A Vintage Charm Christmas: My Favorite Holiday Decor

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week-end. Friday I did double duty: crafting new merchandise for the Shaker craft fair and bringing up new merchandise to my booth at the Grist Mill Antique Center. I was workin’! Saturday I slept in (I had to recover from all that work the previous day, didn’t I?), and then my sweet husband and I ran to the Albany Insitute of History and Art to take in the current exhibitions: The Art of Seating (the history of chairs), Spotlight: Alexander Hamilton, and Rock & Roll Icons (photos by Patrick Harbron). I’ll post about it soon. Today I’m joining with my fellow Vintage Charm hostesses to celebrate A Vintage Charm Christmas. We’ll be sharing some of our very favorite Christmas ideas with you all. Be sure to check out their posts as well: links below or here: Blue Willow House, Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}, and My Thrift Store Addiction.

A Vintage Charm ChristmasWhen I began to think about what I wanted to share in this post, I found my thoughts turning to Christmas decorations that reflect my love for the color pink. Really, pink and I have had a close relationship for years. As a child, my mother took me to the fabric store to pick out material for a new quilt she offered to sew for me. Every selection came from the pink family. Never has bedding made a girl so happy. So today’s theme, in addition to vintage (of course) is pink.

Vintage corner cupboard filled with vintage ironstone and vintage pink ornamentsA couple of years ago, I began to fill my corner cupboard with ironstone and when the time came to decorate for Christmas, I experimented with tucking pretty pink bulbs in and around the china.

Vintage ironstone with antique pink ornamentsI was very pleased with the result. Last year, I chose pale turquoise bulbs, but this year, I went back to pink.

vintage-pink-ornament-with-ironstone-bottle-brush-wreath-2-1077x1280I picked up this beauty at an estate sale over the summer.

vintage-pink-ornaments-with-vintage-ironstone-6-825x1280Even though Santa is relatively new, I love him.

vintage-white-flocked-deer-with-vintage-ironstone-1280x853These little fellows camp out in the corner cupboard with the ironstone, too.

vintage-pink-bulbs-in-candy-jar-2-1280x1280In my family room, I have another pink display, including a beautifully decorated bottle brush tree (c.1950’s) and a candy jar filled with vintage pink bulbs.

vintage-pink-bulbs-in-candy-jar-3-1280x1194You wouldn’t typically think of pink roses as “Christmas decor,” but I think they work here.

I purchased several of the mini cloches at Target’s 75% off Christmas sale a few years ago. They have absolutely been a “no-regret” purchase.

putz-village-under-cloche-1280x774In the same room you can also find a small Putz village beneath my gigantic birthday cloche.

vintage-putz-house-bottle-brush-tree-glitter-tree-village-at-adirondackgirlatheart-com-1280x652While out in the foyer, I’ve placed a larger village, made up of a mixture of new and old mercury glass, Putz houses, and bottle brush trees. Last season I posted how to make the glittery small cone-shaped trees. If you’d like to make some of your own, check out the post.

close-up-of-tp-tube-christmas-tree-trunk-1280x825Of course, you’ll also find some pink bulbs scattered here and there.

Even my nativity, gifted to me by my sweet mother, has its share of pink, seen here in Mary’s gown and baby Jesus’ rosy cheeks.

I hope you all have blessed, peace-filled days leading up to the 25th. My goal is to take it slow, to take pleasure in the preparation, and to enjoy time spent with family and friends along the way.

I hope you enjoy A Vintage Charm Christmas!
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  1. Sweet, Diana. You do pink very well, especially among all your ironstone!
    Can’t wait to read and see photos on the Art of Seating. One of my sisters is crazy for chairs.

  2. Diana, your pink Christmas accents are so lovely. My love for pink began in childhood too 😉 Everything looks so cozy and festive–thanks for sharing!

  3. Diana, I just recently came upon your inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing your tips with readers. I love every post of pics and descriptions. This is a busy time of the year so you may not have the chance to read every comment, but, I had to write and tell you that my favourite part in your posts are the glimpses into your life that inspire you to purchase items. We are born from the same era so you are unknowingly uncovering distant memories filling me with joy with each reading. if you lived next door, Anne, of Anne of Green Gables, would say we would be “kindred spirits.”

  4. It all looks so beautiful Diana. In my world pink is definitely a Christmas colour. I love how you’ve incorporated touches of it here and there. I especially love the Putz houses with their pink roofs, and the sweet deer with their pink bells. So precious.

  5. Wonderful dreamy displays Diane … I also love pink. Your nativity is beautiful and so special that it was your Mom’s.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  6. I am also in love with pink, especially Shiny Brites! I’ve collected some over the years……those deer are precious, and I think pink roses are quite the festive Christmas decoration! xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  7. All of your Christmas decor is lovely. I especially like the wreath with roses ~ so pretty. Pink is a favorite color of mine too. Your Mom’s nativity stole my heart.

  8. Oh, how lovely, Diana. Pink does not go with my everyday decor at all, except it does look okay in our bedroom and upstairs bathroom. I used to do a small “Victorian” tree in our bedroom which included pink bulbs, pink roses, and lots of lace.

  9. I was born loving pink….When I started first grade (no kindergarten back then) I realized that some of the “rich” kids had a pink crayon in their box…..alas, I did not. So I improvised and used my red crayon and ever so lightly colored to make pink. I will never forget my first box of 48 crayons from my Grandpa & Grandma Weber with the pink crayon. One of my favorite gifts ever! Pink is still my very best color. I do enjoy your blog so much. Merry Christmas to you and your dear husband~

  10. I love the pink touches. They look great with the Christmas theme. Thanks for sharing all your lovely decorations.

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