25 Vintage Storage & Organization Ideas

Hi there! ‘Tis the season of organization and I’m hopping on the bandwagon today with some vintage-y ideas for you to use in your own home or to sell from your vintage business. I’ll be sharing a few of my own vintage storage and organization ideas plus eighteen more from fellow bloggers.

Coat Rack: 25 Vintage Storage & Organization Ideas

Vintage Cake Pan Tool Caddy

Repurposed cake tin tool caddy filled with toolsFarmhouse Style magazine featured this project, a reader favorite, back in 2019. To this day, I use this tool caddy–made from a vintage cake tin–in my workroom.

Command Center Makeover

Vintage Command Center MakeoverMy sweet in-laws have had a chalkboard-bulletin board combo in their kitchen for as long as I’ve known them (25+ years!).

This practice inspired me to upcycle an unattractive 1970’s version into a modern farmhouse style command center. Check the post to see the ugly “before” photo.

Magazine Rack Makeover

hand painted and stenciled magazine rackThe beauty of magazine racks is that they can store and organize so much more than just magazines. How about:

  • Music albums
  • Cutting boards
  • Baking pans
  • Business files and
  • Scrapbook paper

In this post you’ll learn what color chalk paint I used and how to make your own aging wax.

Vintage Flower Frog Scissor Holder

vintage scissors in vintage flower frogFlower frogs are one of my favorite desk organization tools; I use them to hold both scissors and pens. In the bathroom they can hold makeup brushes and in the workroom, paint brushes.

The blog post contains other useful ways to use flower frogs in home organization and decor.

Vintage Yardstick Coat Rack

vintage yardstick coat rackHaving a place to hang items you use regularly, like jackets, scarves, and handbags, makes great organizational sense. My yardstick coat rack offers a way to accomplish that with tremendous vintage charm and style. 

Mix Packet Holder

upcycled keurig box mix holderIf you have mix packets in hidden corners of multiple cupboards then you’ll say “Yes!” to this little storage project.

It’s the perfect size to hold a number of packets in all different sizes, and so much fun to upcycle a cardboard container that would otherwise be simply thrown out (or recycled). 

Tiered Stand

Farmhouse tiered stand made of vintage cake tinsMy Pinterest followers have fallen in love with this tiered stand, because of it’s farmhouse appeal I suspect.

While this project is a bit more involved, it’s absolutely worth the effort. It can corral all kinds of objects cluttering your counters, or you can sell them (like me!) for $30-35 each.

18 More Vintage Storage & Organizational Ideas

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Yardstick coat rack: Find 25 vintage storage and organization ideas for your home or for sale.

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  1. Iā€™m having difficulty organizing my eBay items that Iā€™m selling. How do you keep your items organized and where do you keep them while they are for sale? Thanks

    1. Hi Cecilia! I have a set of shelves in my workroom with areas set aside for eBay and Etsy. I sell mostly smalls and only about 20-30 items on each platform at a time. This keeps it manageable for me. I have a set of plastic drawers on one shelf where I keep all the jewelry that I’m selling organized.

      I would say a set of shelves with (dollar store) bins might work. You could separate by category, inventory #, or something similar. Let me know how it goes!

  2. What a bunch of great ideas! I really want a crib mattress spring to hang from beams at my booth to clothespin linens and scarves to! Keep my eye out roadside and at the dump–I mean the transfer station!

    1. Glad you like the ideas Kathy! Great idea for using a crib mattress–hope you find one soon šŸ˜‰ Stay warm up there in Maine, friend–

  3. I’m hesitant to list an item on two sites…what happens if it sells on one site and someone buys it on your other site….

    1. I don’t generally recommend listing items on two sites. I’ve seen people who list items in two different Facebook groups says something like “cross-posted,” but otherwise I would stick with listing in one place at a time Rose šŸ™‚ Best of luck with your sales!

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