Vintage Farm Table Rescue With Paint

Hi everyone! Last summer I scored an incredible vintage farm table at a yard sale for just $10.00. The once massive table had been cut down to coffee table size, and it also had lots of rusty nails and bits and pieces of old wood attached to it.

I think it may have been used as a work bench in a garage at one time, before it’s amputation. In any event, I fell in love and knew I had to have it. 

top of vintage tableI had been looking for just this sort of table for my deck, so I snatched it up.

vintage table beforeHere’s the table when I first bought it. The top is pretty messed up, as you can see.

vintage table legBut the chunky farm house legs are pretty amazing, aren’t they?

vintage table top beforeCovered with oil spots and glops of goo. But a funny thing happened over the winter when it was alternately covered and (accidentily) uncovered by a tarp (and therefore exposed to the elements).

vintage table topThe snow and ice somehow cleaned the top right off. I’ve spent all summer trying to decide whether to leave it as is or paint the top.

deck with vintage tableI went with painting the top and I’m happy with the results.

side of vintage tableI dry brushed about a half a bottle of acrylic craft paint onto the surface. This allowed plenty of the dark wood to show through.

acrylic paint and paint brush (496x500)I used Green Moss. Then I sprayed it with two coats of acrylic matte finish.

Thompson's water sealLastly, I sprayed the entire table top, sides, and legs with Thompson’s Waterproofer. Before winter arrives, I plan to coat the underside with some wood primer to give it further protections.

vintage table with drinks trayI think it looks like an authentically aged painted surface and we LOVE that it has extra height because it prevents Xander, our perpetually hungry beagle, from accessing any appetizers or other plates of food. Yea!

vintage painted tableLoving the look!

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  1. Such a great old table that you found. I really like what you did to it, the green is perfect on the top. Jo

  2. Isn’t nature wonderful? Cleaned that top right up for you!
    Nice catch for the money……
    Looks like it might work as a bench on a busy day on the deck…
    What’s not to like??!!! Well done……

  3. I have never seen that happen on a piece left outside. Maybe I will try it! After you finish with all the coats of spray sealers, you might consider applying a coat of clear wax to further protect it. Poor Xander. I love the table! Pinning and sharing.

  4. Hi Diana! 🙂
    Wow, that table is gorgeous!! I love it and would have snatched it up too!! $10.00, what a steal, and it’s amazing how the winter elements cleaned it up to look so perfectly aged! Love the green craft paint on it.
    Your deck looks so inviting.
    That’s funny that the height prevents your beagle from getting to the food. We have a pub height table in our kitchen for that very same reason. 😉
    I have never seen that Thompson Water Seal in a spray can, what a great idea.

  5. love the table but can I ask why everyone is changing to a blog style that is harder to navigate? This is the third blog that I follow that changed formats so that you have to go “home” to click on the next post… frustrating

  6. So glad that you decided to paint the top as I so love the finished look….Great job!!!…Looks beautiful on your deck!

  7. What a great score that fits in so well with your needs! Love your color choice. Too funny about your dog! We used to have a labradoodle that would eat anything off of just about everything! I feel your pain!

  8. What a great score! I love it and dry brushing it was the perfect choice. Absolutely love it!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Love the transformation Diana. Amazing how Mother Nature helped you with the clean up. I also love the color you chose to paint the top – great table. Thanks for sharing at Share It One More Time Cathy

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