Clothespin Angel Christmas Ornaments

[Update: 11.22]

I recently turned humble clothespins into some sweet angel ornaments.  I thought I’d provide step-by-step instructions for making them today.

They are easy enough to make with children and can be jazzed up with beads and different colored ribbon, making them fun for adults as well.

You can stand the angel up or attach some cord to the back of her neck and hang her from the tree.

White Clothespin Angel Christmas Ornament

Materials for Clothespin Angel Ornaments
Christmas Clothespin Angels

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Christmas Clothespin Angels
Christmas Clothespin Angels

Step 1: Cut an 8″ piece of raffia and untwist it.

Step 2: Fold it in half the short way. Then cut a V-neck. Each side of my “V” is about 3/8″ long.
Christmas Clothespin Angels

When you open up your raffia, this is what it looks like. You’re going to slip it over the “head” of your clothespin.

Christmas Clothespin Angels
Here’s what her neckline looks like.
Christmas Clothespin Angels
Step 3: Insert a 4″ piece of pipe cleaner in through the raffia and behind the clothespin to form “sleeves”.
Step 4: Let the pipe cleaner hang out of both “sleeves” while you tie an 8″ piece of gold cord or ribbon tightly around her waist.
Step 5: Bend the pipe cleaners to create “elbows” and then connect them in front, as if she’s clasping her hands.
Christmas Clothespin Angels
Step 6: Pull off a small piece of the fiber fill and glue it to her head for hair (I used a glue gun). Don’t get too fussy about it–she’ll look fine!
Christmas Clothespin Angels

Step 7: To make her wings, cut a 3 1/2″ diameter circle out of gold wrapping paper. Then fold it in half. I crinkle them up a bit to give them some depth and texture.
Christmas Clothespin Angels
Step 8: Apply a bead of glue down the center of the wings and adhere to the back of your angel.

Step 9: Use a small piece of ribbon or cord to make a halo and glue to her head (I used my glue gun).

Step 10: Tie a piece of fine gold cord around the angels neck (or glue a piece to the back of her neck) to create a loop for hanging.

Poof her dress out a little bit and trim it if necessary and you’re done! Some children may want to use a fine tip marker to add a face to their angel, others may want to glue some sequins or pompoms on for decorations.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun creating!

And suddenly there appeared with the angel a multitude of the heavenly
host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace…” 
-Luke 2:13-14.
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Make Clothespin Angel Christmas ornaments (shows white angel)


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  1. Oh, how sweet! She's a lot more fancy-schmancy than the clothespin dolls I made as a little girl. Cute as can be, Diana. Have a blessed day!

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