This Week’s Vintage Finds #27

Ooh I had some fun this last week-end! I attended a lovely mix of garage and estate sales and found some great loot.
This Week's Vintage Finds #27
Starting with this amazing heart-shaped lock. Irresistible. No key, but permanently “unlocked.”
This Week's Vintage Finds #27

A sweet, raggedy doll’s quilt, topped by (L-R): a packet of vintage, glass-headed pins, a label from a vintage dress form, a label from a large piece of raw silk that I also purchased. UPDATE: The pins are now for sale in my Etsy shop.

This Week's Vintage Finds #27

A vintage brass frame and a packet of 25 tiny photos of the DC area that would be great for display or for an altered art project. The vintage umbrella–in perfect condition–has a wonderful wooden handle and it pops open super taut, like a drum. The metal thingy with the copper top is a hanging plant holder; I took the base out. My plan is to wrap it with chicken wire and transform it into a cloche–great idea, right? Inside the wire thingy sit four rolls of vintage trim that I think are so beautiful. All of the above cost just $6.

This Week's Vintage Finds #27

So many goodies here: a small, old cake tin topped by some clippers, backed by a round wire thingy. In front of the cake tin is a wire mesh [tea?] thingy that I’m going to put a finial on top of and turn into a cloche–won’t that be cool? Next are seven pair of canvas work gloves with stars on them–pretty awesome find. There’s my heart lock next to a red metal hook and fronted by a large snap clip, followed by a green tin, roll of jute, and another unknown metal thingy with hooks that’s pretty interesting. All of the above cost $15.

This Week's Vintage Finds #27
Another view of my soon-to-be mini cloche.
This Week's Vintage Finds #27 Garden wares
Loving the look of the red clippers with the red-trimmed gloves.
This Week's Vintage Finds #27

I really couldn’t pass this up. My Dad’s name is Don, so that caught my eye right away. It’s not old, but it’s Pepsi, and it came with loads and loads of extra letters and numbers, and it came with a twin. Yep, I got two of them.

This Week's Vintage Finds #27
This clock is not old, but it’s got a great aged look and feel. It says, “Made in England” on the back. I love the steam punk design and that’s what my daughter’s all about, so I’m thinking Christmas. Shh, don’t say anything(!).
This Week's Vintage Finds #27

I’m not sure if this has surfaced about me yet, but I love art and I have trouble passing up anything I consider to be “art.” So this one came home with me. I love the poppies, love the colors, just pretty much love IT. Frame’s gotta go though. I might paint it black. What do you think?

This Week's Vintage Finds #27 Chess Board

I enjoy getting back-story to the pieces that I buy, so I was pleased to know that the man holding the sale made this in 9th grade shop class. That puts this squarely in the vintage category because he was about 50. This is truly a wonderful board made marquetry style with [what I think is] mahogany trim, and did I mention it weighs a ton?

This Week's Vintage Finds #27
Another view of some of the metal bits and bobs.
This Week's Vintage Finds #27
I had fun playing around with them.
This Week's Vintage Finds #27
And then I got a bit obsessive. I’m done now, though, I promise.
This Week's Vintage Finds #27
A close-up of one of the rolls of woven trim.
This Week's Vintage Finds #27
A close-up of the metal hook thingy. What is this?!! And why am I so taken with it?!!
This Week's Vintage Finds #27: Shiny Brites Christmas

Last, but not least, 10 Shiny Brites in a style I’ve never seen before. They have a lovely golden background, then large dark gold dots surrounded by tiny silver dots. Interesting.

That’s it for me. What did you find this week-end? Anything good?


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  1. Great stuff, Diana. I gravitate to a lot of what you grabbed. Yes to the black paint on the poppy art – it'll look good against the flower centers. The clock is great – I hope your daughter doesn't read your blog, lol! I picked up a shop class item this past jaunt myself, but yours is waay cooler! And that hook thingy – looks similar, but not exactly, like the miners' basket hooks here in our region. Maybe it's a commercial kitchen item, used to hold pots/pans, but it appears a little small for that, idk. Love this time of year, but it's a little overwhelming – where to put it all??

    1. I'm slow answering comments lately :/ Thanks for confirming black for the painting–you have such a great eye for color and decorating. And no, my daughter doesn't read my blog! Where to put it all? Why, on top of the pile in the garage, of course! No, I'm not a hoarder…not yet anyway…

  2. Love all your great finds and the bits and bobs are always fun. Great photos also and I too can get carried away with photography…not a bad thing!

    hugs, Linda

    1. Thanks, Linda. Yea, it's a wonderful feeling when you capture that "perfect" shot, isn't it?

  3. Love that heart shaped lock! And the painting is lovely. Think i'd paint the frame white. But that's just me.

    1. I know, it's really great. Ooh, two choices now on the color of the frame–black or white?…

  4. I love all the bits and bobs. That heart shaped lock is so cute!! A lot of fun finds that will be fun to use in projects. Have a good week!

  5. Great finds. i think if you paint the frame black it will look a little Victorian (a good thing!). You have me intrigued with the tea strainer as a cloche, hope you post a picture. and I love the little doll's quilt!

    1. Thanks Deborah 🙂 That's two votes for black on the frame. Yes, I'll post a photo of the mini cloche–still looking for just the right finial.

  6. What a haul! Love the "smalls" especially — they'd make such nice tabletop displays. And that doll's quilt is precious! What fun!

  7. Great finds! I really love the lock! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  8. I have seen ceramic strainers in Hall teapots: guess you poured the hot water directly on the loose tea and water was deep enough to finish steeping the tea. What was the final vote on the frame? I was leaning toward an almost black (like mixed with charcoal) or just placing it in a gold frame that had a bit of detail, not overboard Victorian.

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