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Hi everyone! We’ve had some lovely, almost spring-like, weather here in upstate New York the past couple of days.

Today I ran some errands in a sweater–no coat. Of course that doesn’t mean we won’t have more snow. I’ll never forget one day in May, about ten years ago, when 6″ of wet snow fell early one morning.

Today I’ll be sharing some spring-themed vintage and antique ephemera.

Spring is in the Air
I find Easter chicks almost impossible to resist. And nothing shouts spring louder than these fluffy little balls of yellow sweetness.

Antique Easter Post CardAnd this “clutch” or “chattering” of six chicks certainly fits the bill. Announcing Easter salutations, this postcard dates to about the turn of [last] century. 

This postcard, along with the one below, are available in my Member Library (under “Vintage Printables/Antique Postcards” when you SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter.

Easter post card with fowlAnother vibrant, chick-filled Easter card. 

Antique Dog PrintAn old trade card with pretty pooches and their flowers–for all the dog-lovers in the crowd.

Vintage buttonsThese bright white mother-of-pearl buttons on their pretty robin’s egg blue card evoke springtime, too, don’t they?

Vintage scrapThis Victorian calling card, with its beautiful floral display surely says “spring!”

Antique Easter Post CardThis 1913 postcard features an elegant lady in her rich, velvet wrap wishes a Happy Easter. She’s worthy of framing, I think.

Back of Antique Easter Post CardThe back reads, “Dear Brother, Thought I would send you a card. From, Ova.” Note the date on the postage stamp–1913.

Antique Chocolate TagThe Huyler Cocoa and Chocolate company, where Milton S. Hershey got his start in the business, ran from 1874 to 1928.

This little booklet, with its darling graphic, contains several recipes for chocolate treats, like chocolate parfait and chocolate ice cream.

Inside Antique Chocolate recipe bookletIt also dates to about the turn of [last] century. 

Vintage Radish Seed PacketSeed packets are, of course, a beautiful harbinger of spring. I picked up this fine, vintage example at at the Greenwich (NY) Flea Market last year. The colors are practically glowing.

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  1. So glad things are looking brighter today! Your ephemera is loving…the old graphics are always lovely to see! I’d love to win the stickers!

  2. Diana, I am so happy to hear things are looking up. I’m on my way out to do some thrifting but I’m sure I won’t find any ephemera as charming as the items you shared with us in your post. sb

  3. Love the Easter Greetings! And that seed packet really is awesome. Glad things are looking up:) xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  4. Love your vintage. Easter greetings..I would love to win. I would use the stickers on a homemade card.

  5. Wanted to ask if the vintage card with the peeps and basket is for sale? If so I would be interested since it looks so much like a. Longaberger basket that I sell. Love your blog.

  6. I love your vintage items, always so fun to look at. I would love to win those stickers!!!

  7. Hi Diana, I’m glad things are looking up (as we should be!) Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I love seed packet artwork – the colors are so vibrant! This entire post was very enjoyable! We’re having a beautiful spring day in Charlotte, NC – our daffodils and jonquils started blooming yesterday. Blessings, Janet

  8. Great little collection of bittys here. I need to go corral mine all into one location…because they are sprinkled throughout the family stuff/photos/records and take another look. I know as they rose in price, I quit using them for earring display sell cards…LOL, can you believe that. Always fun to see what you have, Thanks, Sandi

  9. Love your finds, and the stickers are wonderful. I love Victorian scrap! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  10. Hi Diana, Now you know this post is right up my alley! I simply adore ephemera from the turn of the century! And I am with you about those sweet fluffy little balls of yellow sweetness on postcards! Thanks so much for hosting and Happy March!

  11. Sweet ephemera for Spring and Easter! Thanks for hosting! This is the first time I’ve joined in! Happy to be here!

  12. These are beautiful ephemera examples! I love the Huyler booklet “deliciousness of flavor!” now that’s saying something 🙂 Great blog!

  13. Hi Diana, I absolutely love vintage postcards and seed packets. You’ve got some real sweet ones! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. I love antique paper goods! And the cocoa/chocolate co tie to Milton Hershey is new info for me. Good to know!

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