What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques August 2018

Hi there! How was your weekend? I vintage shopped two days in a row, something I rarely do these days (due to the fact that my storage space, i.e., my garage, is FULL). Friday we shopped a nearby neighborhood sale, while Saturday we shopped the heck out of a town-wide sale (West Sand Lake for you locals). The more I buy, the more I’ll have to show you in posts like today’s–what’s selling in vintage & antiques–right?

You can take a look at past “what’s selling” posts here: July, June, and May. But let’s take a look at what sold in August, shall we?

What's Selling in Vintage & Antiques August 2018 adirondackgirlatheart.com

What’s Selling at My Antique Booth

Vintage Japanese Head VaseA c.1950’s head vase, signed “Japan” on the bottom, sold for $25 (marked down from $45, cost: $2).

Vintage 1930s Brer Rabbit Molasses Cooking PamphletA 1948 Brer Rabbit’s Molasses Recipes cook booklet sold for $6 (cost: $1).

Southern CookbookThe Progressive Farmer’s Southern Cookbook sold for $5 (marked down from $10, cost: 50¢)

Birds vintage Little Golden BookA copy of Birds (1945), a Little Golden Book, sold for $5 (cost: 50¢).

The Animal World of Thornton Burgess, 1961A 1961 edition of Thornton Burgess’s, The Animal Kingdom, sold for $6 (cost: $1).

The Animal World of Thornton Burgess, 1961 It contains delightful illustrations.

My AntoniaA copy of My Antonia by Willa Cather sold for $3 (cost: 50¢).

Vintage East Lake Side TableAn East Lake style table (a gift from a sweet reader, Debbi) sold for $68. I gave it an easy makeover last year.

Vintage Lake and Trees lLandscape Oil PaintingSome original artwork–a landscape painting that I bought for $3–sold for $32 after I painted the frame taupe (not shown).

Plant Stand Makeover A made-over plant stand from last July sold for $18 (marked down from $32, cost: $3).

Starfish with antique ironstoneA small starfish (smaller than the one shown) sold for $3 (cost: free).

Antique Coors Mini Beer MugsA pair of Coors mini-mugs that have been hanging around for. ever. sold for $4 (cost: $1).

Vintage Ceramic Made in Japan Owl Napkin rings Pair of ceramic owl napkin rings with a “Japan” label sold for $10 (cost: 50¢).

McCoy striped mixing bowl A small McCoy mixing bowl sold for $12 (cost: $1).

Vintage CalipersA small caliper sold for $6 (cost: 50¢).

Vintage Flower Crate without flowers A crate I made over with a stencil and leather belt sold for $25 (cost: $2).

Not shown:
Federal style, serpentine front cabinet, cost: $45, sold: $95
Suitcase, cost: $3, sold: $10
Small, white hobnail lantern, cost: $1, sold: $18
Silver plated cake or pie server, cost: 50¢, sold: $3
Yashica 35mm Film Camera w/leather case, cost: $2, sold $12
Chinon 35mm Film Camera, cost: $2, sold: $10
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Child’s antique mug, cost: $1, sold: $10
Metal star (new), cost: $1, sold: $10
Framed flag, cost: $1, sold: $15
Black metal pitcher, cost: 50¢, sold: $8
Crackle glass pitcher, cost: $1, sold: $10
Vintage flower frog, cost: 50¢, sold: $6
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English Sadler pitcher (brown ceramic), cost: $2, sold: $9 (down from $15)

What’s Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Lord of the Rings TrilogyThe Lord of the Rings trilogy sold for $8.

What’s Selling on eBay

Vintage Mercury Glass Christmas Bead GarlandsI’ve sold tons of mercury glass garlands like these in the last year. They always sell for a minimum of $10 and are easy to ship. They did not sell well for me at all on Etsy or from my antique booth. Each of these cost just $1.
1. Silver–sold BIN*: $10.00
2. Multi-colored (double-beads)–sold at auction: $15 (starting price: $9.97)
3. Blue–sold BIN: $14.99
*BIN = Buy It Now

TI 84 Plus TX Instruments Calculator A Texas TI-84+ scientific calculator (leftover from my kid’s math classes) sold for the BIN price of $49.99. I’m now keeping my eye out for them at sales as I’ve learned they, obviously, sell very well on eBay.

Pistol Grip Saw SetA Stanley Pistol Grip Saw Set, which I purchased with eBay in mind, sold for the BIN price of $29.99 (cost: $1). Anytime I find a Stanley tool in good shape at a low price, especially one in the original box with instructions, I snatch it up, knowing that it will likely sell well on eBay, as this one did.

Wood Salve

adirondack girl @ heart small batch wood salveI sold my last batch of wood salve this month, having committed to selling 30 pots by July (oops, I went over into August). I will not likely make more until the new year as I’m finishing up my eBook, creating some projects for a magazine (very exciting!), and preparing for the holidays. Subscribe to my email list if you want updates on availability and pre-ordering opportunities. I’m blessed to be able to say that so far, they sell-out pretty quickly 🙂

So that’s it for my month. Overall I’m pretty pleased with my vintage sales, but am committed to giving my blog shop, which I have ashamedly ignored for quite a while, an overhaul–as in some brand-new-to-market items that I think you’ll love. I’ll be running some special sales on either a weekly or monthly basis (haven’t decided yet) and those updates will be found on my Instagram account. Please join if you haven’t already!

What's selling in vintage and antiques August 2018 Income Report adirondackgirlatheart.com

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  1. Looks like a great month. I always enjoy seeing what you have sold! I have been enjoying yard sale season SO much and will go into withdrawal after church Christmas bazaar season is over! Busy craftiing for ours now!

    1. Fall is my favorite time to garage sale, Kathy. I think I find the best junk in September and October. Happy crafting for your bazaar!

  2. I can’t figure out how to see the camera and frog guides. If you have given me a password in the past, it has disappeared with those brain cells. 🙂 helllllpppp!

    1. Ha ha. I’ll send you an email with the password, Patty. For future reference, I always put the password at the end of every weekly newsletter 🙂 For readers who may be interested in gaining access to my Member Library that contains price guides, tutorials, and printables, subscribe to my blog (above or on my sidebar) and you’re in!

  3. You done did good, girl! Congrats! Love that head vase. Used to think they were creepy but now I like them lol. Good luck with all your projects — I’ll be prayin’ for you! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

  4. I always find these posts enlightening…and I especially love your re-dos! You’ve inspired me to get back to ebay once my show season is over.

    1. Awesome, Melissa–I love it when I’m inspirational 🙂 You’ll have to let us all know how things go once you get back to ebay.

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