This Week’s Vintage Finds #141 (Baskets, Photos, & More)

Did you score any great vintage finds this week-end? My sweet husband and I hit a few sales on Saturday and made some great discoveries, some of which I’ll share with you today.

I was a bit under the weather on Sunday and honestly, have not completely unloaded the van yet(!). I also made a large purchase of linens at one sale and will share them after they’ve been laundered and ironed. Linens are so much more appealing after they’ve been pressed, don’t you agree?

Antique black and white photographs

On Friday, I dropped off a load of new merchandise at my antique booth at the Gristmill Antique Center in Troy, NY.

While there, I discovered a booth with hundreds of antique black and white photographs. I selected a few for a project I have in mind, including these two cuties (cost: $1.00 each).

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Antique photographs of women

And these two lovely ladies (cost: $1.00 each).

Antique Photographs (2)

I bought this photo, the last of the five, not for the actual photo itself, but for the leatherette frame and glass. It has a sturdy easel back and I thought I’d upcycle the frame in some way and turn it into a thing of beauty. Here’s hoping.

Box of Vintage Birthday Cards (2)
At one of Saturday’s sales I bought this brand new vintage box of Birthday cards, many of which have been beautifully glitterized (cost: .50, value: $1.00 each).

Vintage Birthday Cards (3)
The one on the right has been embellished with glitter.

Vintage Birthday Cards (1)
So sweet and pretty.

Vintage Birthday Cards (2)
Both of these have been “glitterized.”

Vintage treasure chest tin
I’m not much of a tin buyer, but I like this treasure box-shaped one (cost: $1.00, value: $8-10.00).

seas shells and starfish

And it was filled with sea shells, a lone starfish, and a bag of sand.

Natural Sea sponge (2)

At another sale, I picked up this sea sponge (cost: .50, value: $5-6.00). I’m a sucker for anything natural like shells and rocks and lichen and bee hives.

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Vintage oak splint gathering basket

The typical oak splint picnic baskets that one often finds at sales are not currently selling, at all. However, those in different sizes and shapes continue to sell fairly well (cost: $3.00, value: $20-25.00).

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Antique aqua demi-john

This aqua demi-john wrapped with wicker has certainly seen better days, but a collector will be happy to have her (cost: $4.00, value: $25-30.00+). 

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Vintage Wooden Pedestal Stand (1)
Who could pass up this sweet little wooden pedestal stand? I’m thinking I won’t even paint it (cost: .50, value: $15.00).

Vintage Style Easter Rabbits (2)

Do you love these handsome fellows as much as I do? They’re new chalkware but with a strong vintage look (cost: $5.00 each, value: $25-30.00 each).

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Vintage Style Easter Rabbits (1)
I think I’ll decorate with them next Easter and sell them after. Maybe.

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  1. I love the pictures and the cards, for sure, but that treasure chest tin totally ROCKS! I have to find one now.

  2. Love your finds, Diana…especially the basket and demijohn…but those rabbits have my heart! Hope you are feeling better SOON! xo

  3. Yes I love the rabbits too! Are they as tall as they look? They will be great at Easter or a Spring arrangement. I’m sure you’ll decide to keep those! Also love the old pictures & cards. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those.

  4. Count me in on a vote for the rabbits! They are great; bet you keep them. 😉 I love old greeting cards with their sentiments and the script they used,

  5. I love old photos and can’t wait to see what you do with yours. You found so many wonderful things this week but the demi-john and those adorable rabbits are my favorites.

  6. All that and linens too–you had a great week Diana! The vintage photographs and cards are just wonderful, and I love the chalkware bunnies!

  7. Diana, I am drooling over those darling rabbits! The one looking sideways at the other is so cute. They really should stay together, I think. I also love the basket, the little wooden pedestal, and, of course, the vintage photos, one of my very favorite things. You did really well with that haul!

    Hope you are feeling well, now, and up to another thrifting run!

  8. I love your finds, especially the bunnies! I almost stopped at a place yesterday, but I would have needed more time than I had. I don’t 15 minutes or less in a shop is nearly enough time to even scratch the surface.

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  11. Hi Diana, I love your finds. I have a real soft spot for black & white vintage photos. I love yours. Have a wonderful weekend. xx Jo

  12. Lots of great finds! Oh my, that demi John! I would not touch that wicker. Love it as is. Just clean the bottle the best you can. The bunnies are precious. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. What another great bunch of finds. That treasure chest should be a centerpiece for a little boy’s pirate party for sure! That sponge will be great for painting; I love it for a faux galvanized finish or mossy look especially. I always love pictures of “relatives” and can’t understand HOW people don’t keep them. I wish I had more of grandparents. I’m sure they will go into some of your altered art–the little girls with some vintage lace and old velvet flowers in a shadow box frame? Forget me nots and baby shoes/booties. If I had wall space, I would mat and frame the cards so I could see them all the time!

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