Easy DIY Candle Holders [Unique & Repurposed!]

Hi there! As summer is fast coming to an end, I have a fun fall project for you: easy DIY candle holders made from repurposed loaf tins.

I created this DIY project for Country Sampler’s Farmhouse Style magazine back in the Fall of 2019 (see photos below), but you can very easily turn them into Christmas decor by changing out the candles from orange to red or green. Make them “anytime” candle holders with white candles.

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loaf pan repurposed into easy DIY candle holder: 3 candle holders with orange candles

Materials for Easy DIY Candle Holders

materials for making easy DIY Candle Holders:loaf pans and candle sticks

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glue, paint, sand paper weightMore Materials:

How to Make Easy DIY Candle Holders

sanding the top of the candle holderStep 1 (Painting–not shown): Paint your candlesticks & tart tins black to give them more of a farmhouse look if they are silver and/or gold (or some other unfavorable color) like the candlestick shown here. Spray paint is the easiest choice. I sanded off some of the paint to give it a bit of rustic charm.

Step 2 (Sanding): Lightly sand the top of the candlesticks where it will be joined together with one of the loaf pans. This gives it some “tooth,” which will allow for better adhesion. Sand the bottom of the tart tins as well.

Sanding the side of a loaf panSand the area on the outside end of the loaf pans where they will be glued together with the candlesticks. Ditto the inside of the loaf pan where the tart tin will be glued.

Step 3 (Gluing–not shown): Match up your loaf pans and candlesticks and glue them together using a good quality glue meant for metal, wood, and glass. Place a weight on the inside of the loaf pan to improve adhesion. Allow them to dry overnight. Glue tart tins onto the inside base of the loaf pans and allow them to dry overnight.

white arrow pointing to a knob on top of DIY Candle holderStep 4 (Adding a handle): As an extra little “something” you can add a handle to to the top of your candle holders by following the previous steps: sand the areas that will have contact, apply glue, allow overnight drying.

Step 5 (Adding candles): Insert candles into the tart tins and display your DIY repurposed candle holders!

How to Style Easy DIY Candle Holders

vignette with easy DIY candle holders, vintage scale, and gather signMy bread boards make the perfect  backdrop for my fall-inspired candle holders. I’m so glad I found the perfect shade of orange–not too orange-y, if you know what I mean.

[NOTE: You can read all about the “GATHER” sign that you see above, HERE.

Easy DIY Candle holders: 3 candle holders with orange candles and vintage scaleI hope you enjoyed learning about how to create these easy DIY candle holders. Be sure to send me photos if you make some yourself!

Christmas Version of Easy DIY Candle Holders

shelves with craft merchandise and circled candle holderAs I mentioned earlier,  you can easily change the look of the candle holders by switching out the orange candles for red, as you see here. You’re looking at a part of my display for the Shaker Christmas Craft Show that I do every year, where I sold the circled candle holder for $15.

Easy DIY Candle Holders in Farmhouse Style Magazine

Farmhouse style magazine cover with photo of easy DIY candle holdersI love working with Farmhouse Style magazine and enjoy paging through every issue with its great layouts and fun projects. Seeing my DIY’s in print is still SO amazing to me.

“Is that REALLY my project in a cool magazine??” You can purchase a subscription to the magazine (4 issues/year) HERE.

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trio of candle holders with orange candles: learn how to make easy DIY Candle holders that you can sell

loaf pan candle holders: Learn how to make easy DIY candle holders

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  1. These are really cute! I think I have an old bread pan in my attic stash, I’m going to try this for my kitchen hutch. Thanks for the idea and the tutorial!

    1. You’re so welcome Rebecca! I think one on your hutch would look great–I’d love to see a photo after you make one 🙂

    1. I’m always looking for old pans for me to recycle. Nothing but a little spray paint and then I can use them as planters for succulents or make them into a table centerpiece by using fresh or fake flowers. Many, many uses for old pans!

  2. Cute idea but darn it that just cost me $43 on amazon lol! Will go on a hunt for loaf pans. The donation line of cars at Goodwill had been crazy long-everybody must be spring cleaning while home. Good for us collectors

    1. Oh my gosh, that made me laugh out loud, Susan! Hope you find some great treasures, including loaf pans and candle sticks at the Goodwill 🙂 🙂

  3. Love those candleholders! I must look for some old pans when I visit the flea market next time. Great ideas for gifts as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This look great! I saw a different idea using an old grater, which works really well for me as I make snowmen.
    Attach the grater upside down to one of those cutting boards with a handle. Then with some greens, put the snowman into the grater.

    1. Glad you liked the project MaryCamille. I’d love to see a photo of your grater/snowman/cutting board project. I’m having a hard time picturing it exactly…

  5. I knew I’d saved those old loaf pans for SOMETHING!! Now I know what that something is!! Thanks for sharing what I think will be a unique gift idea!

  6. What a great idea! Gives me an excuse to find more candlesticks. Will have to be on the lookout for bread pans; you found a great variety! Holiday decor could be increased by putting a candle ring of flowers/berries at the base of the candlestick, too!

    1. Glad I could provide you with an excuse for more candles Kathy (like you really needed me for that, LOL)! Love the idea of adding a candle ring to cutify the project 🙂

  7. I’m kicking myself for donating my Mom’s old baking tins. It would have been wonderful having her well used tins on display in her memory. She would have loved this idea! Congrats on the magazine feature, Diana, well deserved.

  8. These are so clever and so adorable! I love how creative you are. And to see them in a magazine is … Well, I can’t even imagine! Congratulations and thank you for sharing them with us. I’m featuring them over on the Farmhouse Friday Link Party! Hope you link up again soon. Pinned.

    1. Aww–thanks so much for the feature, Cindy, I really appreciate it!! Glad you enjoyed the project. (And yes, I get a kick out of having my projects in Farmhouse Style–it never gets old. I’m so grateful to them for the exposure and affirmation.)

  9. I ADORE the industrial vibe this idea has! I’d bet the candles look wicked cool lit up! Super epic upcycle!

    I’ve featured this project in this weekend’s DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 544. Thanks for linking up!

  10. This may be a silly question and may be because it’s early in the morning. How do you ensure the taper candles don’t fall over that are in the tart tins?

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