A Vintage Magazine Rack Makeover

I  hope you all had a beautiful Christmas. Our days have been spent with family and friends, like yours, I’m sure, sharing meals and opening gifts.

But I’m ready to move from Christmas, how about you? Not the Christmas love, just the hoopla. That’s all. I’m done. So today I’m moving on to a simple post-Christmas, magazine rack makeover.

Magazine Rack Makeover I’m always pretty amazed by the effect a makeover can have on a sad looking piece.

Materials for the Makeover

Magazine Rack before The project, of course, starts with a dark and clunky looking magazine rack, straight out of the 80’s I’m guessing. You want a rack that has a dark finish that will show through the paint with a little sanding. This will create the farmhouse, aged look you want.

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Step 1: Paint the Magazine Rack

Americana Decor "Timeless" Give your rack a coat of chalk paint and allow it to dry. If necessary, give it a second coat. Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish Paint in “Timeless” one of my favorite colors.

Step 2: Sand Your Project

Close up of freshly painted magazine rackLightly sand your project to allow some of the original brown stain to show through the paint. This will “age” it and give it the vintage look you’re after.

Step 3: Stencil the Vintage Magazine Rack

Deco Art Cafe Paris StencilUse your favorite stencil to add some unique character to your project. This Cafe Paris stencil is one of my personal favorites.  I’ve used the entire stencil, as well as each, separate part on a number of different projects:

Step 4: Wax Your Project with Homemade Dark Wax

Wax applied to magazine rackLastly, apply a coat of dark wax evenly to the entire surface of the piece with a piece of cheese cloth. Leave it for ten minutes and then buff it out with a piece of clean cheese cloth. using my own, homemade dark wax (see photo).

You can find instructions for making your own dark wax in my Clock-face Table post. It’s a very simple process.

Portion of Stenciled Magazine Rack I gave the rack just one coat of wax, which aged it quite nicely, but if you want to age it even more, you can apply additional coats of the dark wax.

The Completed Vintage Magazine Rack Makeover

Painted & Stenciled Magazine Rack It makes a nice statement piece for holding magazines but there are so many other things it could hold:

  • Plants
  • Dried hydrangea
  • Files
  • Cutting boards
  • Cookie sheets and other pans
  • Scrapbook paper

I’ll be bringing it up to my antique booth shortly and listing it for $38.00, if I can bear to part with it, that is 🙂

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MAGAZINE RACK: Get details to give a vintage magazine rack a marvelous makeover!

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  1. It turned out very nice and can certainly be used for more than magazines. I can see why you love that stencil.

  2. Hello! 100% agreement with the “hoopla” being over but what a beautiful and magical holiday season it was. I love the paint and wax treatment you gave this piece and the stencil is the icing on the cake. Very nicely done!

  3. Diana, this is a lovely makeover. I have an old magazine rack that I picked up thrifting that is desperate need of just such a makeover. Thanks for giving the link to the recipe for dark wax I had forgotten about it. sb

  4. Wanted to let you know that my daughter liked the two plates – well platter and plate – that I purchased from you this fall. I told her the story of how I came upon them on your blog. Thanks again.

  5. Cute piece and great result. I have so many ideas, if I can get my butt off the chair, so tired from the holidays. Grins and have a cup with me, lol, Sandi

  6. Diana, I’m stopping by from 21 Rosemary Lane/Share Your Style. Your magazine rack turned out very nicely indeed– simple with just the right amount of ornamentation. That stencil is the perfect touch.

  7. How fabulous would that look on your kitchen counter holding your favorite cookbooks? Great rescue — I don’t think I could part with it! Take care, Cynthia

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