What Is the Perfect Easter Collectible?

Hi everyone! The answer to my question: What is the Perfect Easter Collectible? Rabbits, of course! Fashioned from all sorts of materials and in all shapes and sizes, they have represented the holiday in Germany since the late 1600’s and in America since the 1700’s when German immigrants brought the tradition with them.

While in reality, there’s not one true perfect Easter collectible, rabbits are the iconic animal of choice, with chicks running a close second. Over the past couple of years, I have acquired many darling bunnies, some of which are available for purchase today.

White China Easter Rabbits

white ceramic bunnyA creamy white ironstone-like fellow tucked in my ironstone cupboard.

White ceramic bunny creamerAnd his baby bunny cousin. Available.

Stuffed Easter Rabbits

chenille rabbitA small stuffed bunny made from antique chenille. Available.

vintage stuffed painter rabbitA vintage stuffed bunny in a painter’s outfit dating to about the 1940’s. He’s been clearly well-loved, wouldn’t you say? [For sale for $18.00 at my Gristmill Antique Center booth.]

Miscellaneous Easter Rabbits

vintage Gurley Easter rabbit candlesMy sweet friend gave me these Gurley cuties; she found them in a free box at a garage sale. They date to the 1950’s and are available for sale in my booth for $3.00 each. They’re not in great shape–melted and missing body parts.

Learn some tips for cleaning old Gurley’s here.

vintage yellow ceramic easter rabbitIf you’re into bright colors for Easter, then this rabbit is the one for you. He’s a ceramic chocolate bunny-style rabbit. Available.

Metal Easter Rabbits

antique chocolate moldThis antique chocolate Easter bunny mold is the only one out of this bunch that I do not own. I saw it last weekend on my excursion with my sweet husband. The dealer priced him at $89.00,  a bit to steep for my pocket.

This small aluminum mold, on the other hand, was well within my budget. Available.

copper horse and rabbit moldsAs was this copper version (one out of four molds). Available.

Resin Easter Rabbits

Resin Garden rabbit
An Artline (1994) resin rabbit–one of my favorites! Available.

brown resin bunny
Also made of plastic resin, this sweet baby is adorable. Available.

Wooden Easter Rabbits

A carved wooden rabbit with folk art appeal. Available.

Wooden bunny on wheelsEveryone needs a bunny on wheels, right? Available.

Composition Easter Rabbits

Large composition rabbitsSome of you who’ve been reading Adirondack Girl @ Heart for a while will recognize these handsome devils. I picked them up at a flea market last summer, so this year represents their first year as part of our [rather limited] Easter decor. New, made to look old, they seem to be constructed of a heavy paper mache sort of material. I’m not ready to part with them just yet.

vintage pottery bunny rabbitAnd you may recognize this guy from Wednesdays Vintage Find’s post. The newest of the bunch, he appears to be made of some kind of composite, plaster of some sort, perhaps? But he weighs very little, so it might be his matte finish that’s throwing me. Available.

More China Easter Rabbits

nesting bunny rabbit dishPottery rabbit-on-nest. Available.

Majolica Easter Rabbits

I’m a huge of fan of majolica–brightly colored, high relief pottery, typically depicting plants and animals and sporting a very shiny surface. A relatively new piece, made in Italy, this cabbage with the bunny on top is a good modern example. Available in my antique booth.

Majolica style easter rabbit
Here’s another majolica-style piece, a Peter Rabbit wannabe, with an Adirondack-style pack basket. He’s another favorite, which will be staying in my collection for the foreseeable future. Are you a rabbit fan? 

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Rabbit collage

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  1. Rabbits are a favorite of mine plus I have a collection of egg cups and of course, eggs. So it is easy to decorate my home for Easter with these items. Just as I was finishing this post, I spied another collection; rubber ducks. I think I have an unfortunate love of collecting many, many things.

    1. Sounds like some great collections, Susan, and as you say, perfect for Easter! (Even the rubber ducks–lol!). I hear you about collecting many, many things…

  2. My daughter collected rabbits as a young girl and I still have some of them. She is no longer a collector, children have taken over her life!

    1. Yes, when your children are small, your priorities are different, aren’t they, Linda? I’m glad you have a few of her bunnies to enjoy 🙂

  3. Thank You for the bunny post! Time to dig out my collection. Lots of old rabbit planters and Lefton bunnies. I also bring out old ducks and chicks. If I put it out it has to be old! Enjoy old post cards with beautiful eggs, flowers and bunnies too. I have been known to give beautiful old Easter postcards with crosses as hostess gifts!

    1. You’re welcome, Barb! Sounds like you have a lovely collection–I love Easter post cards too 🙂 I photographed some of them for a post last year (see the button on my sidebar up near the top, it says “Spring”). Thanks for popping in!

  4. I probably have too many Easter rabbits myself! I almost picked up a pretty pink glass bunny jar at Target for $3 but stopped myself because I have SO MANY RABBITS! I love that one sitting atop the lettuce. And the baby bunny creamer — adorable! xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

    1. Ha ha. I didn’t see the pink bunny jars at Target, but in their $3 section they had the CUTEST white china bunnies–a real bargain, but I resisted. I think I have plenty right now!

  5. What sweet bunnies! I believe I like Peter Rabbit bunny the best, closely followed by the tall pair you’re not ready to get rid of yet. Pinned

  6. Well, I’m so in love with bunnies and am working as part of a cabin crew, which allows me a chance to have a little bunny collection. HAHA. I fancy metal Easter rabbits. So, Pinned! Thank you for sharing!
    Happy spring! <3

  7. I love bunnies and have a collection of my own. 🙂 I love it when I run across a true vintage plastic one. I also love the Gurley candles. I’d love to have a vintage chocolate mold, but wouldn’t dish that much out either. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. I have been picking up the Easter egg village buildings with bunnies @ GW when they are the right color tag for several years; don’t think they’ll make it out this year. With the pastel egg lights, they light up so nicely! AND it limits my rabbit collection! I love the realistic looking ones best or the ones that look like chocolate!

  9. Very cute collection…. I have started one that includes several like yours. Still adding to it. Blessings to you and your family

  10. The bunny you describe as “papier mache” reminds me of my childhood (1930’s) when my many cousins and I always got papier mache bunnies with candy in them. These came in all sizes and shapes , and our mothers put the candy in their baskets. They were very inexpensive and they never were kept from one Easter to the next.

    1. They sound adorable, Jo. If we all had things like these from our childhoods, we might be rich, LOL 🙂

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