The Beekman 1802 Farm Tour & Garden Party

**This post contains affiliate links & I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thank you for supporting my blog 🙂 Hi everyone! On Monday, I hinted at plans my sweet husband and I had for Memorial Day week-end. Most of you know who the Fabulous Beekman Boys are, right?! They have a reality TV show; they won The Amazing Race in 2012; and they regularly appear on talk, cooking, and life style television shows. The Beekman 1802 Farm Tour and Garden Party They own Beekman 1802 farm and a mercantile right in the village of Sharon Springs, which is only an hour west of Albany. When I heard they planned to give farm tours over the weekend, I signed us right up! The town itself would be set up with a farmer’s market and craft show. Join me as we walk through Josh and Brent’s historic property. Garden Party signLocated about ten minutes outside of the village down town area, the farm has limited parking, so we hopped a shuttle bus, along with about 100 others, and took a short ride. After the tour, we head back to town for the Garden Party. View near Beekman FarmWe enjoyed incredible views of the rolling hills. Beekman House, historic home in Sharon Springs, NYOur tour started at the house, where we learned that William Beekman built the house in 1802–hence the name of the farm: Beekman 1802–in a combination of Georgian and Federal architectural styles. There are four bedrooms and a men’s sitting room on the first floor and four bedrooms and a women’s sitting room on the second floor. The kitchen (and bathroom!) would have been in separate buildings nearby. Back of Beekman 1802 houseThe back of the house with its wrap around veranda has stunning views of the area’s foot hills. Greenery on Beekman 1802 FarmAround the side of the house one finds the family crypt, where the William, who died in 1845, lies. He lived a full, long life as a businessman and politician (County Judge and State Senator). The crypt is attractively landscaped.

The Crypt on Beekman 1802 Farm

Crypt on Beekman Farm (1200It’s really quite impressive and a bit spooky. The house went into disrepair twice in its history and each time the crypt posed a strong temptation to near-do-wells and teenagers.
Tombstones in crypt on Beekman farmSeveral, aged head stones make their home inside the crypt.
Heart-shaped rock at the Beekman farm Initially the guys called this the “kissing rock” because of a story floating around about lovers who married near it. Then they thought the kitchen staff used it to sharpen their knives (in the “crotch” of the heart), but it’s too far from where the stand-alone kitchen was probably located. Now they think someone just liked it and plopped it on the property sometime during its long history(!). View of Beekman Farm propertyAnother gorgeous view of foothills, taken under a tree because it’s starting to drizzle. HydrangeaThough the rain made photography difficult, I managed by being careful and staying under my husband’s umbrella. Hydrangea make me happy, especially these green tinged ones.

The Goat Barn on Beekman 1802 Farm

The beautiful big red barn is home to many, many goats. Goats on Beekman Farm We received a special goat greeting! Inside, Farmer John told us about the various breeds and the labor involved with milk production.
Bob in the Beekman Goat BarnMy sweet husband and his new goat friend 🙂 Diana with goatMe and my goat friend.

Sharon Springs & the Beekman 1802 Mercantile

Beekman 1802 MercantileThe guys mercantile in located in “down town” Sharon Springs. Both Josh and Brent greeted customers throughout the day, chatting with us and signing books.

The town is named after its mineral springs, but the baths that were so popular in the 1800s are now in complete disrepair. See some romantic photos of those buildings.

Mezzo Platter at the Black Cat CafeScrumptious mezzo platter at the Black Cat Cafe right across the street from the American Hotel, where I took my Memorial Day photograph.

Diana with Josh one of the Beekman BoysOkay, terrible picture–hair’s been through some pretty heavy rain, but this me and Brent. What a nice guy–happy to take his picture with me, hugged me close, and showed my husband how to operate my phone camera(!). It’s easy to see why he’s so well-loved. The Beekman 1802 Farm Tour and Garden Party adirondackgirlatheart.comOne final farm pic: a long country fence and some rain kissed pine branches.
The trees are God’s great alphabet:
With them He writes in shining green
Across the world His thoughts serene
~Leonora Speyer

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  1. Oh how much fun! I loved those guys on Amazing Race and did not realize they had a reality show. I'll have to try to watch them! Lucky you!

  2. Hi Diana! Oh, I will have to jot this place down to visit one day! It looks marvelous and you clicked some great snaps. I just love little goats and you look cute no mater what! 😉 Have a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. What a fabulous place, the scenery is just beautiful. Great pictures and so much fun. Thanks so much for sharing your day.

  4. Sharon Springs is on my list of places to visit if/when I go to the US. Thanks for the virtual visit.

    1. Hi Tracy! Yes, it would be a lovely visit for you. I had fun visiting your blog and checking things out 🙂

  5. What a wonderful tour, a gorgeous house, and stunning photos, Diana! That crypt is eerily beautiful, too. Thank you for joining the History & Home link party. -Dawn @ We Call It

  6. Enjoyed this article; I visit Sharon Springs a couple of times a year and always go to the Mercantile—-What these men have done for the village is not short of miraculous—(-I grew up nearby used to attend church there 70 + yrs ago—) so am also familiar with the stories of past times—before the Thruway–
    -good article—

  7. We have visited Sharon Springs for the Harvest Festival and had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Josh and Brent on several occasions. They are the kindest, most friendly gentlemen and deserving of their great success. Your photos are wonderful, thank you for sharing.

  8. What a beautiful place. I watched a show called the fabulous Beekman boys or something similar showing them when they were transitioning to the country and starting up their business…I love them!

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