Easy as 1-2-3 Vintage Seed Pack Wall Art + FREE Printable

Hi there! Did you enjoy your weekend? My Friday was especially busy as I hustled to set up my new display at the Shaker Heritage Society (SHS) gift shop, which reopened for the season the next day. I followed that up with a session of restocking my antique booth at the Gristmill Antique Center in Troy (NY), as well. I designed today’s project–seed packet wall art–to sell from my space at the Shaker shop since the site was known especially for producing herbs for sale. To see a photo of my new display there, check out my feed on Instagram or look for it in my Facebook group–Your Vintage Headquarters. You may also enjoy these posts: Shaker tart tin magnets and what sold at the Shaker craft show (2018). Easy as 1-2-3 Vintage Shaker Inspired Seed Pack Wall Art adirondackgirlatheart.com

Materials for the Vintage Seed Pack Wall Art

Materials for Vintage Seed Pack Wall Art *This post contains affiliate links for products I used to complete this project. Use my link for these or any other products and my blog gets a small percentage–woo woo. Full disclosure here. Materials: Vintage wood for Vintage Seed Pack Wall Art I was lucky enough several years ago to score a pile of these fabulous green boards for $1 each at a garage sale. I bought every single one they had available and have been using them for projects, like this farmhouse sign, ever since. I took them to Home Depot where they very kindly cut them into 4″ lengths.

How to Make the Vintage Seed Pack Wall Art

Side View of Vintage Seed Pack Wall Art Step 1 If you have raw, new-looking edges on your pieces of wood or if you’re using unfinished wood, then I recommend applying some dark stain with a rag to “age” them nicely. Alternatively, if you’re using unfinished wood, you can paint them the color of your choice using craft paint or whatever you have on hand. Green goes quite nicely with these seed packs. Claw hanger on back of Vintage Seed Packet Wall Art Step 2 To hang my little pieces of art, I applied claw hangers to the top of the back, but you could just as easily staple gun some twine to the back, allowing it to show from the front or not. Business label on back of Vintage Seed Packet Wall Art [optional] For items I plan on selling, I like to attach a business card, or in this case, just a paper scrap with my blog URL on it, in the corner. I have a small pile of these precut and ready to dab with some tacky glue and quickly adhere to the back of projects. Close up of clothespins on Vintage Seed Pack Wall Art Step 3 Lightly sand the backs of two paperclips, then clip them onto the seed pack in the appropriate locations. Center the clipped pack onto the wood and glue the clothespins into place using the Weldbond (or tacky) glue. You may remember I used this same process of hanging “art” from clothespins using a stylized definition of “farmhouse” not too long ago. You can see that project here. Vintage Seed Pack Wall Art And your done–easy as 1-2-3! I found these seed packs in the public domain and altered them by adding “Shaker Seed Co.” to the bottom. Feel free to download them from the Member Library and make use of them however you like.

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Vintage seed packet craft diy project

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  1. Thank you Diana for the free seed pack printables. Hope Spring will come quickly for all. It’s been quite a winter for most of the country, even for us Winter Texans…sure has been colder than usual but then I think of back home and all of the snow they have been getting. Blessings!

  2. You’re welcome, Terry–I hope you can put them to good use 🙂 Glad you’re surviving this weird winter–

  3. Thank you Diana! One of the ways I used to gauge the arrival of spring here in Maine was:1) 10 cent seed packets at McCrory’s ( a long gone 5 and dime store) and 2) the arrival of Cadbury eggs at checkout counters.

    Seeing as I hate any kind of woodworking (ever since I stuck my hand into a belt sander and scratched a brand new engagement ring–and my hand–8 bandaids worth!) when in college in an art woodworking course (’73ish), I think I am going to make a garland–maybe with some burlap and jute twine. My cloth and paper cutting skills are a heckuva lot better than my woodworking!

  4. I just found another use for these, Diana–but I need a new color ink cartridge in my printer. I can scale them down to be dollhouse size! I think dh people love gardening and I have made several potting sheds that need accessories!!!

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