11 Fabulous Farmhouse Finds

Hi there! How was your weekend? I’m not going to lie, ours was rough. It’s just impossible for me to write a blog post and pretend that all is right with my world, when it’s not. But at the same time, meeting up with you guys brings me comfort and so much pleasure that I don’t want to miss out on it. I hope that doesn’t sound too selfish.

So I’m here today to hold my head up, tell you God is good, and share some recent farmhouse finds. I am determined to trust the Lord, knowing he wants what’s best for us, and trying to walk out my days loving my family and friends, working (blogging & selling), and serving him. And I want to thank you again for walking with me and praying for me; it means the world.

Why don’t  we take a look at some of my latest finds? It’ll help me get my mind off things.

11 Fabulous Farmhouse FindsLately I’ve been finding quite a lot of majolica pottery, one of my favorite collectibles. In particular, I love this cabbage pattern and buyers seem to feel the same way since it sells quite quickly (cost: $1.50, value: $10-12.00).

mark on Portuguese majolicaIt’s a newer, but still lovely, piece made in Portugal. Similar plates and bowls can often be found at Home Goods.

vintage hank painted japanese platterI plan to stencil this pretty, hand-painted platter with a stencil, perhaps “bath”? Or “herbs”? I think I’ll tie ribbon through the holes on either end that likely held rattan handles at some point (cost: $1.00, value: $22-25.00 once stenciled).

mark on vintage japanese floral platterI was surprised to learn it came from Japan because it seems to have an English feel to it.

the american woman's cook book
Every farmhouse needs a dependable cook book, like this one for “American Women.” Dating to 1945, it’s considered a classic (cost: $1.00, value: $8-10.00 due to poor condition). For help pricing your cook books, check out my price guide.

vintage painted roosterNothing cries “farmhouse” louder than a rooster. This colorful version, measuring just 4 inches high, has a lot of character (cost: 50¢, value: $10-12.00).

large vintage wicker basketI picture this wicker basket filled with hydrangeas–dried or fresh–and gracing the center of an old farmhouse table. It was a super find at the World’s Largest Garage Sale in Warrensburg (NY) last fall (cost: $2.00, value: $50-60.00).

vintage dough bowlBe careful of the glare from this super-shiny wooden bowl. Although it’s a newer piece, it has a great “dough bowl” shape. I’ve already sanded off some of the gloss and am considering painting it black, which I’ve done to several other wooden bowls that needed a little help (cost: $2.00, value: $20-22.00 once painted).

vintage framed bible verse
You have to appreciate the great typography on this antique, framed piece (cost: $2.00, value: $20-25.00). And the spiritual truth is powerful and amazing 🙂

vintage wooden trayI gave this large wooden tray special treatment with my [yet-to-be-released] Wood Salve and it looks so much better now (cost: $1.00, value: $18-22.00). I’ll try to remember to take an “after” shot of it glowing and looking so much healthier.

primitive scraperThis farmhouse food chopper is one of those old kitchen tools that feels great in your hand–just the right size and weight. Love the brass rivets and the aging of the carbon steel (cost: 50¢, value: $10-12.00). Unfortunately, I can’t make out the name embossed on the wood.

vintage metal handlesI love finding old fixtures, like these hammered door pulls, because they come in so handy for various DIY projects (cost: 50¢ for all seven, value: $15-20.00 for all seven, if I were to sell them).

vintage shawnee farmer pig salt and pepper shakersFinal Find: Pigs are big sellers! Did you know that? In fact, I’m kind of kicking myself that I passed up a “Chef Pig” cookie jar this past weekend for $6.00. Oh well. This pair of farmer pigs will have to do. Made by Shawnee pottery company (1940’s-60’s), this pair shouldn’t last long in my antique booth (cost: $1.00, value: $12-15.00).

Thanks for reviewing some of my latest vintage finds with me–it’s always great to have some company. Happy hunting!!

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  1. Great finds Diana. Would love to see how the wood bread bowl turns out! And you are in my thoughts and prayers. My January too has been stressful with a bit of heartbreak. Been dipping a lot into Psalms. Psalm 20 was today. All the best, Karen

  2. What great finds!! Have you tried doing a rubbing over the name on the food chopper? You know what I mean, paper over it then rub the side of a pencil or chalk over it. If it works on weathered tombstones, it might work on this. Good luck!

  3. Hi Diana:
    My name is Jake Johnson. I moved from the big city to a farming town in southeast Co. I have always been super interested in shopping estate sales, and yard sales, and second hand stores. I know that there are some really cool things to find. I also know there are some incredible finds too. I love your web site and I think with your help that I am going to get really good at spotting
    some good stuff. In just 2 days I have learned a lot from your web site. Today is my birthday, I made it to 62, with Gods guidance. I honestly think that he led me to you.

    I hope the rest of your January is better.
    Jake Johnson
    Rocky Ford Co.

  4. Love your farmhouse finds! Roosters always sell for me and the plate/platter with the flowers on it will be beautiful as a hanging sign. If the wicker basket is large enough, I was envisioning quilts folded in it. Hopefully your life will get more peaceful, we all need a little of Gods grace.

  5. Wonderful post! I am starting to get really worried about what is going on in your family. Please take care and know that we out here are pulling for you.

  6. Just know you are in my prayers. Lifting you up in this time of troubles. Great finds and I too love that cabbage pattern. Take care!

  7. I wouldn’t stencil that pretty platter, but would instead create a hanger with a great piece of ribbon threaded through those holes! It would be lovely hung in a powder room, dining room, even a bed room. Just my opinion, but I love it!

  8. Diana, I’m sorry to read of your difficult days lately. I do hope and pray that you’re able to feel the love and concern of your faithful followers. I do so enjoy reading your blog. Grace and peace,

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Diana. One thing I know for sure is that tough times pass. Just keep your faith, and surround yourself with loved ones.

  10. Ditto to what everyone else has said. God is the one constant in our lives when life seems to be spinning out of control. He’s not surprised by what’s going on in your life. Praying for you.

  11. You are doing exactly what the Lord would have you do….finding joy in your trials, continuing to go about your days knowing He will take care of it. You have found some great treasures and sharing them with us spreads lots of joy!

  12. Diana, you are such a blessing to me, and from the comments, many others also! You’re inspiring, informative, You share your knowledge and information with us and I appreciate it, thank you. Praying for God’s wisdom, peace and understanding to be your’s.

  13. Diana, I love your blog and I value greatly all the information you share with us about your vintage finds. I just find your vibe to be very generous and loving. My heart is a little heavy that you are going through such a painful and difficult time. I hope things will improve soon. I think you are doing the right thing to keep on with things that uplift you and give you joy. And I hope that you have friends–I’m sure you do– that you can lean on in person right now.

    My favorite from this post is the platter. I’m not sure I would stencil on it either. I would hang it up on my wall, personally. I do think ribbon through the holes would be lovely. I even though maybe you could hang it vertically from a ribbon and just tie a ribbon bow through the bottom holes.

    The other thing I like is wicker basket. I would use it to put magazines in because I have quite a few without a home!

    Take good care, friend, and know that I join all the others in prayers for you and your family. Know in your heart that you will survive and thrive and that “this, too, will pass.” Sending you love and hugs and healing energy.

  14. I always love seeing your finds, Diana! Wonderful pieces! I hope things are better for you soon..xoxo

  15. I’m so sad to hear of your difficult time lately. I do pray that it gets only better and healing is done all around. I can appreciate that you feel the need to be here with hopes that it will ease your discomfort. Always love seeing your recent finds and absolutely love that basket! It looks like the chopper might have a number and not a name. could it be A201A ? that’s what it looks like from here. Blessings pointed your directions!! AMEN!

  16. Hey Diana,

    You are always in my prayers…. I love your vintage finds! My grandmother was a baker and the item you called a chopper is really a bench scrapper, to scrap up the dough! Hope this helps. Love ya’

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