Thrift Store, Sharpie Decorated Mugs for Easter

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. If you read Friday’s post, then you know I had Saturday at home all to myself (a Birthday gift from my sweet family), and it was amazingly wonderful 🙂 I accomplished so much, including finishing up the project for today’s post. Have you seen those Sharpie mugs circulating around the internet? Yeah, I know, they’ve been around for a while–I’m late getting on the band wagon. The desire to embellish a mug or two hit me hard a few weeks ago, and so I made a special trip to my local Salvation Army to see what they might have on hand in the way of white mugs. (You may remember me posting about them in one of my Vintage Finds posts?) I happily found six that would work perfectly for this fairly simple project: Sharpie Decorated Mugs for Easter.

Sharpie Decorated thrift store mugsMy son saw them on the counter, waiting to be Easter-fied and he said, “Did you make those Mom?” I said, “Yes,” and he responded, “Cool.” High praise from a 20-year old, am I right? And he hasn’t even seen them filled with treats yet!

Here’s how I found them at SA’s for 99¢ each. Perfect, blank canvases.

Then I had to locate the special, oil-based Sharpie, which I did, at Michaels, for somewhere around $4.50–not cheap, but worth the investment, I decided.

Mug resting in epsom saltOkay, so I wish I could show you my first attempt at “free-handing” my daughter’s name. The letters went every which-way and came out different sizes. Ugh. Fortunately, I had some Goo Gone on hand and that allowed me to remove my train-wreck. [I have since read that rubbing alcohol removes mistakes easily–use a Q-tip for smaller areas. Good to know, because the Goo Gone only works, like, the second you make the mistake and it takes some work.] My solution for being able to write nice, even text on your mug is to set it in a cake pan filled with Epsom salt (or regular salt or sand) and then build a “brace” for your writing hand out of whatever (I used wooden blocks). Then I rested my hand on the blocks and could then write pretty evenly.

In addition to the four matching mugs, I found two others that matched and they cost only 49¢ each–woo woo. After you finish writing on your mugs with a Sharpie, it’s time to bake them. I checked out several posts via Pinterest and settled on Bren Did’s recommendation: place mugs in a cool oven, turn on oven to 350°, set timer for 20 minutes, turn off oven when timer dings, allow mugs to cool in the oven. Repeat.

his her sharpie mugsYes, that’s right, cook them up again. And Bren further recommends a light coat of clear acrylic spray to give further protection to your special project. I will do that once spring arrives, which does not appear to be soon, judging by the view out my window (6″+ of snow). In any case, you’re going to want to wash these babies by hand since it appears there’s no guarantee that your artwork can withstand the rigors of the dishwasher.

Mugs with names written in sharpieI wrote my family’s names on the set of four. Looking for more ideas for your mugs? Check out this website for 50 creative mug suggestions.

top view of easter mugs with sharpie namesI purposely chose larger-sized mugs [for maximum coffee servings] and to ensure that they would hold a few Easter treats, and they are just perfect.

Close up of sharpie mugI wanted to try something different for Easter, and I think these fit the bill. We all love coffee, so I guess you could call them “grown up” Easter baskets. Hard for me to believe, my babies are all grown up! We used to buy them new Bibles on Easter, selecting age-appropriate versions each year. But now they have their “grown-up” Bibles, so this year, we will buy them a Christian classic, perhaps Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, to go along with their candy.

Easter mugs with sharpie written namesI think the mugs make a fun memento of Easter 2017, one that will last throughout the year and beyond.

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Sharpie decorated thrift store mugs for easter


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  1. First of all, Diana, Happy (belated) Birthday! I love spring (and almost spring) birthdays, and I’m glad you enjoyed your day. I pinned this craft several years ago but never created it. Yours turned out great.
    Btw, just thought you’d want to know……in your email notices for new blog posts, the READ MORE on this one referenced back to the March 8th post. The second truncated post in the email referenced the March 6th post. Last Thursday, the email referenced the week prior’s Vintage Charm. There seems to be a glitch in the dates associated with the posts. I’ll keep you posted of anything I notice so you can get it to where you want it.
    Happy Spring!

    1. Thank Rita! Not belated though, my actual birthday isn’t until the 31st, but this past Saturday was the only free one in March, so I went with it. Glad you liked the mugs 🙂

      Thanks so much for letting me know (again!) about my email snafoos. I’ll get it together eventually. A fresh, new email will be going out tomorrow–with the correct links, I hope! Thanks again, friend, and Happy Spring–

  2. The mugs are so cute and very clever for Easter ‘baskets’! I love giving my Grands fun things at Easter and always something to remind them what it really means. I was thinking yesterday that I need to find a good Bible for Tiger since he is learning to read. Thanks for making me sure that is something I’ll look for.

  3. I have always wanted to try this so you’ve given me motivation! Cute! xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

  4. So cute & thoughtful for your “babies.” Appreciate hearing about the flubs too…weird, huh? Good to know about the alcohol trick b/c I always struggle with GooGone too. Sometimes it works great & sometimes not. Mainly I’m trying to remove old prices. What a fun day you had in your own home & what a thoughtful gift! Love the idea of a new twist on adult Easter baskets.

    1. Yeah, I have to remind myself that it’s good to tell about the flubs because we learn so much from them, right? And of course, it’s always good to be “real,” too. I have many projects that don’t make it to the blog because they failed or they’re just not good/interesting enough–live and learn. Glad you liked today’s project, Florence!

  5. Very sweet! I have a few in the cupboard that my granddaughter made a few years ago. They are a lasting gift!

  6. Your lettering looks very nice, I’m writing to thank you for your clear directions and suggestions. It is thoughtful of you to share what you learned, so that we are spared having to learn on our own. I know what you mean about “babies” growing up. When we are in the midst of it, we can’t imagine and then, when we are older (wiser) we understand, but guess what? The young ones won’t hear what we say, just as WE didn’t listen, which is what life is all about. We all have to live it to really understand, which is as old as time.
    Oh, and I just had a thought…have you ever had chocolate covered coffee beans? My kids turned me onto them and they are yummy. Just a thought.

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