Farmhouse Style Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments

[UPDATED in 2020]

Hi everyone! I hope your holiday season is going well. I love to craft a new Christmas ornament or two every year, and this year is no exception. I’m excited to share the details for making darling burlap Christmas tree ornaments with you today.

The beauty of this project is that they are easy enough for children to make, but can be easily upgraded for adults by using creative embellishments.

Each year as my children were growing up, I would design a different ornament that we could work on together. We’d make a couple dozen of them to give to teachers, friends, and family.

I always set one aside for each of them to keep, so now they have a different homemade ornament for about ten years of their childhood.

UPDATE: I’m thrilled to report that Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine featured this ornament in their Christmas 2020 edition!

burlap Christmas tree ornaments with related text: learn how to make them

I saw this idea on Pinterest and checked out the website, Honey Girl’s Studio, where the pin originated. I just loved Melissa’s idea of burlap and I thought they looked terrific, so I gave them a try.

Hers look a bit more steam punky and neutral, which I love, but when I found the green burlap on sale, I decided to go a slightly different route, hence the above results. They’re pretty easy to make, but I’ll walk you through it.

Materials for Making Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Making Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments

cardboard and burlap triangles for making burlap Christmas tree ornaments

Step 1: First I cut out cardboard triangles; mine are about 4″ high. I just eyeballed it; I like imperfect(!).

Step 2: Then I glued the cardboard to the burlap using white glue and let it dry. Once dry, I cut around the triangles.

Partially finished burlap Christmas tree ornaments

Step 3: I had some birch bark, so I used that for the trunks, although I love Melissa’s use of folding ruler pieces.

Other trunk alternatives:

  • a tree branch cut in half length-wise
  • a large popcycle stick
  • a piece of heavy black or brown cardboard
  • a piece of a ruler or folding ruler
  • a piece of cardboard covered with scrapbook paper

Step 4: After attaching the trunks with hot glue, I just started decorating, using items I already had on hand: buttons, lace, foil trim, die cut stars, gold thread, and small gems.

three green burlap Christmas tree ornaments with button decoration

Step 5: Last step, glue on some fine cord for a hanger and you’re all set. (Note: I glued a button over the spot on the back where I glued the cord, just to give it a cleaner look. Happy Christmas!

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burlap Christmas trees with text: learn how to make them

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  1. They are wonderful, and I love the variety in designs you came up with. Pinning to my Christmas board so I don't forget these in the future. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home party, I hope you keep coming back, each Tuesday πŸ™‚ Wishing you blessings ~ Dawn @ We Call It

  2. Oh Diana, I have some green denim from church. I made some tree ornaments 2 years ago with involving sewing. NOW, I have a year to collect some tree bark and cardboard to make some for “next year”! Will watch for green burlap on clearance, too! A 1/2 yard piece would make lots!

    1. Yes, a half yard is all you’d need, but using the denim would make a great alternative. I think they’d be super-cute!

      1. Would you believe this is another project I haven’t gotten to yet. I have several quilters on my Christmas list and I would like to decorate the trees with “button” embellishments of thread and scissors, maybe some small print “quilt squares.” Wonder if I will get to it this year?!?!

  3. Hi Diana!! This is from 2013?! Wow – I’m sure the publisher would tell you but I haven’t seen you mention it here: These were featured in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Christmas magazine on page 43!!!

    I don’t know when it came out but label on cover said to display until February 1, 2021. I saw the burlap Christmas trees and thought how cute and probably something I would actually make. As I read further I saw your name and and blog!!! I was so excited for you!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the heads up Rie! It was in one of their Christmas 2020 editions πŸ™‚ I contract with them for projects–usually at least one of my projects is in each edition. It’s so fun!! I neglected to mention it in the post though, so thanks for the reminder!

      1. That’s awesome Diane!!! And this just goes to show how humble you are! I especially like your projects because they are so darling yet adaptable so we actually make them! Country Sampler is wise to team with you!

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