. I enjoyed every minute of it and cannot wait to share the experience (hopefully soon). Today I have a special patriotic gallery wall I wanted to show everyone. It may give you some ideas for creating a seasonal, patriotic vibe for holidays like Memorial, Flag, and Independence Days.
Framed flag, brass bugle, God Bless America

It all started one day in Hobby Lobby. While shopping an aisle in the back, I noticed a series of 90% off signs. My heart rate immediately increased. You all know what I’m talking about, right? The scent of a bargain, right around the corner. I made my way toward the signs and discovered several bins of assorted posters in a variety of sizes, marked down to $1.75 or less. Oh my. I knew immediately I would have difficulty walking away with just one (or even two).

Barn board framed chalk board signLast week I posted about the white-board I made over into a chalk board. But I’ve not yet mastered the art of chalkboard lettering, though I do love the style. So when I saw this poster (above), which contains a bit of truth(!), I thought it would make a good stand-in until I do master that art. After arriving home, I searched through my [rather large] stash of frames and found this vintage barn-board beauty, just the right size.

close up of vintage barnboard frame
 So nicely aged, with some authentic worm holes to boot.

vintage framed flag Next, I had to decide what other pieces I would need to create an attractive gallery. Something bright would definitely be a plus. The idea of framing old flags came to me a couple of years ago when I bought my first, aged-looking flag-on-a-stick at a garage sale. As I mentioned, I always have a stash of frames on hand, so when I was ready to complete the project, I had everything I needed readily available.

vintage flag and frameI try to spend no more than fifty cents on black wooden frames because they tend to be plentiful. I gave my flag a quick pressing with my iron, and it was good to go. I actually framed two, and have already sold the second at my shop, for $12.00.
vintage bugleEvery gallery wall needs a unique piece, and I think this military bugle qualifies. I posted about it back in January, in This Week’s Vintage Finds #60. I think adding a unique item, that’s not something you’d typically find hanging on a wall, is a stylish way to make your gallery wall stand out. I had it in my Esty shop for $60,00 where it (fortunately?) failed to sell, so now I can enjoy it for a while. (Find out more about vintage bugles from the Taps Bugler.)
vintage god bless america sign
 Once I realized that I was going down a patriotic road, I felt I needed a patriotic word or phrase to pull the whole thing together. Since I didn’t have anything on hand, I decided to make one. I created my “God Bless America” sign in basically the same way I made my “JAVA” sign a while back. I connected two pieces of scrap wood by gluing pieces of tongue depressor to the back. I used some Goodwill stencils to paint the words–first with white paint, which didn’t stand out enough, and then with black paint. On the very first letter, I failed to line the stencil up perfectly and [accidentally] achieved this awesome, 3-D affect. I attached some wire to the back for hanging, and I was done.
side shot of vintage framed flag

This photo gives you an idea of where my new gallery wall hangs–next to the corner cupboard in my kitchen that holds all of my ironstone. 2014 was the first year I’d ever decorated for the 4th of July (beyond hanging a flag), but I’m glad I’ve started. It lets our children know that we feel blessed to be Americans.

Thanks so much for the feature, Pamela!

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  1. Super, super cute display. I love the bugle. and the sign. and the other sign. and, of course, our flag. that is all.

  2. What a great wall and it came together so nicely! I love vintage patriotic items and found a new one myself this year. I bought it to sell but I am keeping it for my front porch. It all says God Bless America.

  3. Hi Diana, great patriotic Gallery wall. Love the sign and flag. I too love the 80 percent off aisle at Hobby. You never know what you will find. Enjoy the season and Happy Summer!
    Hugs, CM

  4. Wow! I really love this gallery wall you created, everything looks perfect! I've never thought of framing those small old flags before but what a nice way to display them.

    I wonder if you might stop by my blog and help me out with something… I posted my latest treasures I found and there is a cool looking basket i'd like help putting a value in. I looked at your basket price guide but didn't see anything like it.


  5. This whole vignette looks wonderful – I especially love the bugle! Thanks for sharing it at the Vintage Inspiration Party!

  6. Love your gallery wall! The bugle is fantastic and I want to grab that barn board frame right off your wall and hang it on mine :).

  7. I love it Diana! The bugle is certainly a fabulous addition! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. What a wonderful gallery wall. Love your sign – so true. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  9. I love the style and how it looks so historical on the wall, thanks for sharing this on Fabulous Friday

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