Gracie’s Vintage Finds #3

Hi everyone! Well, I can say one thing for sure about my daughter: she knows what she likes. The vintage items that she likes the best seem to have magnets attached to them, and they draw her right in. Things like cameras, keys, clocks, and tools call her name and she responds. Here are a few of her purchases.
A commemorative Coca Cola bottle was a must have, as was the movie camera that makes a marvelous “clicking” sound when the button is pushed. Makes it feel like you’re shooting a movie for “real.” The rhinestone-y, watch ring was a fun find for her.

Nice gauge, nice folding ruler. Scary scythe (dull, thankfully). She has a strong affinity for sharp things that I’ve noted before. Should I be worried?!  Like the red paint still visible on the blade. Collector’s Weekly has a nice article, Antique Rules and Rulers, that you might want to check out.

One of the sales we hit had 100 years of accumulated valuables, junk, and dirt. While not comfortable to paw through, we both found some great stuff. We used our iPhone flashlights to navigate the terrifying basement, and that’s where she found the documents above. She had a strong curiosity about the person who wrote them, and she and a good friend spent quite a while deciphering them and imagining who the writer was and what they would have been like.

The tortoiseshell sunglasses are pretty amazing, aren’t they? And she’s been looking for a pipe for a while now. She seems to have developed a strong crush on gavels, and of course, her key obsession, you’ve already heard about.

That’s it for Gracie’s finds.
Come back next time!

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  1. Gracie, Gracie, Gracie! What marvelous treasure eyes you have. Love the camera, but the sunglasses and all the documents are terrific. I love old paper stuff – it is like peering into someone's life. Diana, thanks for sharing her finds. Two words for two treasure hunters: hand sanitizer!

  2. Such a great vintage hunter she is!!! Beautiful finds! Those documents are so very cool!!! I can only imagine what that basement was like!!!! Have a great weekend friend! Nicole xo

  3. I love these vintage treasures! The old paperwork is wonderful as are the glasses. What fun y'all are having!

  4. The 'sharp things' collection, I can relate to. No idea where that comes from, but I do have a selection of old saws, clippers, etc hanging around the fences of my garden. I really love Gracie's taste.

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