This Week’s Vintage Finds #72

Hi everyone! Hope your week has gotten off to a good start. On Thursday nights I start checking Craigslist,, and my local paper for garage, moving, and estate sales. This past Thursday, there was not one single sale anywhere near me (within 30 minutes). I decided I’d just have to visit some thrift shops instead. Here are some of the vintage items I picked up:

This Week's Vintage Finds #72
A vintage baby quilt in baby blue and pink seer sucker–suitable for a boy or girl.
Worth about $20.00.
This Week's Vintage Finds #72
A vintage cross stitch with a [new to me] saying. Worth about $25.00 after I re-frame it.
Twenty-five vintage mini-light bulbs (for mid-century desk lamps) worth about $20-30.00.
A nicely shaped candlestick to use as a pedestal base. I paid $1.99.
This Week's Vintage Finds #72
A close-up of the cross-stitch.
This Week's Vintage Finds #72
A cool [new to me] shaped flower frog. Marked “Patent 1905, Japan.”
Worth about $15-20.00
This Week's Vintage Finds #72
I’m in love with the unusual, straight-edged sides.
This Week's Vintage Finds #72

A fun restaurant plate (Shenango China) in aqua and grey–worth about $8.00, resting on a vintage towel–worth about $3.00. I’m keeping both for now. They kinda match the aqua Pyrex I’ve been picking up.

This Week's Vintage Finds #72

Miscellaneous unpainted items–a piece of trim I have in mind for a project, a solid wood frame that I’m planning on painting, and a small shelf to paint and use for display.

This Week's Vintage Finds #72

The Albany Restore always has a collection of cabinet doors for sale at reasonable prices. The door in the back is constructed of bead-board, and I think it will make a nice background for photographs ($4.00). The other two, both painted in cream, have a nice vintage vibe. I plan to remove the hardware and and perhaps turn them into signs or use them as the backdrops for vintage “somethings” by attaching the “something” to the center panel ($3.00 each).

This Week's Vintage Finds #72

The two globes came from the Restore, and while I love their sculptural quality, I plan to use them as concrete molds to create some orbs for my garden ($2.00 each). The plates on either end are c.1970s ironstone, and the Syracuse China platter in the center was made for Schneilhorst’s, a German restaurant, which opened in St. Louis in 1917 and closed in 2002. It has a wonderful weight and color, but is worth only about $10.00.

This Week's Vintage Finds #72
Backstamp on the Schneilhorst platter.
This Week's Vintage Finds #72

The Johnson Brothers backstamp on the two dinner plates was used from 1974-2002. Lighter in body than antique ironstone, they are worth about $10-15.00 each. Johnson Brothers are best known for their transferware dishes, but these ironstone pieces are popular as well.

This Week's Vintage Finds #72

This little foot stool was an impulse buy. My grandmother kept a very similar version in her kitchen. Priced at just $1.00, I didn’t think too hard about it, just brought it home with me.

This Week's Vintage Finds #72

Another vintage globe, made by Replogle in 1971–an Apollo Celestial Globe, worth about $40.00.

What did you find this week-end?

Bye for now,


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  1. Those are some pretty great finds for not having hit any yard sales! I've noticed that most vintage bloggers who attend yard sales say that there weren't many garage sales this weekend, myself included. I think it has to do with the Easter holiday and lots of folks were traveling. Have a great week!

  2. Good morning Diana … the light globes will make really pretty orbs. Love the Shenango restaurant china. The four plates that I just bought were Shenango too and we love them. The little stool will bring fond memories of your grandmother. Good finds all the way around.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. Great finds Diana. Have a great week. Just a reminder I need your Spotlight by tomorrow.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Some great finds! Love the nautical cross stitch! Nautical is very big right now! I never seem to find anything at thrift stores here. I go to auctions and Estate sales but sometimes have to travel out of town. Since "picking" is also a hobby for my husband and I, we don't take the expense of traveling into account. We have lots of fun and don't mind traveling an hour away. I also picked up some great finds on Craigslist while we vacationed this year!

  5. I adore that little nautical cross stitch! And I have a few similar flower frogs, some clear and some in color. I seem to recall a similar footstool in one of my relative's kitchens growing up. And I collect globes, so I gotta love that as well! You're much more disciplined than me re: reading the paper each week for sales. I'm a big thrift store shopper. Gonna have to branch out:)

  6. Love the plate and the towel Diana. Don't blame you for keeping them. I have seen frogs like that, but haven't found one for my collection yet. I picked up a stool just like that a while ago also. My grands love it. I keep it inside the pantry and pull it out to reach my higher cupboards. The kids have discovered that if they stand on it in the pantry it's the perfect thing to help them reach Grammies candy jar. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Oh my gosh! What great finds! You are so creative to buy those things with such great projects in mind. I especially love the cabinet door to use for a photo back drop idea! I am heading to our Restore asap to find one for myself!
    Thanks so much for sharing on Something to Talk About!

  8. funny how we all go for different things. But Ida went for the seersucker baby quilt I'm sure. Seersucker (vintage) is always a good seller for me. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Isn't it fun to see what you can find at a thrift shop or estate sale? Our home is filled with vintage treasures that we have collected over the years. This is a fun post! Thanks for sharing and linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine's Corner. Can't wait to see what you come up with this week at the hop! Nina @ Vintage Mama's Cottage

  10. absolutely JEALOUS!! I love the little stool : ) and those doors! Thanks for linking up to Thrifter Share

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