2018: A Year in Review

Hi there! I hope you have been enjoying the holidays–some special times with family and friends. I love having my sweet daughter home from college and all four of us together under one roof. She does a lot of galavanting around, but always makes room for family time.

Today I thought I take a look back at 2018 and report on what’s been accomplished in my blog business throughout the year. Let’s take a look at the year in review.

2018 A Year in Review adirondackgirlatheart.com

Publication in Print Magazines

I was so blessed this year to show up in three print magazines–amazing right(!). I remember when I first began my blog back in August 2013 and couldn’t wait to acquire my first reader. Yeah, it was pretty much crickets for the first few months, before I finally figured out how to promote myself around month four or five (not something I’m entirely comfortable with).

First for Women article about Adirondack Girl @ Heart First for Women reached out last spring to talk about my vintage “side hustle” and decided to include me in a round-up of women who make money selling vintage and antiques (September 2018).

Farmhouse Style magazine article about adirondackgirlatheart.com Christmas ornamentFarmhouse Style published my vintage yardstick and mini wreath farmhouse Christmas ornament in their Christmas 2018 edition.

Farmhouse Style Spring 2019 article about adirondackgirlatheart.com table top clockFarmhouse Style published two of my farmhouse projects in their Spring 2019 edition, including my clock fashioned from a vintage drum table top.

Farmhouse Style article about adirondackgirlatheart.com vintage vent sign It just went on sale last week and also included my “Farm Fresh Eggs” sign that I made from, of all things, a unique green metal and wood window vent. The beauty of these two projects being included in the magazine is that I received payment for each one, such a nice surprise.

My Vintage eBook

In my mind, 2018 will always be the year I finally finished my book. ~HAPPY DANCE~ This labor of love took a couple of years to write and then another 6 months to discern the best way to self-publish. Some of you may have wondered why I went the self-publishing route, and rejected even the Amazon self-publishing route.

25 Vintage Items eBook on iPad with coffed and notebook Ultimately, I determined that I would likely make more money (over time) by self-publishing and selling it on my own. Only time will tell, but I’ve been satisfied thus far, having sold over 150 copies–woo woo. Feel free to pick up your copy here for just $12.

33 supplies & Garage Sale SuperstarIn addition to my eBook, I also issued two other publications, offering them initially as bonuses to anyone who pre-ordered my ebook last October. 33 Supplies Antique Lovers Can’t Live Without ($3.99) is a five-page document that lists my favorite go-to supplies, each with a picture and link to relevant blog posts where I used the item.

The second, Your Definitive Guide to Becoming a Garage Sale Superstar ($6.99)is an eleven-page workbook that covers ten areas related to the sport of garage saling, with soul-searching questions and hints on how to make improvements.

If you’re interested in either, fill out this order form, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

The Member Library

2018 was also the year I established a private Member Library for readers who subscribe to my blog via email. Send me your email and you will receive the password that opens the library doors and gives you access to all sorts of graphics and other documents.

Member Library buttonIn the library you will find FREE:

  1. Price Guides (flower frogs, Little Golden Books, cameras, and more coming in 2019!)
  2. Tutorials for vintage blog projects
  3. Printables (vintage photos, postcards, prints, etc.)

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2018 Vintage & Antique Collecting Posts

I love writing about all kinds of different collectibles; this year I wrote about nine different categories, giving you some history and pricing information about each one. You can click on the links below if you missed any of the posts or if you’re in the mood for a second read. You can find all of my collecting posts here.

Vintage plate, yellowware, cocktail rings

  1. Vintage and antique plates
  2. Antique yellowware
  3. Vintage cocktail rings

vintage calling cards, blue & white butter crock, butter pats

  1. Victorian calling cards
  2. Blue and white butter crocks
  3. Vintage & Antique butter pats

vintage cross stitch, sheet music, scissors7. Vintage cross stitch samplers
8. Vintage Sheet Music
9. Vintage and antique scissors

2018 Clean & Care for Vintage & Antiques

I added three new posts addressing ways to clean and care for antiques, and I’ll be adding even more in the new year.

vintage skates, luggage, table legs

  1. Skates
  2. Luggage
  3. Loose Table Legs

Check out 2018’s Vintage Finds, What’s Selling, and Buying Vintage posts, too.

MediaVine Advertising Income

This year I qualified for MediaVine, a company that connects bloggers and advertisers, and for the first time began to make some real income ($550-850/month, so far) from my blog (in addition to what I’ve made selling via my Vintage Blog Shop).

Donation to Smile Africa

This year I committed to donating 10% of my MediaVine and eBook earnings to Smile Africa, an organization run by Pastor Ruth Kahawa (a Ugandan national) that clothes, feeds, and teaches hundreds of street children and meets the needs of widows and abused women. Over the years on-site medical treatment and a baby orphanage have been added to her compound.

Guys, because of you–buying my book and reading my blog–I was able to donate $600 to this cause (MediaVine/$500 and eBook/$100). Isn’t that great? We did this together!!

Haven Blog Conference

In July I attended Haven, my first ever blogging conference, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Surrounded by hundreds of other bloggers, each of whom understands the ins and outs of the business in a way that few others in my life really do. I made loads of new blogging friends and learned all kinds of things that upped my blogging game.

What’s New for 2019

I have a few interesting plans up my sleeve for the new year. Would you like a few hints?  I’m in the process of updating my Vintage Blog Shop; it will have less categories, but lots of new merchandise.

In addition I’m developing a mini-course that I hope to offer soon on a very popular antique, which will then be a part of a much more intensive course covering several types of vintage and antiques. How does that all sound?

If you have additional ideas of things you’d enjoy seeing on the blog or otherwise, please do let me know in the comments. I would LOVE to hear them.

I’m feeling incredibly blessed by all that’s taken place on my blog and in my business this year; you all are an integral part of that success! Without faithful and supportive readers there would be no blog and my life would be bereft without you all in my life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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  1. God bless you and yours, Dianna. I love reading your posts and do appreciate all you share. I will consider donating to Smile Africa as well. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    1. And God bless you, Karen! That would be such a blessing for Pastor Ruth, if you made a donation 🙂

      I’m so glad you enjoy my blog–so kind of you to let me know. Happy New Year to you and yours–

  2. Diana, You surely have had a busy, successful year! You surely are accomplished in such a wide range of projects, I am glad you are getting to enjoy family time before gearing up for another busy year. I enjoy your posts and projects so much; thank you for all your hard work!

    1. That is SO sweet of you to say Kathy–it blesses me to no end that you enjoy my blog. I just reread this post and it seems a little braggy, which I didn’t intend because I’m just so darn grateful to the Lord for everything. I hope your holiday was blessed and that all of your antique/crafting endeavors were successful. Happy New Year!

  3. Diana, Thank you for all your inspiring posts. You have given me so much to do in the rare times we are home 🙂 Blessings for this coming year with good health and amazing family time! Love your generous heart

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Terry!! It makes me so happy that you enjoy my blog and have found some inspiration 🙂 Wishing you and your sweet husband many blessings in the new year–

  4. What a great year you’ve had and I’m so glad I could follow you and your success! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!

  5. Happy New Year to you, Diana! I must say, 2018 has not been a wonderful year for me what with a major infection that kept me in the hospital for ten days and which I’m still dealing with the aftermath of, including upcoming nasal reconstructive surgery. Also, no change in my living situation –living with daughter and two grandsons. BUT, it could be worse, right?! And my all-time self-reminder in the face of adversity is “this, too, will pass.” SO, I am happy to start a new year and to see what it brings and what I can accomplish.

    I’m happy that you’ve done so well with the blog and your other endeavors during the past year. I want to be able to read your blog and hear about your pursuits for a very long time! But, just one caution–don’t wear yourself out! Remember to take care of your health–body and soul. Which, in as much as I know you, you already do pretty well.

    I’m excited to see what both of us manifest in the coming year and I remain a committed reader of the doings of Adirondack Girl.

    1. I’m so sorry about your health issues, Naomi–things like that can really get you down, but you have such a healthy attitude and that’s half the battle, isn’t it? I am praying for your healing and health in 2019.

      2018 WAS a good year, but not without its trials, as I try to mention on the blog and in my newsletter. I always hope to avoid sounding Polly Anna-ish and fake. I want to convey the real, genuine me, that’s my goal anyway.

      I’m with you–looking forward to what 2019 holds for us, Naomi 🙂 Thank you for being such a supportive and faithful reader–you’re the best!

      1. Awww, you’re so sweet, Diana. And thank you so much for your prayers. Also, you are about th last person I would think of as Polly Anna-ish or fake. But we do have to look on the bright side and keep our focus on the positives in our lives and not the negatives. And take responsibility for how we deal with whatever life hands us “Whining will NOT help”! I read that on a greeting card some time ago and I can’t think what exactlly it referred to–maybe getting older –but I think it can be applied to a host of circumstances.

        Again, thank for your kind response and for all the work you do to keep posting this fabulous blog!

  6. Diana, I don’t know if you need to know this but I am still getting double posts from you. It’s okay if it can’t be fixed but I just tho’t I’d let you know.

  7. Looks like 2018 was a fabulous year of learning and growing and trying new things! Prayers that 2019 continues that trend 🙂

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