2014 Most Popular Posts

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year when we bloggers get to highlight our most popular posts. I found the process very interesting. Keeping in mind that I think of myself as a “vintage” blogger, only three of my posts are specifically about vintage. Four of the top ten are crafts (two of which involve vintage materials), two are “tours” of local sites or towns, and one covers decor. Interestingly, out of the top ten, five relate to Christmas.

Top Ten Posts of 2014

1. Christmas Craft–Pine Cone Angel Ornament 

Top Ten Posts of 2014
I submitted this Christmas craft to the website All Free Christmas Crafts. They added it to their collection of angel ornaments and I receive a lot of traffic from them. (NOTE: Just lick on the photo to go right to the posts.)

2. Local Tour–Fabulous Beekman Boys’ Farm 

Top Ten Posts of 2014
Last spring, my sweet husband and I visited Beekman Farm, where the Fabulous Beekman Boys–Brent and Josh–raise goats. We toured the property and then visited their shop in town (Sharon Springs). Such a lovely day.

3. Vintage Info–Buttons (Part II)

Top Ten Posts of 2014

When I first began blogging, I wrote a few posts about various collectibles and called them Tuesday’s Take. Now when I write similar posts, I call them “Cool Collectibles. ” (Yep, I’m fond of alliteration!) You might want to check out Buttons, Part I as well.

4. Vintage Info: 10 Overlooked & Undervalued Goods

Top Ten Posts of 2014
Wonder how to get the great deals on items that can then be easily “flipped,” whether on Etsy, eBay, or in an antique shop? In this post I give some ideas about the sorts of things that others might pass up at garage sales because they don’t see the value in them.

5. Local Tour–Chatham

Top Ten Posts of 2014
Back in August, my sweet husband and I moseyed down to the quaint town of Chatham (NY), about an hour south of Albany. In this post you will find info and photographs of our wanderings in town as well as our drive through the countryside–look for barns, berries, and bouquets.

6. Christmas Craft–Vintage Music Paper Ornaments

Top Ten Posts of 2014
I can’t take full credit for this Christmas craft, since variations of this simple ornament are visible all over Pinterest. However, I gave it my own personal touch by using black pipe cleaners against the black and white music paper (vintage). I also like the tiny red gems I applied to each one.

7. Christmas Craft–Upcycled Skirt Gift Tags

Top Ten Posts of 2014
The popularity of this post comes from the use of this gorgeous gray and wine-colored plaid (I think). Up-cycled from an old wool skirt, I think readers also responded to the simplicity of the design.

8. Enhance Your Christmas with Vintage Christmas Decorations

Top Ten Posts of 2014

During the summer, I wrote a series about vintage Christmas decorations. One post addressed 1950s decorations, another covered decorating with Christmas bulbs, and the last, decorating with bottle brush trees. In this post (above), from a few weeks ago, I reminded everyone about those three posts and provided links to them.

9. Craft–New Tags Out of Old Linens

Top Ten Posts of 2014
Back in the Spring, I had a bit of an epiphany about making tags. I’d been making them out of various vintage paper (music, dictionary, etc.) for a few weeks when it occurred to me that my die cut machine (Sizzix Big Shot) would cut through fabric. 

10. Home Decor–Christmas Home Tour

Top Ten Posts of 2014
Last but not least, my 2014 Christmas home tour. I participated in a small blog hop with four other bloggers–it gave me tremendous incentive to do some special vintage decorating this year. I loved it. 
Hope you enjoy looking back at some of these posts.
Perhaps you missed one or two the first time around–
now’s your chance to check them out.
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  1. Diana, I have enjoyed getting to know you this year. I loved all of your top ten posts. It's interesting to look back to see which were the most popular. I always get a surprise or two. Happy New Year!

  2. I've enjoyed following you Diana. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in 2015. Happy New Year!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  3. Thanks for sharing all your vintage goodies once again. Of course I love all of your posts, but my favorite here has to be your mantel with the bottle brush trees and maps. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Thanks for sharing your top ten posts! I always enjoy reading your posts, you always have such wonderful information!

  5. Diana, such a nice variety in your posts–I hadn't seen the lovely button one! I too, was surprised by which of my posts received the most traffic 🙂 Happy New Year, Friend! Blessings, Cecilia

  6. It is always fun to see what our followers like best isn't it? This year I had some gardening, some crafting, and some decorating. Which is pretty much what I blog about. lol! I loved your plaid tags and your vintage Christmas!

  7. We just moved to the Adirondacks and are enjoying your posts and the fun finds that you share.

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