This Week’s Vintage Finds #135 [Christmas in July]

Hi everyone! I did not do one lick of vintage shopping last week, can you believe it?! But for just such a time as this, I have been saving up a few categories of different collectibles in order to do some themed Vintage Finds posts. Today I have some Christmas in July for you. Enjoy!

Vintage Finds #135 Mica covered Shiny Brite vintage christmas ornament

Glass Christmas Bulbs

Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas BulbsHere are a few of the Shiny Brites I’ve picked up over the past several weeks. Sometimes I buy them in boxes, sometimes individually. I don’t like to pay more than a quarter for “average” examples like these, which are worth about a dollar or two each if sold separately. If I have a set of nine or twelve in an original box, then I price them at $15-30.00 for the boxful. [Note: This reflects the current market value on Etsy. In my upstate NY shop, they sell for about 1/2 to 2/3 of that.]

Vintage Shiny Brite Indent Ornaments CollageThese three ornaments are referred to as star “indents,” and the two on the right are indented “micas.” Mica refers to the white, snow like surface. I’ve sold several in the past, but have never valued them more than regular shiny brights, but scanning eBay, it seems that are worth 2-3 times as much. On Etsy, they’re listed for substantially more, but I’m not sure what they actually sell for. I will likely list them for$4-6.00 each and see how they sell.

I have a couple of boxes of Shiny Brites
for sale in my Vintage Shop.

Christmas Picks

Vintage Christmas Picks collageOne thing I’ve learned over the years is that Christmas sells, so I don’t pass up much vintage Christmas if the price is right. Each of these cost a quarter or less, so there you go. I may sell them individually for a dollar or two, or group them together in a lot for one money. The two on the left date to about the 1940’s, the reindeer to the 1960’s.

Christmas Ornaments

Vintage metal bell ornaments
2″ metal bells (cost: free, value: $1.00 each).

vintage chenille candy cane ornamentsChenille candy canes (cost: free, value: $2-3.00 for both).

Bottle Brush Wreath with candle ornamentThis is a newer ornament and sadly the only bottle brush decoration I’ve found lately. You plug the end in a light socket and the candle flame lights up (cost: 25¢, value: $3-4.00).

Vintage Mr. and Mrs. Olive ornamentsThis swanky couple dates to about the 1920’s I’d say (cost: 25¢ each, value: $12-15.00 for the pair). Each is about 4″ high.

Vintage Wooden Soldier Ornament (1)This 2 1/4″ fellow, likely made in Japan, is a cutie (cost: 25¢, value: $2-3.00).

Vintage Plastic Dwarf Ornament2″ plastic dwarf (cost: free, value: $1-2.00). He’s part of a set of dwarfs, but he going solo today.

Vintage Pine Cone Christmas Ornament (2)Darling, little red riding hood-type pine cone ornament (cost: 25¢, value: $4-6.00).

Vintage Christmas Corn Husk Doll (2)A 3″ 1970’s era corn husk doll ornament (cost: 25¢, value: $3.00).


Vintage 1 7 8ths ceramic santa (1)I think I’ll call him my little, shabby chic Santa–likely Japanese (cost: 25¢, value: $6-8.00).

Vintage Tinsel
Looks like a rat’s nest, I know. It’s a pile of antique tinsel–collectible, but also great for creating vintage-y decorations (free).

Vintage Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Beads (3)
Mercury glass bead garlands are one of my favorite Christmas collectibles. They are typically about 9′ long,

Vintage Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Beads (1)
and often have at least one or two beads that have broken. I usually just pinch them off and discard the broken ones. This strand dates to about the 1950’s and likely came from Japan (cost: 50¢, value: $12-18.00). I have a red-ish gold strand available for sale in my shop.

Vintage Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Beads (2)
Often you find a small star “stopper” at each end, which helps hold the beads on the string.

Vintage Christmas Candle drip catchersTin star light reflectors (cost: free, value: $15-20.00 for 4–one not shown). Older strings of light use large (2″) bulbs that these slip around/under and then reflect the light and the color of the bulb.

Vintage Japanese Accordian Snowman Village (1)Final Favorite Find: I’ve never seen a decoration like this one before. In fact, from a distance, I thought it was new. The darling snowmen and trees are sitting on a small accordion-type base.

Vintage Japanese Accordian Snowman Village (2)
Lots of neat details, along with some chipping paint.

Vintage Japanese Accordian Snowman Village (5)
As you can see, it was made in Japan, likely in the 30’s or 40’s (cost: 50¢, value: $25-30.00, though I may be reaching for the stars). It’s currently available in my shop.

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  1. I love looking at Christmas decorations any time of year. I remember Shiny Brights on my tree as a child and the indents are some of my favorites. I am lucky to have a few boxes of them from my parents.

  2. Oh how fun, I love vintage Christmas decor! Its so tacky sometimes that’s it’s adorable! That last item is cool, I’ve never seen anything like that before either!


  3. Growing up, we had an accordion decoration similar to yours. It had Santa in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. I think it was from the 50s or 60s. I have it now, but it’s buried somewhere in the attic.

  4. Those balls in the beginning of the post are just like ones my parents had in the 50’s but yours have held up very well!

  5. I have alot of my parents and grandparents ornaments , some just like yours. My most cherished are the ones that seem to be handmade in the late 1800 s.

  6. I love it all. I have found some really unusual Christmas decorations. I have never seen anything like your favorite. IT’s so unique.

  7. Great collection of goodies there. Can’t even begin to think of Christmas with the temperatures we have right now.
    But, I will keep on the lookout. Garage sales are out—simply been too hot, so it will have to be the air-conditioned thrift stores.thanks for the incentive, lol, Sandi

  8. Who doesn’t love vintage Christmas? I am totally in love with Ed and Pris! They are adorably sweet. Plus, I kind of like the name. I think you can get your price on that last item, based on uniqueness alone. Is it odd that I think those bare trees give it a Halloweeny vibe?

  9. GREAT finds Diana … I have many of these same decorations in my huge collection. I see several that I would love to add to my collection … the wooden snowmen on the folding base, Ed and Pris and the Santa ornament. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy Vintage Charm … thanks for hosting.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Be still my heart! I love vintage Christmas and collect it, too…the snowmen are wonderful!

  11. Pingback: Vintage Charm 41 | The Blue Willow House
  12. I could look at Christmas stuff ALL year long; I always haunt GW’s holiday row. Today it was a huge $3 needlepoint of a Nativity scene! I’ts a keeper!nVintage Christmas is one of the fewthings I haven’t collected unless you count the almost 30 year old reindeer head made with a kiddo’s traced hands and a foot and some 40 year old ornaments. Every year we would recite the history as they went up on the tree; miss the good old days!!

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