A Vintage Christmas Craft Show: What Sold!

Hi there! Today I have a post filled with all the vintage and vintage-inspired crafts and DIY’s that I sold at the annual craft show I do at the nearby Shaker Heritage Site.  I had a much smaller space this year but one located inside the Shaker gift shop where the main check out point is.

I sold almost to the dollar the same amount as last year: $1500. That success I believe is due to my new location, but also to the amount of repurposed vintage jewelry that I sold. Because of jewelry’s relatively small size, you can cram much more of it into a space than almost any other crafted item. But let’s dive in and see what sold!

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Red glass Christmas lantern sold at vintage Christmas Craft Shwo

Earrings Selling at the Christmas Craft Show

This past August, I wrote a post about upcycling vintage clip ons into beautiful pierced earrings. It turns out they’re pretty addictive to make (and I have literally hundreds of pairs of clip ons to work with), so I decided to give them a try at the show. I sold forty-four pair for $12 each, grossing $528 on earrings alone!

Earring display at Christmas Craft Show This is one of my displays, which I kept continuously filled throughout the show. All of the Christmas-y examples that you see above, including all of the bells, sold (except for the wreaths). 

adirondackgirlatheart labels next to a black card with label and price tagI made the black cards holding the earrings myself and glued small strips of paper containing my blog URL onto the back, along with the price tag.  

You can find a bunch of the unsold pairs in my Vintage Blog Shop (VBS) for just $10 a pair or two for $16. They are in the “Handmade” section of the shop, though I have many more to add. I’ve listed about forteen pair so far.

vintage turquoise and silver floral earrings selling at the Christmas Craft showI don’t have photos of every pair that sold, but I have a few, like this shot of pretty turquoise and silver pair.

vintage earrings selling at the Christmas Craft showAnd these.

vintage floral earrings selling at the Christmas Craft showAnd these. Pink is my favorite color and it seems to sell well.

Vintage gold tassel earrings made from clipons for saleHere is an example of a pair that are available in the “Handmade” section of my Vintage Blog Shop.

Necklaces Selling at the Christmas Craft Show

A little over a year ago, I wrote about making necklaces with vintage and antique skeleton keys. Along those lines, I created 40 necklaces for the craft show using some skeleton keys and other vintage bits and bobs that I have mysteriously collected through the years(!).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos before the show. Those of you who do shows know how crazy things can get right before a show opens!

However, I do have photos of some of those that didn’t sell, which can be found for sale in the “Handmade” section of the VBS. along with the earrings above.

Of the 40 I made, 12 sold for $12 each, grossing $180. I was pretty pleased with that result, but am considering lowering the price to $10 next year, matching the price I’m charging in my VBS.

three pendants: skeleton key, religiious medal, mica sampleHere are some, currently available in the VBS (Handmade section) for $10 each or two for $16.

three vintage pendants: owl, religious medal, sand dollarAlong with these three, as well.

Rings Selling at the Christmas Craft Show

The third and final type of jewelry that I sold at the show includes cocktail rings that I made from vintage clip ons (blog post coming!). I just fell in love with them and was unpleasantly surprised to find that they did not sell well at all.

In fact, I sold just six rings (for a total of $72). Perhaps, as with the necklaces, a better price point would be $10.

Handmade Cocktail Rings at Christmas Craft Show  Unfortunately, I’m not sure which rings actually sold because I didn’t take photos of all of them and I haven’t had time to figure it all out. 

Christmas Ornaments Selling at the Christmas Craft Show

In addition to all the jewelry I had for sale, I also offered the sorts of Christmas ornaments and other decorations that I’ve had available in years past–many featuring my “signature” mini-wreaths.

Display at Christmas Craft Show The total size of my space was approximately 1/3 of what I had last year, but I was completely happy with it. It required less stocking and the breakdown at the end of the show was a snap.

The red lantern on the lower left sold for $25. I sold several lantern and lantern-like decorations this year, so I’ll pick them up when I see them at sales through the year. Above the lamp is a child’s red mitten stuffed with greenery. It and its pair sold for $8 each.

Several matchbox cars and other vehicles with trees tied on top sold for $6-10 each, but I failed to take any good photos of them. Above on the second shelf from the top you can see a red sports car and an English bus with trees, which both sold, as did the “Merry Christmas” sign on the bottom shelf (for $12).

red yardstick and scrabble tile christmas ornaments that spell words like "peace" and "noel"Every year since I started making these Scrabble tile ornaments in 2017, they have sold out. This year, I sold 6 for $6 each.

Vintage Yardstick Christmas TreesThese yardstick Christmas trees have also proven popular. I sold three for $7 each.

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Vintage matchbox cars with trees tied on topA total of nineteen cars with trees sold this year–a mix of both larger and smaller versions (like the small matchbox you see here from last year) priced at $6-10, depending upon their size and age. 

I go for a mix of vintage style cars and trucks, along with professional vehicles like firetrucks and police cars.  Antique cars, when I find them cheaply, also sell well.

wooden bear with mini-wreath decorationI picked up these cute wooden bears at a garage sale last fall for 50¢ each and decided to attach some of my “magic” mini-wreaths. Only one (out of six) sold for $6 🙁 You win some, you lose some in this game, right?

mini-lantern with mini-wreath decorationMeanwhile, I bought two of these well-made miniature lantern (pencil sharpeners) at a sale for 75¢ each, and they both sold almost immediately for $8 each. Go figure.

baby cowboy boots with greeneryWhen I found these darling cowboy boots at a garage sale over the summer, I knew instantly they would make perfect Christmas decorations. I stuffed them with greenery and sold each for $12.

Christmas Decorations Selling at the Christmas Craft Show

Vintage folding ruler star Christmas decorationI’ve been selling these folding ruler stars with mini-wreath embellishments for years. They go for $12 each and this year I sold five. 

Vintage bingo card with mini wreathAnother project that I’ve been selling for years, these bingo cards with mini-wreaths, did not do as well as they have in the past. Only three of the eleven that I made sold (for $4 each). I had raised the price form $3.50 to $4.00 so I suppose that could be why. Or perhaps I’ve saturated the market? Hard to tell…

Vintage toy blocks with bottle brush treesI had seven of the bottle brush trees on vintage blocks left over from last year, and three of them sold for $4 each. I’m donating the remaining four to Goodwill. 

Pine arrangement in vintage measureThis arrangement in an antique measuring tin was another left over from last year. I lowered the price from $25 to $15 and it sold very quickly.

multi-colored belt christmas tree on scrap woodYou may remember this project from early in December–repurposed belt trees. I sold this one for $15

collection of thread spools with bottle brush treesThese little cuties–vintage thread spools with bottle brush trees–are a perennial favorite; nineteen sold for $4 each. Like the jewelry, they are completely addictive to make, and easy too.

canning jar tea lights decorated for ChristmasThe Dollar Tree in my area offered these canning jars with tea light holders for sale in December and I saw the possibilities right away. It was late in my craft show so I only had time to sell the one in the middle, embellished with pine cones, berry garland (also from the Dollar Tree) and a tea light candle. It sold for $8.00.

red glass Christmas lanternA new project, this red “lantern” is made from a vase I picked up at the Dollar Tree and then embellished with ribbon, wire, berry garland (also from the Dollar Tree), and a decorative star. I made two and they both sold for $10. I picked up a few more vases for next year’s sale and think I’ll increase the price to $12.

Well, that wraps it up for the 2019 Shaker Holiday Craft Show. It’s always a fun and profitable event in my tiny little Adirondack Girl @ Heart “empire,” as my family and I like to call it, LOL.

PLEASE, feel free to “borrow” any of my ideas and try them out in your booth or craft show. I’d love it if you could benefit from my experience. But here’s the deal–you have to tell me what you tried and how it went for you, ‘kay??

Here’s to a profitable New Year for all of us!

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  1. Really fun pieces and a great return on your investment. Of course the baby cowboy boots were my favorite!

  2. Hi Diana
    I’ve been selling the scrabble ornaments somewhat successfully but when I started doing custom names it really took off! Took many orders at $1 a letter but neglected to factor in
    Delivery/mailing. Learning experience for sure!
    Loved loved loved this post!! Thx for the great ideas!! Paula

  3. Well done! I did a local Holiday Craft Boutique for the first time this past December. While what I sold was (mostly) different than what you did, I feel we had the same creative sentiment. Thanks for sharing your ideas, what sold (&what didn’t), and pricing, and inspiring me for holiday 2020!

  4. You really have vision and creativity when you find things to repurpose. You’ve given me lots of ideas! Wish I could have browsed your lovely little shop in person!

  5. Great post, Diana! So fun to see the offerings and learn what sold for how much. By the way, that pair of wreath earrings that didn’t sell–do you still have them? I might be interested in buying them if I could see a closer picture of them. I do love wreaths of all types.

    Glad you had such a good show at the Shaker’s!

  6. Glad you had such a great show–you can do a LOT of yard saling with $1500 this summer. Or make a mortgage and car payment….I found a matchbox station wagon with a tie-dye spiral on it and added a BBT to it for Al as he lives in tie-dyed Grateful Dead T’s. He loved it! I made a few Scrabble tile ornaments using the shirtbox cardboard which had some Christmas greenery printed on it (leftover from framing red pickup trucks from the top of the box!).I made family last names, the names of pets, Christmas words, and “HALT”, (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) for a 12-step friend–he loved it! Didn’t keep any for us…but I have another pack of tiles! I have always loved red and white “bakery string” and love it for tying BBTs onto cars and as ornament hangers! The Lions Club Dollhouse/Train show is 2/18 in Augusta and I am busy crafting tiny stuff–I will make some tiny wreathes with candy canes, alder cones, plastic deer heads,etc. (bought after Christmas, of course); I try to do something different every year. Today we gallivanted to Rockland–my fave antique place there, Salv Army, and GW; it was a good day!

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