Handmade Bookmark Ideas: Using Vintage Earrings

Transform your cherished vintage clip on earrings into charming handmade bookmarks with this simple DIY project. It blends nostalgia and creativity into a delightful accessory.

They make wonderful gifts for family and friends, particularly if using earrings of someone dear who has passed away.

For those of us who are vintage sellers, these sell very well for me at an annual Christmas Market I participate in every year. Because of this, I keep my eye out for useful clip on earrings throughout the year.

Handmade Bookmarks using vintage clip on earrings

Table of Contents

Materials for Vintage Clip on Earring Bookmarks
How to Make Type 1 Dangle Bookmarks
How to Make Type 2 Button Bookmarks
How to Package Bookmarks
Clip On Earring Alternatives
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set of three handmade bookmarks using vintage clip on earrings

This article contains detailed tutorials for creating three types of bookmarks from two different sorts of vintage clip on earrings:

  1. Earrings with dangles on feather-shaped bookmark blanks
  2. Earrings with dangles on hook-type bookmark blanks
  3. Button-like earrings on ruler-type bookmark blanks

Materials to Make Clip On Earring Bookmarks

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Type 1: Materials for Dangle Earring Bookmarks

Materials for handmade button type bookmarks


Type 2: Materials for Button Earring Bookmarks

Materials for handmade button type earring bookmarks


How to Make Vintage Clip On Earring Bookmarks

Dangle Type Bookmarks

Selection of vintage dangle type clip on earrings

Step 1: Start looking for vintage clip on earrings that have a dangle.

How to remove the dangle from a vintage clip on earrings

Step 2: Remove the dangle from the earring.

Matching various dangles with various bookmark blanks

Step3: Match your dangles with your bookmark blanks.

three examples of completed feather bookmark blanks

Step 4: Attach the dangle (charm) to the feather or hook bookmark blank using a small jump ring.

Button Type Bookmarks

three vintage clip-on, button-type earrings

Step 1: Hunt down some vintage button-type earrings like those you see above. You’ll want to specifically look for those that (when the clip part is removed) are fairly flat.

Step 2: Remove the back of the earrings by bending the clip or screw back and forth until it breaks.

Pro Tip: Hold the pliers as close to the back of the earring as possible so the clip breaks off cleanly.

Group of three metal bookmarks made with vintage clip on earrings

Step 3: Using Weldbond glue (or other type of very strong glue meant for gluing metal to metal) to adhere the earring buttons to the bookmark blanks.

If the earring isn’t very flat, be sure to apply a good amount of glue. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Bag of buttons to help with gluing

Pro Tip: Use small bags of buttons (or rice) to add some weight while the glue is drying.

Foam squares and how to use them

Pro Tip: Use tiny 1/4″ foam squares to fill in between earring and bookmark blank for better adherence, especially if the button is curved as shown above.

What to Use Instead of Clip On Earings

  • Solo pierced earrings
  • Pendants
  • Charms
  • Polymer (oven bake) clay charms
  • Beads
  • Homemade bead charms
  • Catholic medals and crucifixes
  • Buttons

How to Package Bookmarks

Button Type

Handmade bookmarks in  packaging

Cut heavy cardstock into 2″ x 6″ rectangles. Make two pair of slits (four altogether) with an exacto knife in the center of the rectable. Slide the bookmarks in place.

Dangle Type

Pair of handmade bookmarks in display packaging

Cut heavy cardstock into 2″ x 6″ rectangles. Make two pair of slits (four altogether) with an exacto knife, slightly off-center to accomidate the dangle. Slide the bookmarks in place.

Price tags on back of cardstock bookmark holder

On the back you can place your price tag. I have a sheet of tags that I print, cut out, and paste in place.

Where to Buy Vintage Clip On Earrings

My favorite place to look for vintage clip ons is garage sales. They tend to be pretty undervalued and are often priced at fifty cents per pair.

I sell these bookmarks for $10 each at the annual Holiday Market, which means I make $19.50 (minus commission) from each pair of earrings!

The best places to buy vintage clip on earrings:

  • Garage sales
  • Flea markets
  • Thrift stores
  • eBay (look for large lots)

Reader Projects

Reader handmade bookmarks with vintage clip on earrings

Just recently a reader friend sent this image of bookmarks she made for Christmas gifts. Aren’t they amazing!

Thanks so much Janice for sending this over. I’d love it if you’d follow Janice’s Etsy shop: Junk Savior.


If you’re a vintage seller like me, then it’s important (when making items to sell) to choose cost-effective projects. The materials cost must be low as well as your time spent. This project meets those requirements perfectly.

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