Vintage Finds & Their Values (Folk Art & Christmas)

I recently had a long overdue “date” with my sweet friend Nancy that included a quick run to a local Goodwill. She did great but me, not so much. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have vintage finds to share with you. Trust me. I always have vintage finds to showcase, LOL.

wooden folk art angel

This folk art angel carving is one of the more spectacular finds of late. How about those wings! He’s signed “S. Guimand, 695, 1996” on the back, but I’ve been unable to find any information about the piece or the artist yet (cost: 50¢, value: $30-40).

vintage santas made in japan

A pair of cute composition head santas (cost: 25¢ each, sold: $14.00 for the pair).

Made in Japan tag

With “Made in Japan” tags, I’d date them to the 1950-60’s.

shelf elf

A [ratty] shelf elf–my very first(!). I’ve only seen them for sale at a few estate sales (for too much money) so I grabbed him (cost: 50¢, value: 50¢!). They are hard to find in my area.

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vintage orange stone fruit

A pair of composite stone fruit (cost: 25¢ each, value: $4-5 each).

posted sign

A vintage “Posted” sign (cost: 25¢, value: $8-10.00). It will look good in my booth come fall and would make a fun man-cave gift.

Michelangelo book

A humongous Michelangelo coffee table book (cost: $1.00, value: $10-15.00). It’s currently decorating my coffee table and I’m loving it. 

vintage metal tray

I bought this aluminum tray with brass handles with a project in mind (cost: 50¢). 

willy's overland scout car candy container

Old candy containers like this one, “Willy’s Overland Scout Car” are highly collectible (cost: $1.00, sold: $15.00).

I wasn’t surprised to learn that the Jeannette (PA) Glass Co. manufactured it, since I bought it just over the border in Ohio at the Roger’s Flea Market last month.

salt glazed sheep

I also purchased this antique-looking sheep at Rogers (cost: $3.00, sold: $15.00). I find sheep hard to pass up, and this one was no exception.

mark on ceramic lamb

I can’t distinguish the mark and have had trouble learning anything about him. The numbers on the bottom of the mark look like “1993,” the year he was made, I’m guessing.

handblown dogs

This cute little hand-blown glass set of dogs came packaged in a tiny gold box (cost: 10¢, sold: $10.00).

handblown rabbits

I think the bunnies are even cuter (cost: 10¢, sold: $10.00).

fenton hobnail vase

A 4″ Fenton milk glass vase in the ubiquitous hobnail pattern (cost: $1.00, value: $6-10.00). I like to have a few small vases on hand.

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vintage moddock and Co. ironstone mug

I don’t recall ever seeing an ironstone mug, so this one was a happy find (cost: $1.50, value: $12.00).

maddock & Co. mark
The company began using this mark in 1906, which is about when I would date it to.

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small white candelabra

A white candelabra/chandelier (cost: 75¢, value: $15-20.00).

small chest of white drawers

A small chest of drawers that will be getting a makeover (cost: $2.00).

toy-sized dresser

A darling, MCM doll chest of drawers (cost: $3.00). I think it’s getting a makeover, too.

vintage pyrex butterprint fridgies

A pair of (lidless) fridgies in the “Butterprint” pattern (cost: 25¢ each, value: $6-8.00 each w/o lid). 

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gorgeous shabby chic aqua armchair

Final Fabulous Find: Has your jaw dropped?!! Can you believe how gorgeous this chair is? I’m really struggling because I think it’s such a wonderful find–perfect color, perfect chipping, perfect design.

It would look awesome outside, but it would be ruined within a year or two, even with polyurethane protection (cost: $4.00, value: $45-50.00). 

UPDATE: It’s in my newly renovated bathroom and I LOVE it there.

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  1. Your Final Fabulous Find; my jaw is appropriately dropped. I am in my green decorating phase right now and am “green” with envy! Good hunting!

    1. Good to hear I’m not the only one whose jaw dropped 🙂 I hope your green decorating progresses nicely and that you make some awesome finds of your own. Happy hunting!

      1. I noticed on one of your pages that you had mentioned something about an “aqua” themed stoneware cabinet I think. LOL….might be wrong. I’m new here and am fascinated by your website!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Anyway….just thinking it might be able to be worked in somewhere near that “aqua” display. I know this reply is over a year later from the initial post, so figure you probably have already found a “place” for it.

        1. Hi there! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog 🙂 I don’t actually have an aqua display in my home, but I do have some aqua in my master bathroom and that’s where the chair finally found a home. It holds bath towels, since there’s no linen closet right in the BR. Stay in touch!

  2. Oh, that chair-swoon! And it’s going to kill me if you cover over those sweet decals on that dolly chest…<3 decals!

  3. Wonderful finds Diana! That chair! Wow, love it. That white mug looks like it could be a shaving mug. That doll chest! The two-drawer chest! The little bunnies & dogs! The posted sign!! Love the angel too. Can’t believe you got that for only 50 cents. It looks pretty big. Is it big?

    1. Thanks Florence 🙂 I think you’re right about the mug–that’s what the lady said when she sold it to me. The angel’s not too big–about 7 1/2″ tall. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. You hit the jackpot this week, Diana! And I think that chair deserves its own room.

  5. So many fabulous finds, but oh my that chair!! Can’t wait to see where you put her! I love the aluminum tray so much. Those things speak to me all the time! Hugs!

    1. I knew people were going to die over that chair!! I finally have an idea of where in my home I might use her…

  6. What a great bunch of finds; I would lightly sand the chair, spray it with a matte clear, make a cushy cushion, and add a live cat! You’ll find that short stemmed flowers will almost arrange themselves in the ruffled milk glass vase! Maybe you could paint the dollchest frame and knobs a blush pink to match some of the roses and leave the drawer fronts alone? At my house, that elf would be sitting on a shelf year round! Someone will love it for their 18″ doll! The chandelier looks like a Halloween project to me. It is probably sacriigious (sp?), but wouldn’t the Pyrex be cute with herbs on the kitchen window sill? Want to see the tray makover, too! Great finds!

    1. Love the “live cat,” LOL. You are not alone in appreciating the decals on that little chest. I love the herbs in the Pyrex idea, Kathy. You are a truly creative soul 🙂

  7. The chair is amazing! Just a little work to make it perfect. I love the Willy’s candy jar – my family owned a Willy’s “jeep” when I was small. If my father were still alive, I’d buy that and fill it with his favorite licorice bits! The bunnies are adorable too. I liked everything, those are just my favorites!

    1. I guess we all agree on the beauty of the chair! So neat to hear about another Willy’s candy container–so much vintage, so little time to see it all and learn about it 🙂

  8. Maybe this is a wacky idea for the green chair and I will preface this by stating that I am an avid gardener. 🙂
    Seal the paint.
    Place chicken wire between the lower leg braces, like a shelves.
    Then add another one across the arms.
    Hang the finished chair on a wall out of the sunlight where there is good airflow BECAUSE the chair is now a way for you to air dry fresh herbs by hanging them from the chicken wire or laying herbs flat on the wire!

    1. I think your idea is wonderfully creative, Dianna! I wish I had a sunroom or screened porch to follow through on it 🙂 Thanks for visiting and chatting 🙂

  9. Well, as everyone else seems to think that chair is the pick of the litter! Wonder if the turquoise was the original paint color. I also love those little blown glass bunnies. They would be so cute as Easter decoration. And the sheep is lovely, too. I have never been too drawn to milk glass or hob-nail design, but I do like that little vase with the ruffle around the rim. I’m curious about what exactly “composite stone” is? The oranges are very realistic-looking, but I”ve never heard that term before.

    Lastly, the angel. Quite beautiful and amazing work. My mother would have loved him. She collected angels, some of which I have now.

    You did great scoring all these beauties, Diana!

    1. Hi Naomi! Yes I think the original color was turquoise, no other layers are evident. I’m not even really sure what composite stone is, ha ha. I read about it somewhere and decided that’s what these are–they are quite heavy and cool to the touch (as you would expect from stone). That’s all I’ve got on that so far! Thanks for the visit 🙂

      1. My pleasure, Diana! I think I might Google “composite stone” and see what info I can find. I’ll forward whatever I find that seems relevant in case you get another pesky question to answer about it! Thanks for your reply.

        BTW, what will you do with the chair? Will it go to your booth? I think it will sell easily. It so reminds me of the kitchen chairs my grandparents had. They didn’t have the arms but the backs were very similar. They were painted white and had the same kind of seats. I think they were originally caned seat chairs. I’d like to find a whole set of four or so; I would snap them up and maybe paint them turquoise!

        1. Well, since you wrote back on the 9th Naomi, I’ve given it a couple of coats of poly. It darkened the unpainted wood more than I would have liked, so I’m not so in love with it any more, LOL. In any event, at the moment, it’s in my master bath holding towels while try to decide if I like it there or not 🙂

  10. Isn’t it truly amazing what you can find for a quarter or a few bucks if you just look really hard? I think all the extra effort I put into my 9 day junkin’ trip paid off, cuz I got more stuff for less money than I did on my last trip to the 127!

  11. Oh my, I don’t where to start. The angel had my heart at first sight and the chair is delightful. I love every single thing you found. Great finds all around!!

  12. Diana, I’m so impressed with the prices you paid for the angel, Pyrex and that fabulous chair. I definitely would keep it 😉 Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm–pinning!

  13. Oh my Diana, I love that chair! In fact, it has me drooling!! I definitely would protect it with something. I have a fabulous chippy filing cabinet out on my porch. I didn’t do anything to it and it’s almost all chipped off. I’m going to spray it with something now, but wished I would have done it sooner!! Butterprint Pyrex is one of the most sought after around here and would go for a bit more. I am hosting our 8th estate sale at my home this weekend. We have two of those elves. I priced them at $5 each. I keep things reasonable because I have to bring it to my home and sell it. I don’t want a lot of stuff left over to have to store. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you tomorrow.

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