Upcycled Vintage Christmas Diorama Decoration

A while back I found a square-ish brass piece of junky goodness that appeared to be the casing of a vintage or antique lantern. That was my best guess anyway.

It had a lovely surface, both in color (worn brass with some green verdigris) and texture (smooth, but not slippery). I hung on to it hoping at some point I’d have a grand idea about how to re-purpose it.

The idea finally struck last week: it would make a charming Christmas diorama!

Upcycled brass lantern part into Christmas decoration, Adirondack girl @ Heart

It occurred to me that it would make the perfect “container” for a special Christmas decoration. Keeping things pretty simple, I went with mostly white and gold/brown, and then added a tiny cluster of red berries for some color.

And of course the focal point–the ceramic deer (cute as can be, right?)–is a vintage piece dating to the 50’s. The vintage-style, white bottle brush tree is the perfect compliment.

Upcycled brass lantern part into Christmas decoration, Adirondack Girl @ Heart
I glued some faux snow to the bottom and some gold glitter around the edges, and chose a rather elegant piece of gold ribbon to wrap around the knob on top.

Upcycled brass lantern part into Christmas decoration, Adirondack Girl @ Heart
I brought it to the Shaker craft fair that I’m part of (for six weeks), and it sold within a day for $15.00. A bargain, I think.

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Upcycled brass lantern part into Christmas decoration, Adirondack Girl @ Heart

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  1. A bargain indeed!! Vintage bottle trees are so beautiful compared to what they’re selling in the craft stores — And your vintage deer is sooo sweet … I picked up some vintage animals for my daughter at a garage sale last summer and I think they need a little something extra! Merry Christmas to you! Cynthia

    1. Thanks for dropping by Cynthia–I’m so glad you like my decoration. Have fun with your vintage animals and Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. That was more than a bargain! I absolutely LOVE those cute little vintage deer! I’m in the process of making a few unusual Christmas decorations myself I’ll be sharing soon. Yours is a keeper! xoKathleen

  3. I’ve had the strangest thing happen. When I get notice of a new entry in my email, I click on it, and it takes me to art.com. Then, without me doing anything, it sends me to your blog. Is this a new advertising ploy? I’ve noticed it with one other blogger, and I am wondering if it will become a trend. I would appreciate knowing if this is true of others, too.

  4. That sweet little deer looks so cute in his new container! I love this piece. A thought: Good things are often disguised as junk. 😎

  5. Diana, this is such a neat Christmas centerpiece!! I’m not surprised it sold on the first day! That little deer is sooooo cute, and the lantern casing is very cool!! Nice repurpose!! 🙂

  6. I love this and would have bought it myself! I have my plastic reindeer from my childhood…..gee it’s a real antique!!!

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  9. The little deer is adorable. I also love how things I had in my home as a child are now considered vintage. A much better word than old! I do like the decoration.

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  11. A real bargain indeedy! I love it and I’m not surprised it sold right away. Thanks for sharing your sweet creation at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  12. Look at that cute reindeer!! Love that ornament, who would have thought it could come from an old piece of junk!

  13. Hi Diana, Just found this post on Cup of Joe. How did I miss it? I’m not surprised it sold right away…that deer…those eyes…so sweet. I’ve been looking everywhere for white bottle brush trees but can only find green ones. Do they actually come in white or do people paint them? Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  14. I am just now seeing this! Guess I must have been very busy in December 2015. So happy that I did see it, because I would love to make something similar. Pinned it!

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