Vintage Valentine Banner from Recycled Cardboard

Ready for another Valentine’s decorating idea? This vintage Valentine banner is super simple and super low-priced. Make it on your own or complete it with your children.
Yes, it’s that easy. In about 30 minutes you can make this decorative Valentine’s banner and have it hanging on your mantle.

Make a Vintage Valentine Banner

Materials for Making a Vintage Valentine Banner

Materials to Make Valentine Banner
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cardboard food boxes for vintage Valentine banner

I always keep a stash of cardboard packaging because I make tags with it. You’ll need several for this project.

Cutting cardboard with a paper cutter

I used my paper cutter to trim off all the rough edges.

How to Make the Valentine’s Day Banner

Using a letter card to determine the size of your pennants

Step 1 Make Letter Pennants: Your letter cards will determine the size of each pennant. My vintage cards measure 2 1/4″ x 3 1/2″, so I made my pennants each 3 1/2″ x 5″.

If you don’t have vintage letter cards on hand, an alternative would be to stencil letters onto white cardstock. Or you could print out individual letters onto white paper or cardstock and cut to size.

I laid a letter card on the cardboard pennant and determined where to cut the “tails.” 

Cardboard Triangle Pennants

Step 2 Make Triangle Pennants: The smaller pennants, on which I’ll add the hearts, measure 3″ wide by 3 3/4″ long (at the longest point).

Two types of pennants
A side-by-side view of the two differently shaped pennants.

Punching holes in the cardboard pennants

Step 3 Make Holes for Hanging: Using a small 1/8″ hole punch, make holes in the corners of each pennant for stringing the twine through. Use a 1/4″ if that’s all you have.

You don’t have to worry about covering the back side of your banner if you plan to hang it against a wall (or your mantel, as I did). However, if you hang it in a doorway or something like that, you may want to paint (or paper) the backs.

Materials to Make Valentine Banner

I used my scalloped heart punch to make my hearts, but if you don’t have a punch, you can make them the old-fashioned way–by hand(!).

Glue the hearts onto the triangle pennants and the letters on the ones with tails.

Close up view of vintage valentine banner--letters B & E

Step 4 String Together: Use a piece of twine to assemble your banner. I put tape on the end of the twine to keep it from unraveling while I threaded all the pieces on. 

Vintage Valentine Banner hanging on a mantel

There you have it–quick and cheap, just like I promised!

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Make a Vintage Valentine Banner using recycled cardboard!

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  1. I don't decorate for Valentine's Day but this adorable banner makes me want to think twice about that Diana!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  2. Love this and love how it looks on your mantel! I so wish we had a white fireplace! Ours is red brick…And now you've got me thinking I have to start saving cereal boxes…..the wheels are turning…..

  3. Really cute banner Diana. Love your mantel too. I usually don't decorate for Valentine, but love what other people do.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Audrey Z.

  4. love this banner! Not only upcycled in many ways but beautiful! love the combination shapes, the red hearts and the vintage letter cards. Awesome job! And btw, thanks for hosting with us 🙂

  5. This is beautiful! What a great use for cardboard packaging. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend? I hope you will join us again this Monday morning 🙂

  6. Super cute Diana! I made a n.e.s.t. banner a few years ago, but used poster board. Just made cardboard angel wings, but I haven't antiqued them yet. Love your banner!

  7. Oh, Diana. Your creativity is boundless! Thanks so much for sharing. I am greatly inspired; if only I could find more time to craft!

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