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In this vintage pyrex price guide, I will be sharing some of the vintage Pyrex kitchen-wares that have passed through my hands, along with some suggested values.

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About Pyrex

Did you know that Pyrex celebrated it’s 100th anniversary last year? It’s invention was rather serendipitous. The wife of a Corning Glass physicist wondered out loud if it might be possible to bake in dishes/casseroles made of glass. Being a good husband, he got to work on it right away.

Apparently, a German company had already developed glass that could withstand high heat, but the product had not yet been developed for home use. Enter Pyrex (in 1915), a new product for modern home-making.

Pyrex glassware has gone through a resurgence of popularity of late, perhaps due to the baby boomer penchant for products used during their childhood. My grandmother had a large selection of [not-so-popular] clear Pyrex, while my mother had several pieces of “Flamingo Pink” and the Corning brand white “Cornflower.”

I have a small selection of pink and aqua pieces in various patterns. Time will tell what my daughter decides regarding Pyrex (she currently has a rather large number of other collectibles).

Certain colors, like the pink and aqua that I collect, are among the most popular, as are patterns like “Gooseberry,” “Butterprint,” “Friendship,” and “Snowflake.”

Anything with polka dots on it is also desirable, along with some of the extremely rare patterns. Information regarding Pyrex is widely available on the internet, so you should have no trouble researching whatever Pyrex you’re interested in.

Learn about collecting vintage Pyrex HERE and how to clean and care for vintage Pyrex HERE.

About This Price Guide

Each of the items in the photos below I currently own or have owned in the past. They are pieces that an “average” buyer or seller might come across. Values are based on my personal experience being in the antique business for almost twenty years.

Note that values vary from state to state, region to region, and country to country; for example, I live in Upstate New York, which has very different pricing from New York City. Other factors affecting value include condition and market (auction, store, eBay, etc.).


vintage white with aqua butterprint Pyrex "fridgies"

Pair of “Butterprint” (Amish) Fridgies
no lids  c. 1957-68
$12-15.00 for the pair

aqua on white Pyrex casserole: Butterprint Amish

Pair of “Butterprint” (Amish) Casserole #472
 1 1/2 pints  c. 1957-68

Vintage Pyrex orange juice jug

Orange Juice Carafe
2 liters  10″ high  c.1970’s signed Pyrex on side near bottom

Vintage Verde pattern Pyrex 4 quart mixing bowl

“Verde Autumn Floral
4-quart mixing bowl, c. 1966

white pyrex mugs with red floral design

Floral Mugs (unknown pattern)
$2-3.00 each

Vintage Pyrex Pink Gooseberry 441 & 475-B

“Pink Gooseberry” Casserole Set #473 & 475-B
1 quart & 2.5 quarts, w/ lids,  c. 1957-66

White Goosebury Pyrex mixing bowl

“White Gooseberry” Cinderella Bowl #441
1 1/2 pints  c. 1957-66

aqua blue Pyrex bowl with white snowflake pattern“Snowflake Garland” Mixing Bowl #401
1 1/2 pints  c. late 1972-75

white glass pyrex with snowflake design

“Town & Country” Casserole #473
1 quart   c. 1972-82

Vintage Pyrex Glass containers cookies and crackers Cookie Jar & Cracker Barrel
7″ high x 5.5″ diameter signed Pyrex on side
$15.00 each

Vintage Pyrex pitcher

Spring Blossom Carafe
2 liters  10″ high  c.1970’s signed Pyrex on side near bottom

vintage 1970's pyrex lemonade pitcher

Lemonade Pitcher (photo quality not great)
2 liters

Pyrex bread pan spring floral

“Spring Blossom (Green Floral)” Loaf Pan #913
8.5″ x 4.5″ x 2.5, c.1970s

vintage 1 pint Butterfly gold pyrex baker

“Butterfly Gold 1” Casserole #471
1 pint, w/no lid  c.1972-81

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pink Pyrex casserole

“Flamingo Pink” Baking Dish #024
2 quart, w/0 lid

vintage pyrex cup 4 1/2 inch diameter gold mark

Cup w/Aqua & Gold Trim
4 .5″ diameter Restaurantware

Pyrex #722 Cream & Sugar Old Town Blue

“Old Town Blue” Cream & Sugar #722
Each holds approx. 1 cup, c. 1972-82

Vintage town & country pattern Pyrex salt & pepper shakers

“Old Town Blue” Salt & Pepper Shakers
c. 1972-82

white glass butter dish with blue decoration

“Old Town Blue” Butter Dish
c. 1972-82

vintage Copper Filigree pyrex sugar bowl

“Copper Filigree” Sugar Bowl
Holds approx. 1 cup

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Similar Brands

vintage pyrex style jar

Unmarked Floral Pyrex-Style Jar
4″ high
$10-12.00 (sold 2017)

Pyrex style cream and sugar

Unmarked Pyrex Style Cream & Sugar
6″ and 5″
$8-10.00 each

Herbal glasbake casseroles

Glasbake “Herbal” Casserole Set
1 1/2 pints & 2 quarts $10-15.00
(sold 2016)

Fireking Primrose pattern 8 x 8 baking pan(

Fire-King “Primrose” Baking Pan #452
8″ x 8″

Pyrex style bakeware made in usa

Glass Bakeware Set w/Blue Flowers
8″ x 8″ baker & 10″ Oval casserole
Unknown Maker, Marked “Made in USA”

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