This Week’s Vintage Finds #45

Hi everyone! Daughter Gracie and I hit some good sales this past Friday. She’s decided that she prefers estate sales because she likes the variety of items she can find at them, and yea, she likes to dig–must be in the genes(!). We found some great vintage goodies to share with you.
This Week's Vintage Finds #45
Do you remember the estate sale we hit recently that had layers of detritus on the basement floor that we had to dig through to find anything? I bought two large pieces of furniture and Gracie rescued a bunch of stuff including some old papers. That house was owned by the parents and on Friday we stumbled on the house owned by a son. Gracie has been interested in learning more about the family, and she had a chance to chat a good while with one of the family members–she was so happy to find out more about the author of the papers. The same dealers ran both sales and gave us a fantastic prices for the piles we accumulated.
This Week's Vintage Finds #45

I fell in love with this Victorian era hamper–its Jenny Lind detailing around the top, its tiny bun feet, and its wonderful aged taupe-y cream color. I’ve not decided where or how I’m going to use it, but I’m determined to keep it. It cost just $5, and if I were to sell it in a shop, I think it would go for about $50-60.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

A new idea on Pinterest recently caught my attention: turning old cutting boards into signs. Then I noticed that the Vintage Inspiration Party that I link to every Tuesday featured it this week. Denise on a Whim came up with it, and I’m hoping to try it out soon. I especially like the little, hand-cut one in front with the crooked shoulders.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

This biscuit cutter’s large size makes it quite interesting. I feel like I want to try it out before I sell it.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

This is the seventh rollling pin I’ve purchased in as many months. I might sell them altogether somewhere in the $70 range (~$10 each) as an “instant collection.” Loving the curvey handle.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

I have good luck with this cook-book; must be the fun cover. I will list it for about $15.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

Starting on the right, Green Magic tells the story of flowers and herbs in lore and legend. Loaded with nice black and white illustration, it covers topics like “Christian Flower Legends,” “Remembered Perfumes,” and “Flowers from Shakespeare.” And don’t you just love this wooden towel hanger in the front? I like the accent of the green, wooden balls on the tip of each arm. I will list the book for about $15 and the rack for the same.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

New in the package, these four linen towels are in perfect condition. It always feels a bit time-warp-ish when I find brand new items from decades ago. These towels are quite lovely, with the original label still attached, indicating their Irish origin and linen content.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

Planters, or jardineres, like these, from about 1910, American Majolica because of the high relief decoration (embossing) and opaque tin enamel glaze that covers the surface. Companies like Weller manufactured these in the thousands. An example like this would sell for about $40. (Good article on Majolica.)

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

I found this tucked away in the linen closet at the estate sale, and didn’t even realize that the cardboard Easter eggs were vintage until I got to the check out. I’ll be writing more about the eggs later on, but I will say, these are a mix of German and West German. It was really the jar I was after, which has Pat’d 1908 on the lid.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

And look what I found inside several of the cardboard eggs–real eggs with marbleized painting. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love them.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

Can you see the Victorian silver oak leaf on the far left, with the little acorn-shaped cup? I really liked the design, so I scooped it right up. And the little pink lustre plate right next to it was too sweet to leave behind. Same with the blue, almost chintz-style serving bowl.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

Called “plum” or “mulberry,” this beautiful-colored Staffordshire transferware is highly collectible. This piece commemorates the caverns of Luray, Virginia. I visited Staffordshire many times when we lived in England and enjoyed touring and shopping at some of its famous potteries, like Wedgwood and Portmeirion.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

Adams pottery produced this place, as you can tell from the mark. It was not uncommon for English potteries to create souvenir wares for the States. I would value it at about $25-30.

This Week's Vintage Finds #45

Last but not least, my rattan-wrapped, flask-shaped Mexican bottle. I’m not sure what beverage it contained, but habaneros are hot peppers, so whatever it was, it must’ve been spicy! I may keep this for a while, but if not, then I’ll list it for about $20.

That’s all for today!
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  1. Such great finds! I like the cookbook, the towels and the vintage cardboard Easter Eggs! =)

  2. Love the cutting boards – I've been buying them and wood burning them with words and designs. I also really like the rolling pin. You got great stuff again.

  3. I have a question about your jar that has the mark "Pat'd 1908". I don't know anything about patent dates, so this is probably a strange questions… Could the bottle style and shape be patented in 1908 but actually made at a later date? even a much later date? And, before 1908, the bottle would probably indicate that the patent was applied for or pending? So, it would seem to me that 1908 may not be the exact date of manufature. Any thoughts on this? BTW, I love the stuff you got, especially the wooden towel hanger and oak leaf/acorn cup thingy. It's always so fun to see what people find. I don't have much luck finding vintage items here near Wilmington, NC, but I am a trooper and will keep looking! Thank you for sharing your stuff AND your knowledge!

    1. Yes, for sure Rush. I'm no expert either, but even items that say Patent Pending on such-and-such a date can be much newer than the date. My jar has some good age though since is filled with "seeds," small seed-shaped air bubbles that show up in older glass. I'm glad you like my "junk" 🙂 and I hope you find some of your own soon!

  4. I love those cutting boards! Great find. And I have been hunting for a biscuit cutter for ages. I always make my biscuits from scratch and you can't buy a new biscuit cutter these days. What is the world coming to?

  5. I love your blog, and I'm so glad I found you. I'm going to enter for your email so I can see when you have cool stuff up. I have a similar plate… I'm going to look at it, and let you know what it says, but first I have to find it. hehehe My mama use to have a rolling pin like that. Boy, I wish I had it now. I guess you just have to study hard to know when you find a .. find!!! hmmm Thanks for sharing… so interesting.

  6. Great finds Diana! My daughter was in town last weekend and we hit the sales too 🙂 Love the transferware and that cute little acorn! Blessings, Cecilia

  7. What a great variety of items you found….at one sale???!! Love them all, especially the jar with the eggs! I would love to visit your area of NY as I know it has a lot of great vintage stuff, as mine does!

  8. Great finds again! I love the vintage Easter eggs and those linen kitchen towels. And that plum transferware plate is a gorgeous color!

  9. Hi Diana,
    I have a very similar bottle with the same cord, and the label fell off years ago, but it said "Tabasco." I wonder if it was pepper sauce? Interesting…

  10. Really great finds! I just love that wooden towel holder with the green balls. Perfect for the kitchen towels you found!

  11. I love that old biscuit cutter! Pieces like that always come with a very ordinary yet still very special family history.

  12. Nice finds. I love the hamper, especially. It's got such a cool vibe. I have a stash of commercially produced decorated cutting boards–usually with recipes and food pictures painted on them.

  13. Nice finds Diana, I am off work today (to take care of a skunk under the concrete pad for the air conditioner), if I don't get sprayed I hope to hit a few sales today too. I love that Staffordshire plate. I haven't seen one at a garage sale for a while, maybe I will get lucky and find one today. I sure would like to find an old fashioned biscuit cutter too.

  14. You find the most wondeful things! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  15. What a wonderful haul! That Victorian hamper is such a great find with nice detailing. I think it might even go for more than $60!!! ….if you were to sell it. Love the Majolica and transferware too!

    Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish

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