How to Make a Pine Cone Christmas Angel

Today I’m going to show you how to make a sweet pine cone Christmas angel with a few simple materials that you may find you already have on hand.

I started making these angels years ago and I like to hang them on my cupboard door knobs at the holidays.

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Pine Cone Christmas Angel Ornament

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Materials to Make Pine Cone Angels

Materials for Pine Cone Christmas Angel Ornament


How to Make Pine Cone Angels

Step 1: Spray paint your pine cone, leaves, and wooden ball.

Step 2: Use the sand paper to flatten out the end of your pine cone where you’ll attach the head.

Step 3: Attach the head to the pine cone using your glue gun. (My head happens to be a gold mesh covered styrofoam ball that I had handy.)

Back of Pine Cone Christmas Angel Ornament

Step 4: Attach the wings to the back of the pine cone body, using your glue gun.

Step 5: Make a small bow with your gold ribbon; attach bow to the point where the two wings meet on the back (to give it a more finished look).

Close up of Pine Cone Christmas Angel Ornament

Step 6: Tie a bow around your angel’s neck.

Step 7: Make a circle with the gold cord, connect the ends with glue gun. Once cool, attach your halo to the back of the head with your glue gun, so it looks like the picture above.

Step 8: Make a hanger with the gold thread or wire. Hang on your tree or cupboard door.

Pine Cone Christmas Angel Ornament

Here’s the final product–

Mini Pine Cone Christmas Angel Ornament Trio





You can make a variety of angels in varied shapes and sizes by using different types of pine cones.

Like these little 3″ guys. Aren’t they the cutest? I used large pearls for their heads and added some glitter to their wings. So many possibilities, so little time…

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How to Make Pine Cone Christmas Angels


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  1. I really love all the natural elements you used to make this angel. So pretty! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

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  3. Dianna, what kind of tree did these little pine cones come from? The only ones I’ve seen here in Florida are either huge or medium size that are really heavy. We visit Ohio every couple of years and by knowing the name of the tree, I might be able to find some either in Ohio or on the way. These angels are absolutely adorable!

    Once more, thank you!


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