What Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show

Hi everyone! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I participated in a Christmas Craft Show at the Shaker Heritage Society this year. They gave me half of 6′ table to display some of my goods for the six weeks the show lasted.

Considering the small number of items I brought in, I was quite pleased with the $200 that I made ($280 before 30% going to the Shakers). I thought today I’d mention a few of the items that sold. 

Altered Art

What Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show


I designed this 8″ x 8″ altered art project for a fundraiser I held for my sister, a missionary in Uganda. It sold early in the show for $18.00.

I designed this 8″ x 10″ altered art project specifically for the Shaker show. The heart in hand is a Shaker symbol and the saying, “Hands to work, hearts to God,” a well-known Shaker saying. It too sold fairly quickly.

I think next time I make one like this, I will stylize and slenderize the hand and fingers more. I’ll also choose a different font for the words and cut out each word individually.

TagsWhat Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show

Several of my altered art style tags also sold, most for $2 or $3 each. Some undecorated sets of three sold for $5.50.

What Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show
This one sold for $3.
What Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show
This undecorated one sold for $2.


What Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show

This little wicker basket was the perfect size for displaying my tags. I had previously listed it, along with all of the other antique items I brought to the show, in my Etsy shop, but they hadn’t sold.

I chose several items that one might expect to see in a Shaker dwelling and waited to see if they would sell at the craft fair. Most did. This basket went for $12.00.

I used this larger antique willow basket to display tags as well. It sold toward the end of the six week show for $53.

What Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show
This industrial mercantile spool sold for $9.00.
What Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show
These nice red calipers also sold for $9.00.
What Sold at the Shaker Christmas Craft Show
This book of poems sold for $12.

I’ll definitely be participating in next year’s Christmas craft show. Since the staff liked my photos of the site quite a bit, I’m considering having some cards printed with some of my images. The Shakers might consider selling them in their gift shop. Some exciting things to consider in the new year.

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  1. How very exciting, Diana! I just love my plaid tag, and placed it around the dome top of my vintage cake pedestal for my holiday dessert table this year. I think you should make many more of the first two altered art projects in prep for next year, as well as for your Etsy shop! You go, girl!

  2. I really love the art you created for the show! Those pieces are beautiful!!! So impressed friend! Have a lovely week! Nicole xo

  3. Diana, such exciting news. Very creative mixed media – and love the tags! I look forward to your Shaker posts.

  4. I just love your altered art! How exciting to be so well received at what sounds like a great show. Exciting new things for the new year too! Happy for you!

  5. Congats on a successful show! And that's great about the classes and note cards! You're photos are always so gorgeous, they should definitely be on cards, you'll do well with that. Take care

    1. Dawn, you are always so sweet about my photography (a great, great love of mine)–thank you so much 🙂

  6. Outstanding, Diana! Your altered art is fabulous and I love the simplicity of the antiques. No wonder the Shakers love you. How exciting to be invited to teach. You will be a great inspiration to your students, and I know they'll learn a lot from you. I'd love to live close enough to attend your classes. All the very best God has for you, dear Diana! xxx ~ Nancy

  7. I love your altered art pieces. You have such a great eye and the creativity to go with it. Looks like some wonderful things are coming your way in 2015.

  8. Diana, your projects are always so beautiful….I have been hankering to get going on some crafts once I can find (clear!) some space to start. I have so many supplies gathered from estate sales: ribbon, lace, beads, jewelry pieces, Christmas ornaments and other Christmas stuff, and the list goes on and on…..buttons, bingo cards, scrabble pieces, scrap-booking paper and envelopes. I am very intrigued by your mixed media projects and would love you to write a tutorial about how you do them…what kind of glue and other supplies needed etc. You are so darn CREATIVE!!!
    Hugs and Blessings, Elaine from Fort Erie

  9. Can’t bring up any of the pictures on this page either. Don’t know what the problem is or how to find out. I wanna see those craft items!

  10. I really want to see these but the images just won’t come up. Any ideas or is it just my ancient computer? Waah!

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