What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques [July 2019]

Hi there! I hope you had a nice weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw some of my vintage finds from Saturday’s junkin’ journey. Today I’m sharing what’s selling in vintage and antiques for the month of July. I’m always fascinated by the wide variety of items that sell each month. If seeing what I sold gives you some inspiration, well, that makes my day!

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Whats Selling in Vintage & Antiques June 2019 adirondackgirlatheart.com

What’s Selling From My Antique Booth

vintage foam eagleA styrofoam eagle sold for $10 (cost: $1).

Vintage RulersA National Savings Bank ruler (center) sold for $5 (cost: 50¢).

Simple Jewish CookeryThis Simple Jewish Cookery cook book is one of a series of cook books that contain these distinctive wood block prints that I just LOVE. I’ve come across the Italian and the Christmas versions in the past. It sold for $7 (cost: $1). 

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Blue Nun sign and chalkboard A Blue Nun sign/chalkboard sold for $5 (cost: $1). This thing has been hanging around for a long time. I bought it at the same time that I picked up a Dewar’s White Label Mirror. I listed them both on FB Marketplace and the mirror sold quickly for $10, but the Blue Nun refused to budge.

It finally found a new home in my antique booth priced at $10–again, no movement. I lowered the price to $5 and moved it out to the porch area and it sold the same day, LOL.

Vintage Reproduction Button CardsA couple of my vintage-style button cards sold for $2 each. I posted about how to make these a while back and offered the cards as a free printable. Access them HERE.

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Vintage Argus Camera An Argus 35 mm camera known as “the Brick” sold for $18 (cost: $2). It dates to 1939-66 and was an extremely popular model.

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wrought iron hook A metal hook sold for $5 (cost: 50¢). I bought several of these at a garage sale since they had a farmhouse vibe to them. This is the first one I brought to my booth and it didn’t take long to sell.

Lamb Cake Mold This lamb-shaped cake tin sold for $8 (cost: $1).

Vintage half gallon glass jug A jug very similar to this one sold for $8 (cost: $1).

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Vintage Presto Canning Jar A Presto “Wide Mouth Glass Top” canning jar sold for $12 (cost: $1). The aluminum lid “casing” and glass insert are both marked “Presto.”

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Vintage house shape This house-shaped curiosity sold for $18 (cost: $1). When I first bought it a while back, readers guessed that it might be a squirrel/chipmunk/bird feeder or a shrine to house Mary or one of the saints. I still have no idea what its intended use is, but someone obviously has plans for it. Just wish I knew what it was!

Vintage flash lightAn old industrial style flashlight sold for $10 (cost: $1).

Stenciled side table  Final Fabulous Booth Sale: This chalk painted and stenciled side table sold for $42 (cost: $3).

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Not shown:
The Way to Cook, Julia Childs sold for $10 (cost: $1)
Drums Along the Mohawk sold for $8 (cost: 50¢)
Haviland Limoge china plate w/gold rim and pink flowers sold for $8 (cost: 50¢)
Pink pearl choker sold for $8 (cost: $1)
Merlot tole-painted tray sold for $28 (cost: $5) (2)
Pair of tall square bottles w/black lids sold for $6 (cost: $1)
Vintage jar with corks sold for $8 (cost: 50¢)
Silver Minneapolis Plews Gem oil can sold for $10 (cost: $1)
Leaf platter sold for $2 (cost: 50¢)

What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques on eBay

Color in Hooked Rugs by Pearl McGown Color in Hooked Rugs by Pearl K. McGown sold for $9 (cost: $1). This book hung around on eBay for a few months and I eventually marked it down to $9 and it sold. I don’t mind selling books for less than $10 on eBay or Etsy since they are so easily and cheaply shipped.

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What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques on Etsy

Vintage Plastic and Velvet Presentation Box A third vintage celluloid jewelry presentation box (ring) sold for $24.99 (cost: $5). Seriously, buy them whenever you find them. They sell well on eBay also.

What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques on Instagram

In July I held a “flash sale” on Instagram offering some jewelry for sale (at lower prices) before bringing it up to my antique booth. It was both fun and lucrative 🙂

Vintage aqua glass bead multi-strand necklaceAn aqua beaded necklace sold for $14.99 (cost: $3). [Truth-be-told, I sold it to my sweet sister-in-law, who will not be charged for it.]

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Vintage US Navy Tie TackA US Navy gold tone tie tack sold for $12 (cost: $2).

Vintage Thistle Motif Embossed Cuff BraceletA beautiful thistle motif bracelet sold for $12 (cost: $2).

What’s Selling From My Vintage Blog Shop

One reader who happens to be an avid butter pat collector (I think she said she has 712!), wrote and asked if I had any for sale. A few photos later and some high stakes “wheeling and dealing” and she had bought seven of them. They’re listed below.

ntique haviland & Co. floral butter pat A Haviland & Co butter pat sold for $5 (cost: 50¢).

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vintage-hand-painted-floral-nippon-butter-pats A hand-painted Nippon (Japan) butter pat sold for $6 (cost: $1).

Johnson Bros. England Pareek butter pat An English Johnson Bros. butter pat sold for $4 (cost: 50¢).

Vintage Hand Painted Floral Nippon Butter PatsThe unmarked yellow striped butter pat sold for $3 (cost: 25¢), as did the unmarked brown chintz, for $4 (cost: 25¢). The blue foxglove pat in the center has not sold yet.

Blue forget-me-not Bohemian and Johnson Bros. butter patsThe Bohemian pat with the blue flower (L) sold for $3 (cost: 50¢) and the Johnson Bros. forget-me-not pat sold for $4 (cost: 50¢).

Bohemia and Johnson Bros. England butter pat marksHere are the marks on the backs of the two butter pats above.

vintage map of massachusettsTwo vintage atlas maps of West Virginia sold for $12 (cost: 0). [Sorry no photo of WV, LOL.]

Sterling silver and rhinestone pierced earringsA pair of sterling silver and rhinestone pierced earring sold for $22.99 (cost: $3.00).

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That’s it for July’s sales. I hope you enjoyed seeing what sold via my various “channels.” I do love finding good old junk, but I love selling it even more! 

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  1. I loved the way you linked pertinent blogs to particular items; great way for us to learn more if we haven’t already seen them. I always love to see what you sold. Hit the flea market in Wiscasset, Maine yesterday; hadn’t skipped church all summer. Thot we were gonna go to Popham, but we ended up shopping and having delicious fried seafood for lunch! I got some wonderful treasures, mostly for me, but some to turn around. Had to run the dishwasher when I got home! Also, I got hacked this week; my entire address book is GONE! SO if you got any strange requests from me (a favor, $400 I tune card), IT IS NOT ME!

    1. I know you’ve had a good day, Kathy, when your dishwasher is full, LOL! So glad you enjoy these posts and thanks for the heads up 😉

  2. I love reading about and looking at your finds…I have an antique booth and buy really cheap at garage sales. It’s so fun ! I look forward to it every month. Thanks!

    1. That blesses me SO much to know that you enjoy these posts, Janet–thanks for letting me know and good luck with your booth!!

  3. I signed up and paid for your e-books but never received them 🙁 anywhere you could check please? I’m really missing my copy of “25 vintage items overlooked at garage sales”

    1. Hi Paula! You should have received an email from Teachable (try searching your emails 🙂 ) when you bought the book. If you don’t find a link to your account in your inbox, then try logging onto Teachable here: teachable.com If you can’t remember the password you created when you bought the book + 2 bonuses, then they will prompt you to create a new password.

      If you continue have any trouble at all, don’t hesitate to contact me via email and I will make sure you get a copy of the book into your hands right away–I promise!! You can reach me here: adirondackgirlatheart@gmail.com

      1. Hi Diana,
        I was able to get into teachable.com – thank you! But there was a mention of a “bonus” on “How to be a Garage Sale rock star” that I didn’t see anywhere. Could you send please? Thank you again – truly enjoy your columns – first one I read when I open my email. 🙂

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